I need....

March 8, 2010


I wish I could see his face. See his smile again. 


I wish I could see (and hear) his excitement when he knows he's going out on the water.


I wish I could see him and his best friend...just chillin' at "the camp" having a couple of beers. 


I wish I could see him in my favorite color. I love the way he dresses. 


I wish I could see him so he could take me for a ride on his new toy. 


I wish I could hear him making fun of me because he's so much taller than me. (FYI...my hair looks like crap! we went on a water ride and of course I got SOAKED!) 

I wish I could be there to see him do this so I could laugh my ass off at him!

The moral of the story is this, I miss my son. I haven't seen him since August. I wont see him again until September. It's killing me. He'll turn 21 on August 22. I was going to go home for his birthday but he's already made plans to go to New Orleans with all his buddies so he's not gonna want his Momma around.

God September needs to hurry the fuck up and get here. I want to sit next to him and hear that laugh of his that just makes me smile BIG inside. I want to hug him so I can tell if he's been eating good. I want to be there to fold his laundry for him because he's hates folding laundry! 

I need to be there with my son.
I need to see my son.
I need to hold my son. 
This Momma is missing her (grown) son tonight. 



singedwingangel said...

Awwhoney.. isn't it funny how we raise them to get out on their own and make their own way, then when we do it we just wish they would come back home??

Debbie said...

Awwww...this made me a little sad to think of this day with my boys!~ I don't want them to ever leave, but I know they have to, and live their life. I worry about the things they will be faced with, and choices they have to make....you just want to be there with them so you can protect them. What a handsome boy you have!@!~

Dee said...

Funny how they outgrow their need for us, but we never outgrow our need for them. Very handsome boy! Here's hoping the time passes quickly for you.

blueviolet said...

Oh, I so feel for you!! My daughter is 21 now and I only get to see her once (maybe twice) a year. I know your pain. (((Hugs)))

June said...

You are not alone Momma.
I have two older kids in WA that I won't be laying hands on until Sept.

I hear and I feel you...

MommyLovesStilettos said...


Deelsu said...

awsome! does he live in La?

Leiah said...

My little girl, who will be 22 this month, lives 45 minutes away but she's so busy that I haven't seen her since Christmas. It makes me so sad because we were so close before I moved. You've made up my mind for me - I'm driving to Texas one night this week and taking her to dinner. Here's hoping September gets here quicker than you think!

Louisiana Belle said...

Sept. must feel like a long ways away but it will be here before we know it. My daughter will be moving across the country soon and I dread not being able to see her whenever I want.

HeatherLynn said...

He looks like a gem! he really does, and yeah, i agree....he's quite the snazzy dresser...and...i love that color on him!

I hope September comes quickly for you!


Danielle said...

Oh, that sucks that they have to grow up and not need us anymore. I have a long time until that happens, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. I hope that September hurrys for you. However I don't hope that it hurrys for me. The big 40 in sept and not looking forward to it! :)

Lluvia said...

your son is very handsome!

Chelle said...

*sniff* This post broke my heart. I can't even imagine! Why can't they stay little forever?

He looks like a great son--and he's so handsome!


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