It's been so long!

July 29, 2011

So, I'm back from my trip to Tennessee. I'd only planned on going for two weeks but I was having so much fun that I ended up extending my trip for another two weeks. Yep, a whole month spent having fun with my Aunt and Sister.

I'm lucky that I have a husband who's so understanding and so supportive that when I told him I wish I had another week with my Aunt the first thing he said was "Well, let's get you another ticket for your return flight so you can stay longer!" (Yeah, he's amazing!!)

Honestly, spending so much time with Aunt Betty was the best part of my trip. If your Mom is still living you might not understand this but it was almost like having a Mom again. It was great!! I'm so thankful for this past month.

There was a lot that I was looking forward to before leaving for this trip. Seeing and spending time with my Sister and my Aunt. I hadn't seen my Cousin Kim in almost 7 years so I was really looking forward to spending time with her. Because of her work schedule I wasn't able to spend as much time with her as I would have liked but I did get to see her and have dinner at her house a couple of times which was great!

I was also looking forward to spending time with my cousin Ray. The last time I'd seen (or even talked to him) was almost 20 years ago. Not long after I saw him the last time he got into drugs which lead to him going to prison for 10 1/2 years. (Don't judge)

Apparently he didn't learn his lesson the first time. The day before I got there he was arrested again. For attempted homicide. Yeah I know. Apparently he and his gf are addicted to Opana (some kind of Mophine) and the woman who was attacked was dealing them. Someone beat the woman in the head with a brick and robbed her. The detective who spoke with my Aunt and I (while I was there) told us that they know Ray wasn't the one who actually beat/robbed the woman but he was involved.

Needless to say, I'll probably never see him again. My Aunt refuses to bail him out and I can't blame her. His bond was $350K and was dropped to $150K. Aunt Betty is a widow and she can't pay out that kind of money when she knows he's going to (probably) spend the rest of his life in prison anyway.

It's such a sad situation. She's heartbroken over it and I'm heartbroken for her. I guess what they say is true, all that prison does for some people is turn them into a bigger criminal than they were before they went.

I did get to spend a couple of hours with one of my oldest friends Leticia. We hadn't seen each other in almost 30 years and just recently found each other on FB. It was so fun catching up with her I only wish we could have spent more time together.

Every weekend that I was there Aunt Betty, Denise and I spent at Kentucky Lake. She has her camper down there (my cousin Michael and his wife also have a camper there), I had so much freakin' fun I can't even begin to tell y'all. Lol...lots and lots of alcohol was consumed. I may have even lost one (yes, only one lol) of my favorite leather flip flops on the first damn night. Thank God someone found it at Michael's camper the next day. I still don't remember walking back to our camper with just one shoe on lol.

We spent lots of time in the sun, at the pool, on the boat. We rode around the campground on the golf cart "visiting" all the other campers. We rode quads and I swear, at one point I seriously thought I was gonna die lol. Lets just say that I'll NEVER ride a quad with Michael again!!

I took more pictures than I can even count. I've gone through them and I'm gonna post some of my fav's that way I don't bore y'all to death with them lol. Trust me, even with me going through them there's gonna be a lot posted  in this entry!

Even though I had a blast, I'm happy to be home. I missed my honey and I missed our dogs lol. Hell, I even missed my bed. And I missed reading all my favorite blogs. I've got so much catching up to do!!

Onto the pics (in no particular order) ....

 "The Girls" (that's the nickname we were given from everyone at the campground lol) slightly tipsy!

 How friggin' cute is my Aunt Betty??

 Aunt Betty, Denise and I with Tommy (another camper). Guess how old Tommy is. I bet you can't! He's 49  years old. Yes, only 49. He looks 79 doesn't he lol??

 My big Sissy and I!

 This would be when I lost my flip flop lol. It was found in this chair the next day. Cooter Brown didn't have nothing on me that night!

 Aunt Betty and I riding around the campground on her golf cart. 

 Totally passing out!

 Sisterly bonding.

 I got an amazing tan while I was there!

 Partying and listening to the band. No make up kind of night!

 Working on the tan.

 Hungover as hell and those bitches were taking pics of me!

 Getting ready to go out on the boat.

 My Sister is obsessed with a camera. Really, she is!

 Me and my Cousin Michael

 Again, how friggin' cute is she??

 Lost lake. This is why Michael wanted to take me for a ride on the quad, it's the only way to get to this lake. It was beautiful.

 Yup, obsessed!

 Can you tell I was getting tired of takin' pics? (OK! I was also getting slightly tipsy at this point too!)

 Beautiful sunset

 Relaxing on the boat.

 Michael and I. Yeah, I'm his favorite lol. Kidding.

 The "double D's"
 Lol I have absolutely no idea.

 Who knows what (or who) I was looking at lol.

 Can it get anymore gorgeous than this??

 This one is going in a frame.

 Hat shopping with Aunt Betty

This pic was taken at Dunbar Cave Park. The cave was closed due to some "white noise syndrome" that they found in one of the bats in the cave (that they don't want to spread to the other bats). Well let me tell you, once they said "bats" I wasn't about to go in that cave anyway lol. Nope, not happening!

 I'm in love with this pic!

 And this one!

 I wanted to sit on that swing and just watch the sunset so bad but I don't think the people who lived there would have appreciated it.

 I know this hill doesn't look all that steep in this pic but this is where I thought I was gonna die lol. It didn't help that Michael was driving like a mad man!

 A hidden stream.

 The hill of (near) death! This is also the hill that someone (damn teenagers!) drove my Aunt's golf cart off of after they stole it from her camper. If you look on the left side of the pic you'll see a white spot in the grass, that's the "roof" of the golf cart. Thank goodness she was able to get it fixed instead of having to buy a new one.

 Leticia and I. We've been friends since I was 6 or 7 years old.

Whew...are y'all as tired as I am now lol? If you're still reading then you're rock stars and I'VE MISSED YOU!