The Bish Is Back...

January 31, 2011

I'm back from my trip home. As happy as I am to be home I swear it gets harder to leave my son every time I go home. He actually said to me "Momma, y'all need to move here, you need to come home!" I tore at my heart. My niece told me the same thing.

Yesterday morning she invited me to breakfast before I left to go to the airport and when I left, she started crying. Uugh...breaks my heart I tell ya.

I had a great trip. My Godchild's wedding was beautiful. She was such a beautiful bride, she was glowing. I'll be posting pics in the next couple of days, I have too many pics to include them all in one post.

The night that I got there everyone decided (after they'd canceled it once) to throw Destiny (my Godchild) a bachelorette party. I had jet lag from hell but decided I couldn't miss it. We had a blast. Rusty decided to come along since he and Destiny have been best friends since they were born lol. He was the only guy that came with us and he had a blast...getting us all drunk!

He introduced us all to Vegas Bombs (shots). And they're YUMMY y'all. Trust me, next time you go out...try one. But be careful. They're powerful. They sneak up on you. And then some.

Vegas Bomb
3/4 oz crown
2/4 oz peach schnapps
1/4 oz Malibu rum
A splash cranberry juice
1/2 cup of Red Bull

VEGAS BOMBS. The solution to your drinking problem. Taste like candy, cools like a summer breeze, and nocks you on your ass like 100,000 volts. !BOOM!

Now onto the pics....

 {best friends and cousins}

 {my "babies"}

 {Lol I loved the cake!!}

{Denise and Destiny} 

{Big Sis Denise with her two gorgeous daughters Amanda (and her new boobs) and Destiny} 

{Destiny and her bff's from grade school, Sarah and Amber} 

 {Rusty, Destiny and I}

{Denise and Destiny...she still can't believe her baby is getting married} 

{Amanda, her bff from grade school Natalie, and Destiny} 

{Me and my whole world} 

 {My gorgeous Niece Amanda and I..and my double chins}

 {The best big sister ever}

 {Des and Rus}

 {Natalie, Amanda, and Denise}

 {hot bitches and Amanda's new boobs lol}

 {Partyin' much...on the worlds largest couch I think}

 {I have no idea what I was doing}

 {I loved seeing these two together like this}

 {I never want to let him go}

 {So happy with my Sister}

 {Rusty and his Nanny}

 {He was ready to kill me at this point for making him take all the pics lol}

 {Destiny and her Nanny}

 {we be posin'}

 {I know it's blurry but I just love the look on my face lol}

 {beautiful girls}

We had a blast, we go drunk, the bride to be was so happy to have all of us there with her. Rusty made me the happiest Momma ever because he came out with us. I can't wait to show y'all the wedding pics. Destiny was so beautiful, she was glowing.

While I was in Louisiana Hubby's daughter asked me to post a link in my blog for her and I totally spaced on it (R, I'm so sorry!!!). Here's what she posted on here blog about it...

"I think I've mentioned before that I'm signed up to do a marathon in March. I've signed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training to run in the Shamrock Half Marathon over St. Patricks Day weekend. In this area, that's a HUGE event! Bands come to perform at the end. Local restaurants open up for end of race celebrations. It's a big deal.
For me this is a personal thing. I could have signed up to run the race on my own. $70 and I'd be good to go. Allowed to celebrate with everyone else at the end. But I didn't want to do that. I wanted to have a cause related to my run. In 2004 I lost a friend to Leukemia. Mike was 21. We'd gone to high school together. When I found out he was sick it was heartbreaking. Here was a guy, a young guy, who had so much going for him and he was fighting every day to survive. I saw him in 2003 at a bone marrow drive for him and was amazed at how good he looked. He seemed healthy and as full of life as ever. When I got the phone call the next year that he had passed it was rough. How could someone so young lose their life? It didn't seem fair.

Since then I have wanted to get involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in some way. Now that I've turned myself into this fit person who enjoys working out, the marathon seemed to be a great way to do that. But now I need to ask for you help. I'll tie on my sneakers and do the running, but I need you to please help me earn the money for this race. Fund raising is how L&LS keeps going. Donations go towards research and towards making sure that people fighting these diseases are able to live a better quality of life while they fight. Please consider even just giving up your Starbucks one day this week to DONATE that money to such a great cause. Every dollar really does make a difference."

Again R, I'm really sorry that I forgot to post this when you asked me, I had so much going on at home that it just slipped my mind. I hope you know how proud your Dad and I are of you for going for what you want and for donating your time like you are. ♥

Hope you're all well, I've got some blog reading to catch up on now! 

Last Minute Preps..........

January 13, 2011

As excited as I am for my trip home in a couple of days, I'm in bummed mode right now. Wanna know why? Because of this hunka hunka gorgeousness!

I'm sure I've mentioned it her before, so forgive me if you've heard it before. See, going home is always a "choice" for me.  It's so damn expensive to fly home that hubby has never been able to come with me. Not to mention that he works, a lot. And it's not easy for him to get much time off usually. So I can never have both hubby and my family at the same time. I'm either with him, or I'm with my family. It sucks. I'm always missing someone.

I hate leaving hubby. I mean, for obvious reasons...the man is a whole lotta gorgeous lol. But I always miss sleeping next to him, laying on the couch watching TV with him. Listening to him get pissed off at his Black Op's game when he gets killed. (That's a whole other hilarious blog entry for another day!) Watching him get dressed in his dress clothes for his teams wrestling matches with the nice new tie that I got him for xmas that is the schools colors. I'm gonna miss him. Being away from him for two weeks sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love going and visiting with my family. I have a great time while I'm there and I soak up every single second that I get with my son (who works too damn much while I'm there!), with my Sisters, and even with my Daddy. I visit my friends. I eat some of the most amazing food you could imagine (it's Cajun food people, come on!), and I drink way too much.

But I still miss Mr Luvah Luvah! Last night we actually went out and had a couple of beers. We haven't done that since I first moved here. It was nice. He'd promised me that we'd spend some time together before I left, and with his parents staying here with us that's not so easy to do at home. So we went out. It was really nice, I told him we'd have to do it again.

He wont be bored though. He's going to have his parents to keep him company (and drive him a lil crazy too lol), and our fur babies. Not to mention Black Op's! (The man is addicted y'all!) But best of all?? His daughter who moved out of state a couple of months ago is coming down for a visit. He's really looking forward to seeing her. (I'm so bummed I'm gonna miss getting to see her!) So I know he wont be lonesome.

I'm almost ready...I think. I'm sure I'll forget five or 20 things that I absolutely needed. I always do.

I'm a list maker. I have to be y'all! ADHD is not a good thing to have when (actually never) you're packing to go home for a two week visit and you're walking in a wedding.

But, the list has helped to keep me on track, so I think I've done pretty good this time around lol. I've still got a few things left to do, but for the most part...I'm ready! Gonna make some sea salt cashew brittle tonight to bring home with me for Rusty. God I can't wait to see him y'all! Nothing like giving your (yeah, I know! He's 21 and not a baby anymore! Hush!) baby a big ol' hug when you haven't seen them in a couple of months. Sigh...can't wait!

I hope you're all doing well!

Snake Eyes....

January 11, 2011

Happy Snake eyes y'all! Today is supposedly a "lucky day." Let's see, it's pouring rain, my Fibromyalgia is  flaring like a mofo and I'm bitchy and cranky. I'd say it's not such a lucky day for me or those around me lol.

I've always tried to not talk too much about Fibromyalgia in here, I don't want to to define me. But sometimes (like today) I can't help myself. I guess some would say I'm having a pity party but damn it, I haven't been sleeping good and I swear, it feels like there's something chewing on my muscles at this very moment. Uugh. It really sucks sometimes.  It's pretty bad when wearing a damn bra hurts. But my In Laws are still here and I just don't feel comfy walking around with the girls "au natural" (sans bra) in front of them. I'd be better off staying in bed today, but that hurts too lol.

Then add on the lovely Fibro Fog that sometimes comes with a flare up and you know I'm having a wonderful day. I literally sat in front of my computer for 10 minutes trying to remember what I wanted to write about. Lol I'm so frustrated with my self. As if you couldn't tell.

Ok...pity party/rant about fibro over. You're welcome.

Remember last week that I told y'all that one of my poor pugs had to have surgery? Actually a biopsy, but they were gonna put her to sleep to do it? Well let me give y'all an update on her.

That's Gidget waiting in the vet's office before we found out about the surgery. You can (kind of) see the pinkish growth on her left leg. That's what they were doing the biopsy of. The vet told us to be sure not to give her anything to drink or eat after midnight the night before, so when we went to bed around 10 pm we picked up the food and water bowls. I got up early Friday morning and dropped her off (at 8 am) at the vets office, she was spending the night and we'd pick her up the next morning.

When hubby got home from work at 1pm I called the vets office to check on her and see how the procedure went. The girl I spoke with answered "She just went into surgery! She's doing fine!" Ok, so I'm happy that she was doing so well in surgery but ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?  You mean to tell me that my poor dog has been there since 8 am, in a cage, scared to death and you haven't given her anything to drink or eat and it's 1pm? I mean, call me crazy but don't you think she might be dying of thirst by now? I was so pissed off y'all. But I decided that while she was in surgery wasn't a good time to go the eff off on them.

Hubby ended up calling back around 4 to check on her and they told him to wait until 5 and he could go pick her up! Yay! She didn't have to spend the night there. I was so excited. Surgery went fine, she was still a little "drunk" but we could bring her home. Since I'd just gotten out of the shower and had wet hair and it takes me almost an hour to blow dry my hair (no really, it does!) hubby went and picked her up by himself.

He gets to the vets office and they tell him that they went ahead and removed the growth and that they'll send part of it off for the biopsy. I'm glad that they removed it but I couldn't help but be a bit "miffed" about it. I mean, they didn't call us and tell us that they were going to remove it.

We thought our bill was going to be about $150, it ended up being over $300. Not that we're poor or anything but with me leaving this weekend to go home (Louisiana here I come) for two weeks, it kind of put a pinch on us. What if we didn't have the $300? I mean, some people just don't have that kind of extra money laying around.

Don't get me wrong, I think we'd pay just about anything to make sure our "babies" are ok, but some people just can't spend that kind of money on their pets. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would have expected the vet to call us before making that decision. At least I know my vet in LA would have.

But in the end, we're just happy our Gidget is feeling better. Poor thing, when hubby got home with her she had a pink bandage on her leg and was drunk as hell. Lol it was funny and sad at the same time.

 {It looks red, but it's pink I swear}

When they got home hubby handed her to me and she didn't leave my side for most of the night. Lol it was so funny, even laying there (in the pic) she was "bobbing and weaving" like a drunk would lol. 

I was so worried about putting her in her kennel that night that I ended up sleeping on the couch with her and her sister. Just like any good Momma would do. Just sayin' lol. I have to bring her back in two weeks to get her stitches out. They used wire to stitch her up...I've never seen that done before lol, kinda freaked me out at first.

Now that Gidget is feeling much better and we're hoping for positive news about the biopsy Bonsai has started limping. Apparently when they're in the kennels at night they spend half the night "itching, scratching, licking and chewing" on themselves and Bonsai has the pad of one of her back paws. Soooo...if that doesn't get better on it's own soon, it's off to the vet with her. 

When it rains, it pours I tell ya! It's always something with those two lol. But...whatcha gonna do huh?

{click image to see more cuteness/badness}

I'm almost ready for my trip! Most of my clothes are packed, still have to pack all of my make up and hair "necessities," mani and pedi is done, I still haven't found any silver shoes to go with my bridesmaid dress but my sister said she has some brand new ones that she's never worn that I can borrow. If they don't fit me then I'll go find some while I'm there.  I've made a dinner date with my Son. I'm cooking his favorite things that Momma (that'd be me) cooks! He's excited about that, but trust me his Momma (me again) is even more excited than he is.

Lots of fun plans with my sister, plans to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen in over a year, I'm really looking forward to seeing her. It's time for me to realize what REAL friends are all about. She's the real, true blue, deal!

I've completed two blog designs and I'm getting ready to start designing a blog for my blog design business! I'm super excited about it! I came up with a name I love, I'll fill you all in as soon as I get it done!

My heart is breaking for all of those victims in Arizona! I'll never understand what makes people like that (killer) guy tick. I mean, if you have that much hate in your heart for politicians that's one thing, but to murder an innocent 9 year old child? That little girl is someone's baby, someone's everything. 

As for Fred Phelps, how dare you? Christina Taylor-Green was a 9 yr old girl.What on earth could you possibly think is OK about protesting her funeral? Shame on you!!  Thank God for the Angel Action idea. You Mr Phelps, should be in the cell right next to that nutjob who killed all of those innocent people!

Thought's and prayers to all of those families! Love y'all! 

It Is What It Is....

January 6, 2011

My mind is all over the place the last few days, so much so that even my ADHD meds aren't helping. I wish I could go into everything that's going on here, but I can't. There's just somethings that hubby and I need to keep private...for obvious reasons.

 {because they're private duhh lol}

Let's just say we're both under a lot of stress right now and it's getting the best of both of us. We're both exhausted and irritable but we're being supportive of one another and it's what gets us through each day. We just keep telling ourselves "This too shall pass." 

{days until I leave for my trip home}

Oh yeah baby! I can't wait. I need to see my big sister and her bf (I just ♥ him), I need to hold my Son, and I need to sit and spend time with my Daddy.

{yeah, I'm this excited about my trip home!}

I have so much left to do before I leave.
I still haven't found any shoes to go with my dress.

{ok, so I did find these neck breakers but we wouldn't get all}

I've still got to pack

{what an adventure this is gonna be}

I honestly thought I was gonna get away with going home with one piece of luggage this time. What in the hell am I thinking? I have to pack my clothes, at least two pair of boots (not to mention my other shoes I'll be bringing) my "toiletries" and a bridesmaid dress and shoes. There is no way in hell that I'm getting all of that into one piece of luggage. No way.

{I'm protesting having to pay for my damn luggage!!!}

The fact that I have to pay $60 just so I can bring clothing with my on my trip is absurd.

{just sayin'}

This past Tuesday hubby's wrestling team had a match at John Holmes High School.

{Yes, there really IS a school named that. Lol...}
I totally want one of these...

For those of you kiddos that don't see the humor in here.

Speaking of wrestling. This Saturday hubby and I will be going to the Virginia Duals (wrestling tournament).

The first year that I went to the duals with him I took a backpack filled with all kinds of stuff to keep me occupied. My laptop, a book, my ipod, magazines, etc. I mean, I have no intrest what so ever in wrestling. But I have to tell you, I didn't touch any of that stuff. It was pretty cool watching four wrestling matches going on at once.  And hell, who doesn't love all the snack foods you can get at events like these? Lmao!!

Yesterday hubby and I brought Gidgette to the vet. Right before Christmas we noticed that she had some kind of growth on her left front leg. We figured we'd wait until after the holidays and then bring her in. The damn thing has doubled in size since we noticed it.

{this is her at the vets office...she's not happy}

If you click on the pic to enlarge it you can see the growth on her leg. Anypoorbaby, apparently they think it's a (very common) benign cancer that dogs get. I have to bring her tomorrow morning and drop her off. They're going to do a biopsy and keep  her over night. They're pretty sure that it's benign and that it will go away on it's own within a couple of months.  I've got my fingers crossed, I hope that's all it is. I feel horrible though. I have to drop her off and they're keeping her over night. Poor baby is gonna think I just left her!
{my poor baby}

Well y'all, that's my update! Hope you're all having a great week.  

It's a stickup!

January 4, 2011

Only Parent Chronicles