WWTK and So Do You!

September 21, 2011


It's that day of the week when our inner "busy bodies" get a little peek into other bloggers lives. If you'd like to play along, go by Mamarazzi and/or Queso's pages!

1. What is your MUST SEE show?
Right now it's Son's of Anarchy! I can't miss this show y'all. I have no idea why I'm so drawn to it...

 {*sigh* Jax)

 {no idea why I love this show}

 {even better with the short hair}

 {Opie's so tough and so tender at the same time, you can't help but love him. It's funny, I'm not usually a "beard" kinda girl, but I love me some Opie!}

2. What shows are you most excited to watch this season?
Hello...those pictures above get me all kinds of excited lol. Kidding! Hubby and I are enjoying The Sing-Off and of course those Real Housewives. I guess I should mention that I'm a reality tv show slave. I can't help it, I'm addicted. Don't judge me.

3. How many hours a week do you actually watch tv?
The TV is usually on if I'm up, but it's just for the background noise. It has to be a really good show {SOA} to get me to actually pay attention for the entire show!

4. Do you think tv has gotten too "racy" (vulgar, pushing the limit, etc) ?
Nope, not at all. It's more realistic but  (in my opinion) thats how it should be. If it's not something you think your kids should be watching, don't let them watch it!

5. How many tvs do you have in your house?
2 one in the living room and one in the "man cave." Funny thing though, the flat screen is in the living room and we have a huge older tv in the "man cave", hubby wont move the PS3 into the man cave until he has a flat screen like the one in the living room. I end up spending more time in his man cave than he does.

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Mamarazzi said...

man cave...i wonder if my hubby would even use it. there are times i wish we had separate spaces for TV watching but we pretty much watch the same stuff soooo...its all good!

MiMi said...

Um. I can't get beyond those pictures. HOTTTT.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

SO many people watch SOA and love it. I can never find it.

I am a reality tv junkie too!!!

dddiva said...

I don't watch any of your shows but I see I may be missing something with the pretty boys. ;)

sarajo said...

I want to get a small HD tv for our bed room. Costco has cheap ones. Someday...

Marguerite said...

Nice eye candy! Maybe you should take over the man cave and call it the lady cave, instead and put up these pics on the wall in there! lol Will be thinking about you at the Sugarcane Festival this weekend. Wish you were here!

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