On the Road Again....

February 27, 2010

Since we're going to be on the road most of the day bringing the IL's back home I thought I would leave you with the crazy random thought's that run through my mind throughout the day. (with pictures) Aren't you lucky?? 

When I find a new blog that I like, especially the one's from CCWA. I go back and read every single entry (unless it's like 300 entries!) like it's crack. I mean, does that mean that I'm a blog entry whore too? Does anyone else do that? Tell me I'm not the only one who does!

Don't you hate it when you're reading a new blog and your (obsessivly) reading all their entries and then you come to one that is password protected?? I wanna know what's in there, but you don't want to be rude and say "Hey, I'm a new reader, give up the password yo!" But I must say, I do understand the need for the whole password protected thing! I totally wish blogger had that feature!

So I have something crazy going on with my left arm. My hand goes numb and tingly and I have crazy muscles spasms in my upper arm. The only thing that makes it go away is by raising my left arm like I'm the suck up in the classroom who's trying to get the teacher to pick me. When I told my MIL this she said "That's good that it helps!" I'm like "Yeah...I can't go around with my arm stuck up in the air like a damn idiot." *shakes head*

Really...this is what I look like. Well ok, I don't look like the kid. But I do have to sit there with my hand all up in the air like I'm playing teachers pet or something!

For some reason one of my dogs keeps trying to hump the other dog. The other dog then gets all gangsta on her and starts growling like she's Cujo or something! 

Not my pug.

Also not my pug. But too cute to NOT add.

My pug...yeah, not so gangsta now are we?

She's a pug...bitch please! 

They're both girls, they're sisters. 

Also my pug.

She's a freak ho! Come on...she even looks like a little perv!! A cute perv but still.
Does anyone else's dogs do this?

What is it with people lately? Am I the only one who has a "personal space" issue? 

Can you not talk to me without getting up in my face? I mean like two inches from my nose? (can you say tic tac?) I mean seriously back the 'eff up, you're fuckin' up my feng shui!

I have to know if other people do this...I will be sitting on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden a "thought" will pop into my head that I just HAVE to put in my blog. So I write notes on notepad so I can remember them. Do any of you sit while you're doing mudane things and write blog entries in your head? No? Ok...I'm weird!

So how many people are loving CCWA as much as me? What a great idea the girls over there had. It's bringing some great bloggers together. I've loved reading the featured bloggers so far! Thanks girls! For a long time I've felt like I didn't have a "home" since the site that I was blogging on closed, and a great friend told me about blogger. I have to say, I've never felt more welcome, more accepted or more loved! So to all of my readers...thank you so much! You don't (no really, you don't) know how much it means to me!

Late this afternoon my Godchild/Neice began messaging me on Blackberry Messenger. First I'd like to say that she and I haven't always had the best of relationships. I've always been the Aunt/Nannie that would jump in her shit when she was giving her mom trouble when she was younger. So today when she started messaging me it made me feel really good that she turned to me for advice.

She has a 5 month old baby and things aren't going so good for her finance right now. She's unhappy but wants to make it work for the sake of their daughter. He's unhappy. Period. He's not even trying to make it work. I tried to be supportive. I tried to tell her that she can try to make it work till the cows come home but unless he's willing to work at it too, then it's never going to work. That she can't be responsible for his happiness. All she can be responsible for is making sure that she and her daughter are happy. God I hope I told her the right things! But I also hope she listens. That she finds her happiness.

Well that's all I have! I guess you should consider yourselves lucky. Just sayin!



Dual Mom said...

I totally read the archives on a new blog when I find one I really like....obsessively read them!

Your arm - you should get that checked out.

I usually have really great blog ideas when I'm driving. Writing them down probably wouldn't be the safest thing to do.

The Boob Nazi said...

Why are you bringing the ILs home? Also, I love pictures of dogs.
And I wish I could password protect some of my posts.

ParlinMom said...

my pug humps everything (if we let him). we had to take his pillow away because he kept turning it over and humping it.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


Dee said...

LOL Sorry, I had to password protect. But, I honestly don't mind people asking me for it. As long as someone has an established blog, and lives nowhere near the real stalkers, I generally give up the keys to the dark side...

Yankee Girl said...

I have notes all over my house with things I want to blog about on them. I usually forget where I put them and then will randomly find them one day when I am cleaning. It is like finding a nice surprise.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

The numb hands and tingling fingers I have battled for years. With me it is always a pinched nerve in my neck,I use to go to therapy and they would put me in traction but I bought a Hang-ups inversion table and that really helps me now. I think I should start jotting things down to blog about so I don't forget them but latly I have just been blank. I think your advice to your neice was right on the mark. Have a great weekend and I love your new background.

DeAnn said...

LOVE your pugs! omg.. so adorable.. I love reading other peoples blogs too.. and good luck with your neice.. I love my blackberry messenger.. it's so much easier than texting with no character limits!~ love ya hun!

DeAnn said...

LOVE your pugs! omg.. so adorable.. I love reading other peoples blogs too.. and good luck with your neice.. I love my blackberry messenger.. it's so much easier than texting with no character limits!~ love ya hun!

Chelle said...

Insanely hilarious about the pugs! And I laughed so hard when you said they were sisters...haha!

And the invading the space thing...ugh--HATE that! And I love the little comic for that, too.

You crack me up hun!


Jonesy said...

aww what a cute pug!

Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


bananas. said...

hey blondie!

i am random thought poster too so i thoroughly enjoyed this post.

i do the same thing with new blogs i love. it's a wee bit stalkerish but eh i don't care.

your dog is so cute! the fact that you think she looks likw a perv cracks me up! thanks for the laugh. hope you had an awesome weekend!

Tracie said...

Thanks for all that CCWA love! I'm an archive reader too. I wish I could password protect some of my posts. Maybe someday I'll switch to wp.

Danielle said...

OK, Sorry but pugs are almost so ugly that they are cute. I do however want a pugle.
I can't figure out the CCWA stuff yet. All I get are the comments on the original post.

Deelsu said...

thanks for all the nice comments while I was gone!
love the pug pictures!

Joe @ 20 To Life said...

CCWA pwnz. As does your little cartoon caption, awww so cute!

I'm a random poster too. As well as a CCW .... I have so many issues :D

Meeko Fabulous said...

What's CCWA?

TheSingleGirl said...

I write blog entries in my head. Usually when I'm trying to fall asleep. Then I forget them and start over. Pens in this house are endangered species.

I have total personal space issues. I do not like being touched. I loathe close talkers. (But if I have a drink in me, I'm a total arm-smacker.)

Your pugs are hard core. I'm a little scared. But I still want to pet them.

Good luck to your friend. That's rough.

June said...

Pinkus approached me on Sunday at home in the kitchen and got real close to me and I almost took his head off!! I literally barked at
him to "Back the eff off!"
(plus I am sick and don't feel like having a sick teen to deal with)

After spending a week with Pinkus & Ward I was in some serious need of space! Close talker drive me crazy!!!

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