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March 8, 2010


When my son was two I started dating (my ex of 12 years)  this guy who had two young daughters (5 and 6) who were a huge part of his life. Our first "alone" (without kids) was two months into our dating. Their Mom crackhead didn't care what her kids were doing when she had them. At 6 years old his oldest daughter could pick out clothes for herself and her sister, get both of them dressed, hair fixed, shoes on...ready to go.

Anykids...my son was two. We moved in with him. We had his girls every weekend, which was cool with me! I loved them like they were my own. (I fell in love with his kids before I fell in love with him) At 5 years old his youngest daughter used to carry around this little purse that she had all kinds of "junk" in. One day my son was in their playroom playing by himself and all of a sudden I heard him crying. So I went to check on him. OMFG!!!

Apparently the ex's 5 year old had a tube of Superglue in her purse. My son used to watch me put on make up all the time. Do ya see where I'm going with this?? Yup...he superglue his eyes closed. He stood there trying to pull his eyes open and screaming the entire time! OMFG!!!

(Not my son, but this is kinda what he looked like except he was pulling down on his eyes, not pulling his hair!) 

I went into full on panic Mommy mode. I didn't know what to do first! Lmao...I ran around my house with him in my arms trying to figure out what in the fuck I needed to do. So I did what any self respecting first time Mommy would do...I called my Momma!! Lmao...here's the conversation:

Mom: "hello?"
Me: "OMFG Momma!!! Rusty super glued his eyes closed!! I don't know what to do!"
Mom: "Well Blondie...BRING HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!"
Me: "OMFG!! I didn't even think of that!!" (Really...I was so panicked that I honestly hadn't even thought of that!!"
Mom: "Keep in touch with me and let me know what they say!"
Me: "OMFG!! OK!!"

So I run out to the car, get him into his car seat and drive the mile and a half to the hospital! Keep in mind, my son is still screaming the entire time trying to pull his eyes open.

So I run into the ER with him in my arms, screaming trying to pull his eyes open! The nurse says "Can I help you?" So I tell her "OMFG!! He found some superglue and glued his eyes closed!!!" They immediately take him to the back. The doctor is laughing his ass off. He told me "I've seen a lot of things come through those doors, but this one is a new one for me! Lol!!"

I did NOT see the humor at the time. I felt like the worst Mother in the world. I had no idea that my 5 year old step daughters Mom (I use that term loosely when referring to her!! Crackhead) would let her FUCKING 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER have a tube of superglue. Who does that?

Needless to say, after much sedation, they put some kind of salve on his eyes to get them open. They then numbed his eyeballs and scraped all the glue off his eyeballs. By the time they were finished his eyes were swollen but OK. They had to put him on antibiotics and drops for the pain. They said he would be fine.

Moral of the story? Never trust what another Mother crackhead will let their children have. And never trust when your child is playing quietly...they're up to something... the little fuckers!

Lmao...play along people!


Travis said...

You didn't...hit him or anything?

Poke him? Circle him saying, "Where am I now? Don't you want a hug from mommy? Gotta find her first!"


Oh. Right. "Reasons I should never have children."


Adoption of Jane said...

WTF?!! Who lets their kid carry SuperGlue... your poor son... it is really freakin' funny now.. but I can't even imagine at the time! LOL @ you calling your mom and not the hospital, I probably would have done the same.. I mean really don't we all think our Moms are 911? I know I do! Great post, grabbed your button for my blog roll!

Cassie said...

Oh yeah, as soon as the thumping and yelling stops, I KNOW something bad is going down with my boys.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

SO TRUE! When my son comes home from his dad's house I have to confiscate his bag and go through it. His dad and stepmom (or whatever. lol) let the kid have ANYTHING he wants and don't even care!

{Kimber} said...

even I can't handle super glue without a mess much less a 5 yo!! geezzzzzzzzz
how crazy I bet you were a nervous wreck!!

{Kimber} said...

even I can't handle super glue without a mess much less a 5 yo!! geezzzzzzzzz
how crazy I bet you were a nervous wreck!!

Debbie said...

Holy crap what a story!~ Super glue, good lord that could have blinded him and thank god it did not....it is funny now when you tell the story, I felt like I was there, with you running around like a maniac and state of panic!

singedwingangel said...

Ok see after that crackhead mom would have gotten a beat down from ME ...just cause she is stupid and apparently needed one

randomblogette said...

Wow! I can't even imagine what I would do if I ran in and saw that. Thanks for stopping by my site. You are too funny!

HeatherLynn said...

Oh, goodness! what in the world...superglue!??!?! a little kid with superglue...what's the world coming to!

I'm glad he was ok! but in good news, things like this i'm sure happen all the time, so you're not alone m'dear.


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

OMFG is right. That's terrible. And hysterical. (Sorry.:))

I can't imagine letting your 5 year old have superglue! That's insane. I've seen what my 6 year old can do with tape!

Thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving the nice comment! I really appreciate it! :)

LB said...


OMG! I would lose my eff'n mind and beat her eff'n ass!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

OMFG that is the funniest story - although I can't imagine your panic and fear and his pain!

The poor guy!

The Boob Nazi said...

This scares me incredibly. I am shocked.

Lluvia said...

OH WOW!! THIS IS A GREAT STORY!!!!! i would have called my mamma first!

bananas. said...

gah! that is horrifying! your poor kid!!! and WTF is up with bf's daughter having super glue?! yikes!

Danica said...

OMG that is NUTS!!!!! I can't even imagine what was going through your head. I'm glad he's okay though. I too can't believe a mother would let her child play with super glue. Classy.

BTW your son is adorable!!!!

Chelle said...

Oh my word. I'm speechless...your poor baby boy!!

I would have freaked the f out. I am SO happy he is okay!

And I feel so sorry for the little girls, too. :(


WhisperingWriter said...

This was hilarious but I can imagine that it was very scary at the time. Yikes!

Dee said...

Wow. What an idiot mom was!

sammy said...

hell i hardly use super glue out of sheer fear of the stuff!

dont take this the wrong way but im kinda glad you went through this instead of me first, because i have a nosy, typical 7 year old boy that this could happen to. i also wouldnt have had the slightest idea as to what to do first!....soooooo, thanks??

EL said...

oh my gosh. i sat here reading that in awe with my jaw dropped, i cant believe that! its a little funny now but i cant even imagine how panicked you were at the time!

Danielle said...

So, so, so true. If they are quiet, something bad is happening!

Joann Mannix said...

Hi, over from CCWA! Good Lawdy, that was quite a story. I was glued, (sorry, no pun intended) to every word.

I hate stupid mothers. They are one of the most vile creatures on the planet.

So glad he's ok, although I cringed as I read about the scraping. Shuddering as we speak.

Scraps said...

default mechanism: Call Momma!

I did the same thing when I sliced my hand open and didn't know if I should go to the hospital or not. Let's just call it shock and move on.

Thank goodness the damage wasn't worse, poor thing. Hope those girls grew up okay.

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