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(Edited) Hey y'all. When I first created this blog my husband and I were living in North Carolina. I'm from Louisiana and was missing my family and my home terribly. That's where the name "The Homesick Cajun" came from.

After finding out that I had a Grand baby on the way my husband and I packed up and moved back to Louisiana. And since I'm no longer "homesick" I decided to change the name to "The Down Home Cajun."

I'm a goof ball, blond to a fault...crazy and serious all balled up into one. Self professed girly-girl but not high maintenance. Simple not complicated, tough on the outside but a hot mess on the inside. Most girls are the "champagne and roses" type. I'm more of a "beer and beef jerky" kind of girl.

Sometimes I cuss like a sailor. I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Most of the time I'm socially awkward.

I'm extremely loyal and protective! A total sweetheart until you cross me or disrespect me. Save the drama for the llama. I'm a no nonsense, no bull shit kinda gal.

Paintshop Pro junkie, addicted to cross word puzzles, love a good book from time to time but not those cheap paperback romances!! Beer drinker, tequila shooter, though I love a good chocolate martini!!

I haven't watched an episode of Extreme Home Makeover without ballin' my eyes out, I like a good movie but usually too impatient to sit through an entire one!! Love music, rap and rock and lots in between!! Snoop and Dr Dre are my fav's! I like to shoot pool, though I'm not very good at it.

I believe that you have to give to receive. I also believe that karma can be a bitch, if you are!! What goes around will most certainly come around!

 I have fibromyalgia, but I don't let it control my life. I struggle at times, and I get weak, you have to learn to deal with the things that life hands you. If you see someone who is handicap or disabled try to put yourself in their shoes, it can bring you a whole new understanding and appreciation for other people.

Somehow, I managed to find a really great guy to share my life with. There is someone "out there" for everyone, what are the chances that I would find my someone online? He is the most amazing man I've ever met and there aren't many men who could hold a candle to him. Yes, we met online! Lol...most people freak out when we tell them that!

We were meant for each other.

 Family and friends are all that matter in this world, in the end it's all you have. I've been blessed with a great family, and a few great friends who love and support me no matter what!! That is a true gift in my book!

Before I go any further, introducing you to the cast of characters might be a good idea.

This is my gorgeous husband, AKA Mr Luvah Luvah. He's one of the nicest, people you'll ever meet. He's a retired Senior Chief (26 years), an ordained minister, an aircraft mechanic and an instructor at our local community college. The man has more drive that most men half his age. (Edit: Since moving to Louisiana he now works for an oilfield company.)

He's an amazing father. I don't think I've ever seen a man more devoted to his daughters than him. I love that about him. There's nothing he wouldn't do for them.

 He's supportive of me 110 percent. He's understanding, loving, smart, driven and funny. There has only been one thing I've been able to find that I "dislike" about him...Road Rage! Lol...the man has it worse than anyone I think I've ever seen. But hell, he could have worse flaws that that!

My amazing son Rusty. He's everything I ever wished I could be and more. He's a hard worker, and he plays just as hard! The kid has not met a hunting or fishing spot (or a gun for that matter lol) that he didn't like.

This kid has more goals at 20 than I had when I was his age. His current goal is to buy a house or some property to build a house on. It amazes me, that at his age these are the priorities he has set for himself.

He's brutally honest, but it's one of the things I love most about him. He's my everything. Honestly, without him, I'm nothing. His laugh is contagious. I swear, it's one of my favorite sounds in the world!

He only weighed 3 pounds (he was 3 months premature!) at birth and even though he's 6'4" and eats like a horse, he's still a skinny kid lol.

Some day he'll meet a girl that I'll totally hate and settle down and get married. Is it wrong that the thought of that makes me sad? Lol...

Edit: My Son did meet a girl. I didn't hate her, but I didn't like her much at all lol. We did not start off on the right foot. But, he loves her so I chose to let go of my resentments and I've learned to love her too. They bought a house and on my Son's 23rd birthday they blessed me with the most amazing gift...my Grand daughter! I'll try to keep the amount of pictures I place here to a minimum...but it's hard lol.

Seeing my Son hold his daughter is the most amazing feeling in the world. I wish I could describe it to you, but I can't! And holding her for the first time myself?? I was over the moon!

I'm excited to watch her grow and to watch my Son and his girlfriend build on the life that they've created for themselves.

My hubby also has two daughters who are 27 and 25. Out of respect of their privacy I'm not going to post any pictures of them or say too much about them. They're great kids though. His oldest daughter is preppy and cute and (smart as whip) she has an infectious laugh. His youngest daughter is a free spirit, she loves music, she has gorgeous blue eyes and she wants to write a book some day. I have no doubt that she will. I love how much they love their Dad and how they always turn to him when they need something. Doesn't matter what it is, from needing their stuffed animal (that they've had since birth, and still sleep with) "repaired", to car troubles and even when they just need to vent. Every girl should have the relationship that these two do with their Fathers.

This is Bonzai. She's our "special child". Lol...I wish I was kidding!! She is totally in love with her "Daddy!" She just sits and stares at him sometimes. It's actually really sweet.She's the bigger of the two girls. She makes us laugh on a daily basis...hell, they both do! We tell everyone that they're "Bebe's Kids" and they think we're joking, we're not! They're bad. They will "attack" you the minute you walk in the door. They just want to "welcome" you really, but it's still aggravating lol!

This is Gidgette. She's the "nervous" one. She knows exactly what time "Daddy" gets off of work and about an hour before then she is up on the back of the couch, staring out the window, just waiting to see his truck in front of the house. It's so sweet. You'd think these two (they're sisters!) would be more attached to me since I'm home all day. They're not!! They're totally "Daddy's Girls!"I definitely married into a "Pug family!" We have two, hubby's daughter has one and my sister in law has two!

I've made more mistakes than a person should be allowed in one lifetime, but I'm proud to say that I've learned from each and every one of them. Those mistakes are what makes me who I am. And after almost a lifetime, I love me! That feels great! Feel free to look around, grab my button, and follow my blog if you like what you've read already! Come on! Pull up a chair and stick around for a while!


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