Don't even bother asking (wedding pics too)

April 30, 2010

Yeah...don't even bother asking how my "nap" went. It didn't! Damn dogs kept me up the couple of hours that I could have gotten sleep. I swear one day they're gonna have a date with the nearest Chinese restaurant!

I'm thanking bejeebus today is Friday. I'm missing my honey. Tomorrow we're going to an auction. Should be fun. One of the guys that he works with lost his Mom a few months ago so they're having an estate auction to help sell off some of her stuff. There's a few few pieces of furniture that I've got my eye on....especially this gorgeous hope chest that they have, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Don's daughter got her professional pictures back from the wedding a couple of days ago so I thought I'd post some of them here. I think there is one pic that I'm in that I actually don't mind the way that I look! Yuck...I hate taking pics!

The photographer did an ok job though some of the pics left me scratching my head. Not to mention he was almost a month late in getting them to her. The only reason she got them when she did was because her Mom called him and threatened to sic her lawyer on him! Anyway...on to the pics!

 This is Don's ex L, his daughter C and Don and I.

 Don and C.

This would have been my favorite pic of the two of them, but a part of C is cut out of the pic!

I didn't even know I was gonna be in this one until the last minute lol.

C & R, my beautiful step daughters.

Brides family.

Lol, somehow everyone forgot R (Don's oldest daughter) when we took the first pic like this.

Bride and groom. This is one of my fav's of the two of them.

I love this pic of C, but I dont' get why the photographer cut the groom out. (She's definitely got her Daddy's eyes!

You might remember when I posted about the wedding I told y'all about how Don had gotten C a stuffed pig when she was born? This is the pig. Lol...poor thing has been re-stuffed a few times and he still looks that bad! She still sleeps with him.

So pretty!!

I love this one! A couple of years ago the girls had their pictures taken right before father's day and this is one of the poses they did so that's what they gave Don that year for father's day...the pic like this one.

Simply beautiful!

Aww! This is what happened when Don gave C her "new" pig. Lol...sometimes I do have a good idea! :0}

The reason they were laughing like this was because she'd just pulled the paper with her vows on it...from her boobs! Haha...the whole room was laughing like this!!

Haha!!! They were dancing to "get low!" Look at C's bff though (the girl touching the tip of her nose), not to mention the 7 or 8 year old ring bearer in the back ground on the floor. Little dude could DANCE!!

And last but not least, my favorite pic from the reception!

That's not the groom. That's the groom's brother lmao!! Wonder if he got in trouble when his brother and wife saw this one??

Thanks for lookin' y'all! Oh yeah, before I forget...I made myself a new tag so those of you who already have my tag will need to change it, those of you who don't....grab the damn thing y'all lol.


Jamie said...

For some reason it doesn't tell me in my google reader when you update your blog. WTF?! Do you know if other people are having problems?

I love, love, love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics of the bride and groom!!! They turned out really well.

June said...

I absolutely love the picture of Mr.Man giving her the stuffed pig...that is so precious.

The pictures are really nice.

Ian said...

Great pics!!!!! :) For some reason your stuff on my blogroll isn't updating...

MiMi said...

What great pictures!!! I love the color of her hair!!

{Kimber} said...

they are an adorable couple and she made a beautiful bride!

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