Forever and a Day

July 27, 2012

I know it's been forever since I've posted an entry updating y'all on the move and everything. We're almost completely settled in our (beautiful) new home!

Here's a short run down of what we've gone through during the process of this move:

1. Hubs was scammed out of $1000 from the first moving company we hired. Too long of a story for me to explain and we've chalked it up as a "lesson learned."

2. Second moving company hubs hired emailed him the morning they were supposed to pack/load/move our stuff to tell him they were canceling our move.

3. Hubs finally found a decent moving company to move our stuff, hubs had to load the truck though. No biggie, he hired a couple of guys in our neighborhood to help him and they got our whole house packed into that truck within two hours.

4. Once the truck was loaded hubs packed our dogs in his truck with him and started out for Louisiana. He stopped and spent the night with his parents on the way here. Within 30 minutes of being inside the state of Louisiana hubs was pulled over and given a speeding ticket lol.

5. As soon as hubs got to my nieces house he wanted to come see our new house. So we both climbed into our cars (truck) and set out for the 45 minute trip (from my nieces house). We got here and the guy who was supposed to be moved out of the house the day before still had half his stuff in the house and was out fishing.

6. We ended up helping him move the rest of his stuff out (so we could move in lol) and cleaned the house for him.

7. Since we had almost two weeks of waiting for the truck with our stuff to get here, we spent those two weeks sleeping on an air mattress and eating out every night.

8. The truck with our stuff finally arrived and we quickly realized that there is not a single piece of our furniture that isn't scratched. Hubs didn't wrap any of it with blankets, moving pads or anything so we had a mess.

Like I said, we're just about settled in now. We've still got a few "little" things we need to do and/or get for the house. But we're loving it here.

My niece had been asking me what "theme" I was going to go with in my kitchen and I couldn't decide. I hate doing the same thing everyone else does and just when I think I've come up with a cute new "theme" to go with it seems like everyone else does too lol. I like to be different, I don't want to do the "rooster" or "fat chef" themes that everyone seems to be doing these days.

And then it hit me...

Yes, I did lol. I decided to do an "all things cajun/Louisiana" theme. And I love it! I'm still trying to figure out the placement of certain things but for now, it'll do.

My cute little hot pepper scrubby holder I found at Dollar General (for $1)! It fits perfectly with all my other stuff!

This is the fireplace in the living room. Those candle (actually candle less) holders are actually a rust/burnt orange color and not red.

My plant stand in the otherwise useless corner.

My empty dining area. We still haven't found a dining set that we like yet. We're working on it.

Hubs is loving his new job. It's challenging but he's happy there. We've gone to my Dad's house the last couple of Saturdays in a row to do some work around his house for him. He's enjoying spending time with Don and getting to know him better.

We're doing great. All in all I have to say our marriage is right back where we both wanted it to be. We're both happier than we've been for a long time and we're enjoying every single minute of it.

Well, I've got to get my behind to bed. I sure could use the beauty sleep lol. Night y'all!