101 Things

101 Things  About Me

This page is a work in progress and will probably end up being more than 101 odd things about me. Yeah, I'm just that interesting. *snort*

1. I'm an Army brat. I've lived in.2 countries, in (at least) 7 states (that I can remember) and far too many cities/towns to count. That's ok though, I'm the PROUD daughter of a Viet Nam Vet!!

2. I found out I was pregnant when I was three months along, I had my son when I was 6 months along. Really...it's like I was only pregnant for 3 months.

3. For the 6 weeks that my son was in the hospital after his birth, I visited him every single day. From 8am to 5pm. I fed him, I changed him, I bathed him. I wouldn't let the nurses do any of that. I enjoyed every single minute of it.

4. I can wiggle my ears. I have no idea how I discovered that I had this "talent."

5. I've seen Top Gun probably 20 times if not more. If it came on tomorrow and there was nothing better on...I'd watch it again.

6. I refused to jump on the "Twilight Bandwagon" for months. When I finally did start reading them, I read all for books in a week.

7. Computers are my passion. I can (and have) sit at my computer all day and think nothing of it. Until I realize the day has passed me by.

8. I have recently discovered that I have a lot of "collections." Nail polish, make up, hair products, hair accessories and ink pens...just to name a few.

9. Apparently I also collect movies, I love going to Wal Mart to see what new movies are out. And then buying a couple of them.

10. Once we get home with the movies I want (need) to watch them right away. It drives me nuts if we don't.

11. I hate cleaning but I get such a sense of satisfaction out of it when I can sit down and know my house is clean and smelling good, so I do it.

12. I more afraid of disappointing my family than I am of dying.

13. I met my husband online. Not on a dating site though. When we first started talking I thought he was attractive but wasn't all that into him. Then he posted a new pic of himself and I was like "Holy shit!" The first picture he'd posted was NOT a good picture of him.

14. I’m a lover not a fighter. Though…I’ll throw down if I have to.

15. I would love to join the gym and start working out, not just to lose weight but for my health too. But if I didn’t have some one going with me every day, I’d never go.

16. I love all of those stupid (guilty pleasure) "reality" shows on MTV and VH1.

17. I wish my big Sister Denise could come up here to North Carolina.

18. My family has very little respect for me. My own fault.

19. I don’t miss having a job, I do miss having people to socialize with.

20. I can’t wait to get my GED.

21. Once I get my GED I then have to figure out what I want to go to school for. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

22. I’m terrified of getting any fatter than I already am!

23. I have a love/hate relationship with our pets.

24. I have a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping.

25. I’m 41 years old. (and counting)

26. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall.

27. I have 8 body piercings. No...none of them are in "private" areas!

28. I have 4 tattoos, I still want more. (edit - I now have 7)

29. I once nearly drowned in a rip tide.

30. I dropped out of high school.

31. My favorite subject in school was Psychology.

32. I’m a really good cook. Just sayin’!

33. I ran away from home when I was 16 because my Mom wouldn’t let me date my 23 year old boyfriend. I was gone less than a day.

34. The most important things I can teach my son are honesty, compassion and drive. I’d also like to teach him to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made.

35. My favorite color in the crayon box is aqua blue.

36. I love to read. When it’s a really good book, I can read it in a day.

37. I’ve gained 40 pounds in the last 3 years. (edit - I’ve lost 20 something of those. Yay)

38. I hate horror movies. Can’t even sit through one. My husband is even worse about them.

39. I can type 110-120 words per minute but I’m a horrible proof reader of my own work.

40. I love to garden.

41. I have a green thumb.

42. I’m right handed.

43. My husband tried to teach me to golf, we then realized that my arms are double jointed.

44. My favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein. I also love Ed Hardy‘s Hearts and Daggers. I wore Paul Sebastian Design for years and then all of a sudden I couldn’t stand the smell of it on me.

45. My nick names as a child were Cricket and Little Bit.

46. I am completely addicted to my laptop.

47. I am completely addicted to my Blackberry.

48. I have a gorgeous husband.

49. He treats me like a queen.

50. I want to see the Grand Canyon before I die.

51. I love Mexican food. It’s my absolute favorite.

52. My husband and I got married on the beach in front of our families and four friends. The four friends invited themselves.

53. The week that we spent at the beach was one of the best weeks of my life.

54. My husband drove 40 miles to get me a drink from The Buckin‘s!(Starbucks). While we were on our honeymoon.

55. I was molested when I was 13.

56. I’ve been arrested twice.

57. I hate when people talk about me like I’m not even in the room when I am.

58. I love having framed snap shots all over my house.

59. I’m the least artistic person I know. But my friends back home call me “Martha f*ckin’ Stweart” and “Betty the Mutha effin’ Crocker!”

60. I love music.

61. I can’t ride in my car without the radio on. My radio just quit working all of a sudden! I want to ride around with my Ipod but I don’t want to look like a total dweeb!

62. I love road trips.

63. I am bad luck on road trips. If you take me with you, chances are your vehicle is going to break down, over heat, or get a flat. At the very least you’re going to get a ticket. It happens so much that my family is pretty much used to it and they try to plan for it....just in case.

64. I can’t stand for the water to run into/on my face when I take a shower.

65. I love a good glass of wine but I can’t drink it, it gives me horrible heartburn.

66. I feel guilty for the amount of money that my meds cost. I wish that I could just do without them.

67. My little sister passed away when she was 13.

68. My husband does Bonsai trees, he’s tried teaching me but he says that I’m too scissor happy with them.. Haha…I thought he was nuts when he told me to just sit and look at the tree, that it would “talk” to me and then I’d know what to cut off…but it totally worked! Once I just sat back and looked at the tree for a little bit I started seeing what needed to be cut off. We used to have a GORGEOUS Japanese Maple that he’d Bonsi’d (is that a word?), the day after we got our two pugs Bonsai (one of our pugs) ate it. We both wanted to kill her….sometimes I could still ring her neck for that! At the moment we only have two tree’s left (they’ve all died off on us…bishes!). One of those two trees is one of the one’s that I did when he first started teaching. It’s extremely relaxing to do!

69. I have to have something ice cold to drink when I wake up in the morning, if not…I’m cranky.

70. I love riding roller coasters.

71. I'm a perfectionist...it drives me nuts sometimes.

72. I have long nails. If I don’t keep them polished they start breaking.

73. I’m terrible with money.

74. I’ve never had trouble expressing myself but with my hubby I do. Honest to God, we’ve had one “bad” argument in the four years that we’ve been together. There could have been many more, but I just can’t express myself with him. Wanna know why? Because he’s so damn rational that it makes me look like a total fool when I’m trying to argue with him over something stupid like him not waking me up when I ask him too. Lmao…does sound kind of stupid now that I think of it!

75. I’m not a natural blond. Get over it. I guess I should correct this statement. I am TOTALLY a “natural blond!” Blond is a state of mind, not a hair color. I’ve met many a brunette that were blond as hell.

76. I would love to take a vacation with my husband tomorrow. Just him and I…to get away from it all.

77. I would love to live in the mountains I doubt that it‘ll ever happen though.

78. I’ve refused to get on Twitter. I don’t know why! (Update: I caved in. I don't like it though. I've signed in maybe four times!)

79. “Guess what Monkey Butt??“ When I was 3 my family lived in Germany. Our parents took us to the zoo. My Father and I were standing at the money cages looking at them. I got my head stuck between two bars on the outer cages of the monkey cages. My Dad walked off and acted like he didn’t know who this screaming, stuck child was. My Mom had to figure out how to get me “un stuck!”

80. I once ruined a guys car on a first date. He got sick and asked me to drive him home and he let me take his car. I burned the clutch up in it (he’d had the car for two weeks) so he had to put it in the shop. While it was in the shop Hurricane Andrew hit and destroyed most of the cars in the lot, including his. Yeah..it was our last date. But he did still come over just to "hang out" with me and my roomie. (In other words...he bought the beer! lol)

81. I have insomnia. I’ve gone up to 3 days with no sleep. Sometimes even the sleeping pills, muscle relaxers and the pain pills that I take every night don’t even help.

82. I used to work for Fruit of the Loom. This was before they moved the 3 (or 4??) factories that were in Louisiana, and moved them to Honduras. (Thanks so very ‘effin much FOT effin’L!! I was an inspector. I stood all day, inspecting T-shirts for flaws in the material and flaws in the sewing. If they messed up the sewing I had to reject it and send it back to whichever girl sewed that part of the t-shirt. Have you ever tried to use a seam ripper on a cotton t-shirt? Yeah…I wasn’t very popular with the sewers! But hell…they could have done their job right the first time! :0}

83. I’ve recently come to realize that I am way to anal about my laundry. I might need to see someone about this. But really, am I the only one who thinks it’s gross if whoever used the detergent cup last didn’t bother to rinse it out? Ewww…

84. I sometimes think that someone put some bad juju on me. When I go to Louisiana in September I think I might have to make a trip to NOLA to see Marie Leveau!! Maybe pick me up some good gris gris! (you can Google it.) I wonder who it could be? I guess it could be #80, but then it could be the bishes at #82, it could also be #23...those bishes give me evil looks sometimes! But then it could be any of the M.A.N.Y. people on #63!! I can’t say that I’d blame ‘em!

85. I recently joined “Be The Match” which is the National Bone Marrow Registry. I would love to be able to help someone. You can join too…it’s easy peasy! You just make sure you meet the guidelines (on their site) to be a donor, then you just fill out a form on their site and they send you a “registration kit.” The kit consist of four swabs that you use to collect cells from the inside of your cheeks. Put the swabs back in the pre paid envelope and mail it back to them. They’ll let you know when they’ve received and tested your kit. Once your name is on the donor registry they’ll send you a little card that you put in your wallet and that’s it….unless you’re lucky enough to be someone’s match. Just imagine all of the young kids we could help save if we’d all register?? DO IT!

86. I would give anything to move back to Louisiana, but I doubt that my marriage would ever survive if we did. My husband just isn’t like “us!” When I’m at home with my sisters I drink, sometimes A LOT. Hell me and my oldest sister will go to our middle sisters bar/restaurant and drink our asses off. Lol…the last time I went home we went out and we didn’t get in until 4 the next morning. Not that hubby would mind me going out and having a good time…I just couldn’t see him dealing with me when I’m drunk off my ass after a night out with my sisters lol.

87. If I would have ever had a daughter (God knew I only needed one child lol) I would have named her “Amielle Rose.” Not long after we found out that my Mom was terminally ill with lung cancer my ex and I moved in with them for a couple of months while we were having some work done on our house (also so I could take care of/spend time with her…that’s a whole other story!). Every afternoon when my ex would get off of work his bosses son would come to her house just to have a beer or two with my ex. Greg (the bosses son) got so attached to my Mom that when his daughter was born he insisted that her middle name be Rose (my Mom’s name)! I’m not sure where they found Amielle (Ah - Mee - Elle) but I thought (and still do) it’s one of the most beautiful names I’ve ever heard. Amielle Rose just has a ring to it.

88. If I’d ever win the lottery one of the things that I would do with the money is start an organization for single mothers. We’d help them with college expenses, child care, and hell…maybe even get them a car if I could. The only requirements would be that they would have to be drug tested (been there, smoked that!) and they’d have to “give back!” They would have to volunteer to help with the child care at least once a week/every couple of weeks. I’d name it “The Rose Garden of Hope” I can even picture the building I’d have it in…a little “cottage” looking place with rose gardens all over the place! Someday I’ll do It too! I’ve been there…it’s not easy being a single mother trying to support your child with no help at all. And all the while I was doing that….I have NEVER said a bad word about my Son’s (sperm donor) Father. They’ve never met. The Father’s choice. I’ve always told him that he could see him whenever he’d like. I also told him that I’d made it 14 years without his help or his money…that I didn’t need it now. It’s HIS LOSS! That chicken shit little bastard doesn’t know what he missed out on. (Honestly, I pity him!) Truth be told, I’m glad he wasn’t a party of his life…I didn’t have to share him with anyone. And I can look at my Son proudly and know that he turned out the way he did because of ME!

89. I want to sign up to be a live organ donor. But I can’t figure out all the damn red tape. No one ever accused me of being a genius.

90. I’d love to donate tons of money to The Ronald McDonald House. We stayed there when my little was in the hospital until she passed away. That place was a Godsend to us.

91. I’d much rather do something to make a perfect stranger smile than make myself smile. Sometimes doing for others just feels good.

92. I believe in these to things…more than any other. God don’t like ugly and karma’s a bitch if you are.

93. I love making “homemade” gifts for people. Not a very popular choice these days. I also love receiving them. It takes a lot more thought to make a gift for someone than to go out and buy one.

94. I love it when it gets warm enough to open the windows in the house during the day. Especially after a long, cold winter. There’s nothing like some good ol’ fresh air flowing through the house.

95. I’ve never lived alone. I think it would probably have been good for me.

96. I have two of the most over protective sisters you’ll ever meet. I wouldn’t have any other way.

97. I’ve never gotten into a fight with either one of my sisters. Ever. I’m not that stupid. They’d whip my ass.

98. My Son’s laugh is the best sound in the world to me. It sooths me straight to my soul.

99. My Dad tells me all the time that I was his (and Mom's) "cheapest baby". My two older Sisters were both born in Army hospitals on base. When I was born the base we lived on didn't have a maternity ward so I was born in the county hospital. I cost a whopping $25. He also (secretly) whispers in my ear that I was their most beautiful baby. Lol, I bet he says that to all the girls.


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