Good Lawd...You'll Thank Me Later!

March 5, 2011

This morning I was bored out of my mind checking out TMZ (don't judge me) and I stumbled across these...



{look at that view}

{geeze...the muscles}

{damn you red star!}


In case you don't recognize him let me refresh your memory.

{Jeremy Jackson aka Hobie from Baywatch}
Hobie grew up y'all. He's going to be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. He started working out {ya think??} a few years ago to help him kick his meth habit. Now he's addicted to working out, steroids and "various supplements" whatever that means. But dayum...Hobie looks good lol.

You're welcome.

My IL's are leaving today. Hubby's brother will be here (it's 3am right now) around 9am to pick them up. Tonight hubby and I are going to either go out to dinner or grill some steaks, drink a couple of beers and cuddle. And I'll be braless lol. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! I feel like I've had a bra on for the last 7 days, without ever taking it off lol. 

I'm missing Mardi Gras y'all. So in the spirit of the "holiday" I'll leave you with a song. Makes me shake my bootay!

Again, you're welcome!


Gen said...

O.M.G. DAYUM! and thanks!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Girl,I was thanking you before I got out of my dashboard,lol. Now I'm just shakin' my bootay!!! Damn I've always wanted to go Mardi Gras!

Marguerite said...

Thanks for the eye candy :) And woo hoo, oh happy day! So glad that's over with! Have fun on your date with hubby and know that I'm doing some Mawda Grawin' for you, cher! Cheers!

MiMi said...

The inlaws were there AGAIN?!
And doubly damn at that red star for sure!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Uhm, yeah, he's gone and got way HAWT. :) Dayum. :P

Oh! I totally know!!! When my ILs are here I feel the same way. It sucks. Let the girls hang free!

Candice said...

He does look like he takes care of himself, but I'm guessing he enjoys a nice tube steak from time to time.

Just a vibe I'm getting. ;)

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