That's Just Dirty!

March 10, 2011

Hey y'all...I know it's been a couple of days since I've posted. Things have been uneventful here. Hubs and I have just been enjoying the quite (except his yelling when he's playing playstation uugh) and time alone.

My Son called me the other night for a chat (I love when he does that!!) and was telling me that he and his friends are making plans for their annual trip (you may remember I mentioned it last year here) to Mud Nationals.

They've got a whole gang of people going this year, mostly guys but there are a few girls going. I asked him if he was taking the girl he's been "talking to" (he refuses to say they're "dating" lol) and he laughed at me. He said "Momma, that's like taking sand to the beach!" The kid kills me y'all. Lol..

Here's a couple of pictures that he took last year while he was there.

{I cannot believe my child wore those light ass jeans in that mud!}

{one of the girls who went with their group last year, he was teaching her to drive his 4 wheeler}

{I totally freaked when I saw this pic, the girl in white is one of his best friends wife. But...the best friend is the one who took the pic so I guess he was ok with her sitting on Rusty like that.}

{Ghetto cruiser?}

Rusty's excited because this year he's taking his new toy instead of his 4 wheeler! Look at this baby!

 {I can't wait until he takes me for a ride on it!}

Apparently the guys have decided to go all out this year and they're "dressing up."

 {the mardi gras bead tie is that "special" touch!}

The too short sleeves add just the right amount of "country hick" to the ensemble lol. They've even had t shirts made, I don't have a pic of them so I thought I'd "recreate" them for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

{what gentlemen huh? buyin' all those "ladies" drinks!} 

 {See! I taught him to share!}

They've picked up the Mardi Gras beads. Last year they went with over 200 strands of beads and came home with none. They gave them to all the "ladies." Now, since most of you aren't from Louisiana let me remind you how these "ladies" get the beads...

{throw me sumthin' mista!}

{I love the expression the guys face behind her}

Let's talk a little more about the "ladies" that go to mud nationals shall we? Well, they're little angels I tell ya!

{the have skankalicious "sweet and innocent" written all over them} 

{pure as snow}

Lol I kid, I kid! He's being a perfectly horny normal 21 year old kid. No worries, I've sent him a huge box of condoms in advance lol. He's gonna kill me when he gets them! Those skanks little angels aren't Rusty's type anyway. When he was 12 or 13 he hung a sign on his bedroom door at his Dad's house, and I think it's still hanging there.

{If he could find this woman, he'd be a happy man}

These girls are more his "type."

{cute lil country girls}

{that wont be a problem}

{what? even country boys like boobs y'all!}

Now see, those girls (from the last three pics) would fit right in with my kid. You may remember these...

{I can't help but notice that the girls are "dirtier" than him lol}

{I'm sure he prefers it that way}
{eww eww eww}

Lmao! I'm really kidding with this post kind of. I know he's going to have a blast and he deserves it. He works hard all the time so the fact that he's taking time off of work to go...I can live with that. 

As long as he doesn't bring any of those girls home with him. lol

All images from Rusty's personal pics or from Google.  


MiMi said...

OMG, don't let your baby go!!! They'll corrupt him! lol!

Babes Mami said...

That tie is a very nice touch!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

"Like taking sand to the beach". That's the best one I've heard. Hope he has a safe and wonderful trip.

Dee Stephens said...

Hysterical! I've never heard of the Muds National. I'm with you..your son needs a new sports coat STAT! sleeves are too shorT! LOL

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