Don't even bother asking (wedding pics too)

April 30, 2010

Yeah...don't even bother asking how my "nap" went. It didn't! Damn dogs kept me up the couple of hours that I could have gotten sleep. I swear one day they're gonna have a date with the nearest Chinese restaurant!

I'm thanking bejeebus today is Friday. I'm missing my honey. Tomorrow we're going to an auction. Should be fun. One of the guys that he works with lost his Mom a few months ago so they're having an estate auction to help sell off some of her stuff. There's a few few pieces of furniture that I've got my eye on....especially this gorgeous hope chest that they have, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Don's daughter got her professional pictures back from the wedding a couple of days ago so I thought I'd post some of them here. I think there is one pic that I'm in that I actually don't mind the way that I look! Yuck...I hate taking pics!

The photographer did an ok job though some of the pics left me scratching my head. Not to mention he was almost a month late in getting them to her. The only reason she got them when she did was because her Mom called him and threatened to sic her lawyer on him! Anyway...on to the pics!

 This is Don's ex L, his daughter C and Don and I.

 Don and C.

This would have been my favorite pic of the two of them, but a part of C is cut out of the pic!

I didn't even know I was gonna be in this one until the last minute lol.

C & R, my beautiful step daughters.

Brides family.

Lol, somehow everyone forgot R (Don's oldest daughter) when we took the first pic like this.

Bride and groom. This is one of my fav's of the two of them.

I love this pic of C, but I dont' get why the photographer cut the groom out. (She's definitely got her Daddy's eyes!

You might remember when I posted about the wedding I told y'all about how Don had gotten C a stuffed pig when she was born? This is the pig. Lol...poor thing has been re-stuffed a few times and he still looks that bad! She still sleeps with him.

So pretty!!

I love this one! A couple of years ago the girls had their pictures taken right before father's day and this is one of the poses they did so that's what they gave Don that year for father's day...the pic like this one.

Simply beautiful!

Aww! This is what happened when Don gave C her "new" pig. Lol...sometimes I do have a good idea! :0}

The reason they were laughing like this was because she'd just pulled the paper with her vows on it...from her boobs! Haha...the whole room was laughing like this!!

Haha!!! They were dancing to "get low!" Look at C's bff though (the girl touching the tip of her nose), not to mention the 7 or 8 year old ring bearer in the back ground on the floor. Little dude could DANCE!!

And last but not least, my favorite pic from the reception!

That's not the groom. That's the groom's brother lmao!! Wonder if he got in trouble when his brother and wife saw this one??

Thanks for lookin' y'all! Oh yeah, before I forget...I made myself a new tag so those of you who already have my tag will need to change it, those of you who don't....grab the damn thing y'all lol.

Whew...I'm finished! At least I hope I am!!

Damn it seems like this layout took me forever to finish! I'm sure there are a couple of things that I'm gonna have to tweak here and there! Now...since I'm finished (and it's 3am) I think I'm gonna try to get some sleep! I'll post more later today!

Award Time or I Told A B*tch Off Today...And It Feels Good!

April 29, 2010

The Rules are to share 10 {honest} things about myself and pass along the love to 10 other's…easy enought!

*There is not a day that goes by that I don't realize one more reason why I'm madly in love with my husband.
*Yesterday I told my best friend (of 10 years) the eff off. I doubt she'll call me again. To be honest, I could really care less if she does. She'll probably never let me see my God Children again, but it's her loss. Hell, I was one of the few "positive" things in those kids life. Story soon!
*I'm busy designing another layout for my blog. I can't wait to finish it. When I start on a layout I'm obsessed with it until I get it exactly the way that I want it.
*I've been crafting up a storm lately, and it's been FUN!
*Last Sunday I cooked for the first time in over a month. I've missed it.
*My Son told me the other night that he's started saving up to buy/build a house and buy some property. He's 20. 20! Really...what 20 year old is thinking about buying a house? He makes me so proud.
*I just signed up for a twitter account today. Someone had already taken my Homesick Cajun name damn it. I took a look around and honestly, I wasn't impressed. I doubt I'll even sign back in.
*I was asked today to host a giveaway. I'm super excited!!
*I can't wait until September. I get to meet THREE fellow bloggers, I'm so freakin' excited!! (Only 124 Days, 2994 Hours, 179672 Minutes, 10780342 Seconds until I go "home"!!)
*I really want to learn how to be a better photographer!

Now to pass the love onto some fellow bleeps:

Julie - 47 and Starting Over
Jamie - Dave, Jamie and Dawson
Danica - Happy Girl
Em - Heart and Hairspray
Keeper of the Skies Wife - I'm so sorry but I dont' know your name!
MiMi - Living in France
Gail - Louisiana Belle
Margen - Simply Southern
Leiah - A Southern Bell Trying Not To Rust
Chelle - The Winey Mommy

So the story about telling the best friend off? Welll...she called me yesterday and we were just chatting away when she asked about my son. So I begin to tell her how he's doing. She proceeds to interrupt me to tell me how effin' cute my ex's new baby is. Honestly, he is adorable. But I could care less. My conversations with her should not include any info about my ex. I don't want to talk about all. He hated her so she shouldn't want to talk about him either.

She tells me that she knows that he hated her when he and I were together but that they had a long talk and now they're "all good!" I'm thinking...*Great! So now you're all bff with my ex, the one that you saw abuse me every single time we got together. The one that made me cry more tears than I think I've ever cried?? Thanks! You're a great bff!*

She then says "That's a good effin' man you let get away girl, I don't care what you say. And he's as sexy as F*CK!" Whew...y'all the bitch from hell jumped out of me before I could stop her.

"He's an abusive drunk! He's an effin' drug addict! (come to think of it, she is too so her saying this to me shouldn't surprise me in the least!) You, of all people were there, you KNOW, you SAW, what he did to me. How can you say I effin' I messed up??" "Are you out of your ever lovin' mind?"

For the plain fact that you're my bff you should hate him for hurting me the way he did.

I have to say this...he only hit me once. But the verbal, the emotional and the mental abuse took place from the time he woke up until the time he passed out.

And I know that a lot of people don't consider that "real" abuse, all I can say to you is live it. You go through it and then tell me it's not real!

I loved that man. Like I've never loved anyone. I gave him my all. Everything I had in me went to him. You know how they say when you meet "the one" you'll know? That's how it was with him. I swear the first time I met him, when he got out of his car...I heard angels singing. That's how it was with him. I put him up on a nice little pedestal that he destroyed into a million little pieces!

It was great. Until the drinking, until the drugs, until the abuse.

I don't think I'll ever forgive her for those words coming out of her mouth. I mean, how can you be my best friend and not hurt for me when I went through that? Especially when you were there to witness so much of it.

This is all coming from a woman who left her husband after he was in a horrific accident, unable to walk, unable to talk, unable to fight for you? The night he was in the accident while we were at the first hospital (before he was transferred to a trauma center) and they were trying to stabilize him to move him, she was outside on the phone cancelling the plans she had the next day with her boyfriend. Ugh.

So, the list of my IRL friends seems to have just gotten shorter. Great!

(Tomorrow I'll post the convo I had with my amazing husband after I got off the phone with the bff and sat here crying over it!! Now HE'S a real man. The perfect man for me!!)

Feedburner/Rss/Email subscriptions

April 28, 2010

Somehow I, yeah go figure seeing as how I;m such a genius (lol I actually misspelled genius at first!!) and all, have deleted my Feedburner thingy so you'll no longer be getting updates when I post a new entry in my blog. I've searched Google and Feed Burner help for a solution to my "problem" to no avail. I can't find help anywhere! may want to refollow me on Friend Connect. I'm not sure what else I can do to fix it, at least until Feed Burner completely deletes my feed (in 30 days) and then I can try to redo it!

Sorry for all the issues, and thank you ALL for being so loyal to me and my blog!

I'm baaack!! Another installement of WTF?? (Probably not safe for work or kids!!)

It seems like it's been forever since one of my WTH hell post!! I'll remind you again, I can't make this shit up!!

RESERVE A SPOT IN HEAVEN KIT read that right people! You can now reserve your very own spot in heaven! Space is limited y'all, Reserve your spot now! There is a choice of two different packages -

*Essential Travel Kit $12.79 - This is a basic travel package offering everything needed to transport one person to Heaven. Includes:

Certificate of reservation registered into the book of light.
First class ticket to Heaven. Why walk up all those stairs when you can fly?

The Official Heaven ID card so you can get around without getting hassled.

Heaven 101 mini info guide. Get acquainted with the land!!

*All Access Travel Kit $15.95 - This is an exclusive package containing all necessary materials to get you into Heaven and experience al of the elite areas that are off limits to "normal" citizens. Includes -

Certificate of reservation registered into the Book of Light.

A first class ticket to Heaven.

The Official Heaven ID card.

Heaven 101 info guide.

All Access VIP pass. This pass will grant you access to "VIP exclusive areas" including the Land of Milk and Honey and Thug Mansion, where all the elite get together and kick it.

And for those of you that prefer a "warmer climate," I'm now selling "Reserve a Spot in Hell" Kits. DAMN IT!! SOMEONE ALREADY BEAT ME TO IT!!

Going down? It's filling up fast down there! Reserve your spot now! Send someone to hell now, before it's too late. There are two packages for this kit too.

*Essential Travel Kit $12.79 - This kit gives new meaning to the term "Go to hell" except we can actually change fate and send someone there. Kit includes:

Demonic issued certificate of reservation, officially registered in Satan's Log and prepared on flame-proof material.

A one way, free-fall ticket to hell. What better way to get there than a non-stop, direct drop?

The Official Hell ID card so you can get around without being hasseled.

Hell 101 mini info guide, outlining things you need to knwo to survive the nightmare.

*All Access Travel Kit $15.92 - This is the ultimate Hell getaway package and includes everything needed to get to hell plus a limited edition VIP pass. Includes:

Demonic issued certificate of reservation.
A one way, free-fall ticket to hell.
The Official Hell ID Card.
Hell 101 mini info guide.
All access VIP pass. This pass will grant you access to "VIP Exclusive areas" including the Frozen Wasteland, the Lake of Fire and the Bridge of Dead, where all the hotties get together and kick it.

Your info...on beef jerky. You better hope you don't meet up with a pissed off hungy pit bull on your way home! 

BACON AND (CHOCOLATE) EGGS?A new twist on the classic Easter egg. Soft bacon caramel + 55% dark chocolate. Redefining bacon and eggs. Five dark chocolate half eggs arrive nestled in straw and are each filled with soft buttery bacon caramel. Bite, crack, ooze, salty-sweet delight. YUMMY!

Animatronic singing, dancing boobs. The "Trophy Rack" he's always wanted. "Mount 'em" next to all your big game. When activated they beging to move in rhythmic motion to "Titties & Beer" by Rodney Carrington. I know a couple of rednecks that I could get this for!

A supermarket in Britain is selling toilet paper made with real cashmere. $4.50 for a pack of 4. Cause you only deserve the very best.

It's lucky y'all!

Mr Luvha Luvha is getting some of these for xmas!! Not really!

Artificial hyman, no surgery required. Only in Japan!

In case of Alien abduction these dog tags may save your life. I'm not sure how though.

Oh yeah...I can just see the "menfolk" standing in line for these. NOT! But hell ladies, at least you can see if your man "measures" up!!

Ben & Jerry's is celebrating (their homestate) Vermont's move to legalize gay marriage by changing the name of "Chubby Hubby" to "Hubby Hubby." Yuuuummm! (I don't think they're gonna keep the name, I think it's for a limited time only!)

THE S.P.I.T METHOD"How to Live with a Huge Penis: Safer Penile Intercourse Techniques. I'm seriously at a loss for words on this one! Do you really need a book to show you how to live with a big ol' schlong??


 Do you really think that would stop us??

This shit has a built in GPS. Dubbed as the "high tech chasity belt" for a mere $1,000 you too can have this bra and panty set with a tiny GPS system hidden in the fabric. Obsessed much???

The pronto condom applicator decreases the time to put on a condom in less than 4 seconds and ensures that the condom is put on correctly, even in the dark. Don't you think it would take just as much time to put the damn thing in that contraption as it would to put it on your winky??? Just sayin'....

I can't wait to get my kid one of these! WTH??

 Mr BusyBalls (People...I can't make this shit up! That's actually the name of the company!) is now offering swim trunks with a built in pocket that allows you to place a "cup device" (the wearer can decided the appropriate size (ranging from XL to XS! Damn! They don't have mule tool size??) to enhance and shape the groin region. They claim to also provide an extremely comfy space for the groin, especially when exiting the adjustments are required to hide your package...or lack there of! Only $27.64 USD.

Men have a cup, so why shouldn't we? This product helps when grooming "down there."
One size fits most.(Other ideas the creators had when trying to name this product? "The Clam Shell" "The Beaver Dam" "The Bonnie Bonet" "The Hoo Ha Hoodie" and "The Sister Hood.")

You've never had this much fun in the shower! (If you own one of these, you've NEVER had fun in the shower unless it was alone!) Just squeeze the boob to release the soap. Ian...I think I'll get you these for xmas lol!

I bet this thing works as good as those damn "sweater shaver" things you can buy to shave the fuzz balls off your sweater!

I wonder if it comes in industrial strength too??? Seriously A GALLON?? Whoever buys that shit be knockin' THE HELL out of some boots!! Just sayin'.....

Ladies, a few of you will be getting a pair of these for xmas!! I love me! haha

Infused with sweet scent and three pheromones to spark up your love life and catch the attention of the opposite sex. Ladies, I've got a tip for you! Save the $12.79 and buy some Wisk or something. You don't need some special stuff to was your sexies in to catch the attention of the opposite sex. You've got their attention already! Hell, they're just happy you washed your'll be lucky if they did theirs!!

Massager...yeah right!! Duckie...this one's for you!! I picked the bondage one especially for you!

Why? Who? Why? Ewww....


I don't know about y'all...but this damn thing sounds painful as hell! To each their own I guess!

If you've got to got through the trouble of going out and buying this (or going online to get it and wait for it to come in the mail) then chances's not gonna help you anyway! Hello ello ello!! Lmfao...that was so BAD!!

"The funner peanut butter!" This just grosses me out. Not to mention...can't you just imagine how the jelly would be sliding all over the slice of pb?? Yuck!

A comprehensive guide to losing it. But...if you need a aint losin' it anytime soon!! Lol... (I totally get that it's a gag gift!!) The kit includes : • Dr. Horner's comprehensive textbook, How to Lose Your Virginity in 96 Pages
• 10 Sexual Position Study Cards (ranked by difficulty, from beginner to advanced to Cirque du Soleil)
• 10 Heroes of Intercourse Trading Cards (includes the extremely rare Dr. Ruth Westheimer card)
• Certificate of Copulation (suitable for framing)
• And more!
 Ohhhh....and more!!!

Ok I think that's it for this installment!! Believe it or not, I've still got quite the list that I could have added here! I'll save those for next time!!