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March 1, 2010

Whew...I feel well rested from our 12 hour road trip yesterday. You know me...I have to share highlights from the road.

We passed by this HUGE place called JR's. Y'all...they sell everything from "Braziers to Chandeliers." They had OVER 25,000 bath towels. They had cigars, they had cigarettes, they had fireworks, oh hell...what didn't they have? I was begging hubby to stop. He wouldn't. He's still sleeping on the couch. Lol...kidding! I thought it was hilarious that one of their (200) signs said "Braziers to Chandeliers!!" I'm guessing they stack it deep and sell it cheap. I'm still a little bitter that he wouldn't stop! Lmao...

I got into an argument with the GPS...bitch is bossy yo! "800 yards turn left!" "Turn left!" "Turn left!" "TURN LEFT!!!" Bitch you said in 800 yards, we've only gonne 200! Shut it!

Mr Man and I have totally different taste in music. Totally. So the radio is usually set on his station when we ride in his truck. Uugh. Lol...Don't get me wrong, I can tolerate his music, hell some of it I love. He can't tolerate my music...at all! Lol...

Ok...here's Mr. Man...

 Wanna take a guess what this big tough looking biker dude's favorite music is??

Yup! Motown! He Loves it! I don't mind, I can listen to it. No biggie for me. 

Ok...now me. (This pic is a few years old)

Wanna guess what my favorite music is?


Lmao...most people freak out when they found out that I love rap. Snoop Dogg is my favorite! Mr Man can only take this kind of music for about 20 minutes before he's done lol.

Anymusic...we found this really cool music station on our way home last night. They were playing all this 70's and 80's "disco" music! Lmao...we were dancing and singing all the way home. Until we lost the signal for the damn station. It was fun while it lasted though.

We got home at about 11:30 last night, unloaded the truck, played with the dogs for a bit then we went to bed. 12 hours on the road took it's toll on us.

Today I got up and went and got us a new printer since ours died last week! We got a Lexmark S605. It's wireless, has a touchscreen, prints on both sides of the page. It's really nice! 

I have a photo project that I'm trying to do and I've been having trouble with how the pictures are printing so I'm gonna work on that tomorrow. 

After picking up the printer I went grocery shopping. Good Lord that place was PACKED!! It took me forever! Hands down...my least favorite "chore" I do.

Came home and started doing some spring cleaning! I've made up a whole list of shit that I want to get done this week. Next week I'm supposed to start going back to school to get my GED so I want to get all of that done before I go back to school.

I know...this entry was all over the place lol. Seems to be my theme these days! Hope you all had a great weekend! 



Dee said...

LOL The thing about music hits home. Ricky is hard rock, I'm country. Makes for loooong road trips.

Glad you made it back. I love the new printer! I'm jealous.

Christina Lee said...

LOL--that is awesome!!

starnes family said...

Sounds like a great trip. We drove 5,000 miles last summer cross country from KC to San Diego. With 2 kids in diapers. I know. Didn't think that one through.

{Kimber} said...


least ya'll made it through the road trip both still alive and kickin' :)

{I ♥ my little fleur de lis--you're the best!!}

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Ya'll are so dang cute!!

Danielle said...

I like all kinds of music. The only kinds I can't stand are Hard Rock and Techno.

Deelsu said...

I've stopped at one of those JR places once and it is interesting. Kinda ghetto.
I'm with Mr. Man..love some Motown and can only take rap for 20mins or so.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Glad you're home safe! I have an eclectic taste in music. I like a little bit of everything. :)

LMJ said...

Oh my gosh! you're like coolest person ever!!!

You both are very goodlooking! :D

EL said...

Love both your guys' taste of music lol! And thats so cool and good for you going back to school, Im almost ready to graduate and I think its so neat when people take the time to come back to school!

June said...

Can't do rap but Motown is awesome! I have XM sat radio that I live for and spend hours on the 70's station.

Ward & I have similar music interests so it's not too difficult to find something we both like.

Mr.Mann is HAWT!

DeAnn said...

Girl.. You are HOT!~ and so is you man! hehe.. Loved this post!! xoxo

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