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September 15, 2011

I've haven't been blogging as much as I normally do so I thought it was time for a short update, I'm sure you're all dying to know all about what's going on with me right?? Why do I hear crickets?? (lol)

Right before I left to go to Tennessee at the end of June my pain management (Fibromyalgia) doctor sent me for another MRI. I went last week and got the results of that.

Back when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I'd had a MRI done and my doctor in Louisiana said that I had (a birth defect in my brain) Chiari Malformation. But my doctor here said (after my first MRI with her) that she didn't see it, which is why she sent me for the MRI in June.

(Basically, Chiari Malformation is when part of your brain is "protruding"  through the hole in the back of your skull. At least that's the way it was explained to me.)

Turns out I do have Chiari Malformation and she is sending me to a Neurologist. She doesn't think that I need surgery but she's not sure how to proceed with my treatment (for the Fibro), she doesn't want to "make things worse." It's so confusing lol.

Yesterday I signed back up for GED classes, and I got really good news. They now offer math classes, which is awesome because there's no way I'm going to pass the math portion of the GED test without a "refresher" course. I had to retake the entrance test because it's been so long (2 years) since I've been there. I improved my scores by over 100 points from the last time that I'd taken them.

So Monday I start the math classes and  Tuesday I'll be taking the Science portion of the GED test. I'm excited to get it finished FINALLY.

We had a great visit with my Son and his girlfriend, though it was much too short. They got here on (last) Thursday, since they'd been flying all morning we just stopped for lunch and then came home for them to relax for the rest of the day.

On Friday I took them down to the OBX to see the beach and to do some shopping. It was such a gorgeous day, the weather was perfect for a walk on the beach.

(I love the OBX) 

{Rusty and I}

 {Rusty and Amanda}

 {she's so tiny next to him lol}

After the beach we did some shopping. I guess I should say they did some shopping lol. Though Rusty did buy me a gorgeous purse. I argued with him over it but he got pissed at me so I ended up getting it lol. Actually I'd picked out a plain brown purse (safe choice) but Rusty pointed out this one and turns out I love it! The kid has good taste y'all!

{sometimes it pays to listen to your kid}

On Saturday we went to Bush Gardens. We got there at 10 am and by 1 in the afternoon we were all exhausted from riding roller coasters all morning so we headed home. I don't have any pics from Bush Gardens, I didn't  bring my camera and Amanda hasn't uploaded the one pic that we did take with hers yet.

Rusty has been looking for some funny hats to buy while he was here to wear to Mud Nationals (remember his costume from last year??) He got this hat at Bush Gardens...

{King Rus}

I want to try to make him a kings robe and get him a scepter to go with it. Lol that should go over great at Mud Nationals don't ya think? My kid is nuts sometimes y'all! 

Hubby gave him this one (he bought it to wear to his daughters rehearsal dinner when she got married. It was hilarious!)

{I think he's been in North Carolina too long!}

I couldn't look at him for long in this one lol. It just gave me the jeebies. It's kind of weird seeing him with hair, he wears his really short. 
Rusty and Amanda fell asleep in the back seat of the truck, I don't know how they slept like that. My neck would have been killing me lol.

{that can't be comfortable}

I fell asleep in the front seat but my head kept bobbing and it kept waking me up lol. Poor hubby didn't get to sleep, he had to drive home lol.

Sunday we went to a friends hanger at the airport so Rusty and Amanda could see all of his antique airplanes then came home and I cooked dinner. We watched a couple of movies and just chilled for the night. On Monday morning they had to go home. 

I cried all the way home lol. Even though he's 22 he's always going to be "my baby" and I miss him already. But...all in all it was a great visit with him and it was nice meeting his girlfriend.

Be sure to go enter my Scentsy giveaway if you haven't already! It's good stuff y'all! Well, that's whats been up with me. What's been going on with y'all??


MiMi said...

Looking at that picture of them sleeping makes MY neck hurt! OUCH!
I'm so happy that you're getting your GED done!
I would need a refresher year or TWO to pass math!

VandyJ said...

Just the same old, same old. Gearing up for fall, chasing little boys, working.
Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Marguerite said...

Great that you're gong back to classes! Hope the M.R.I. sheds some light on the situation, too. Looks like ya'll had a great time with the kids. Love that king's hat! lol Will be perfect for Mardi Gras, too! Have a great weekend, cher!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Oh, mama, keep us posted on what's up with the MRI and all that stuff, OK? I'm thinking of you and I hope everything goes smoothly! xoxo

As for your lil boy, so sweet. I love the pics. You're too cute a family!

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