Spring cleaning has gotten out of hand!

March 1, 2010

I've mentioned that I have ADHD. My dr recently put me back on Adderall. It's amazing what I can get done when I can actually put my mind to it!

Things I've accomplished today:

*Moved my clothes from one dresser to another.
*Cleaned out the "zebra" cabinet. I'll have to take a pic of it. I don't have a lot of storage space in my bathroom so the "zebra" (it's painted with zebra stripes!) cabinet is where I keep all my hair products, hair appliances etc. It was a mess.
*Cleaned our roll top desk out. Good Lord the junk that I had in there.
*I cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Got all our OTC meds put in there.
*Cleaned out the linen closet in the bathroom.
*Cleaned out the cabinet under the bathroom sink.
*Went through and disposed of the 10,000 magazines and catalogs that were under my coffee table.
*Cleaned off and organize my cookbook collection on the book shelf in my kitchen.
*Cleaned out and organized the silverware drawer.
*Cleaned out the drawer where I keep all of my utensils.
*Printed out some pictures for a photo project that I'm doing.

What I still have left to do:
*Switch Mr Man's clothes out of his closet into mine, and mine into his. He usually gets dressed for work in our computer room is because that's where his dresser is so he wants the closet in that room instead of our bedroom.
*Clean out my nightstand.
*Wipe down all of the appliances in my kitchen.
*Get Mr Man to hang my photo project.
*Go through and get rid of some of the books on the bookshelf in the living room.
*Wash a load of clothes.
*Go get my tan on.
*Stop at the grocery store and pick up the stamps that the fuckin' cashier forgot to give me yesterday. Douchecanoe. (thanks Meeko...love the word lol)
*Find time to eat though I'm not even hungry. But I can live without having anything...bring on the weight loss!

So...what did you do today?



The Boob Nazi said...


My Aimless Infatuation said...

I have just gotten home from work but.............you go girl!! I wish I was that far into spring cleaning. At this rate you will be done before I get started good.

Conquer The Monkey said...

as you appear to be on a killer roll with your cleaning, come on over and help me organize my baby's room :) :) jk. doesn't it feel good to get all cleaned out and organized? bravo!

{Kimber} said...

okay...now THAT was funny!

you have been a busy little bee!

Debbie said...

Are you serious? Holy cow come on over girl!!

Danica said...

You go girl!!!!! I love when I get in those moods. Before I had surgery I was doing the very same thing!! Love organization!

Chelle said...

I've eaten like crap the past two days. Uggggh!

Okay. So here's what I did today:

-Took a walk
-Ran/unloaded dishwasher
-Cleaned kitchen
-Went on a walk with the girls
-Pulled weeds
-Used the clippers on one of the bushes out front
-Ate two donuts
-Washed and am drying a load of laundry
-Vacuumed up the living room and kitchen & any cobwebs in the house
-Put multiple holes in a wall trying to hang a damn picture.

All in all? It's been a good day. I'm ready for a glass of wine for sure...


ps-you totally inspired me to clean out cabinets now.

Danielle said...

Read blogs, oh and worked.

Molly said...

sounds like you're tackling spring cleaning full force! I did the usual Monday menial tasks, vacuuming, food shopping and laundry!

LMJ said...

I agree with first commenter. Cleaning sucks! XP

Lisa said...

#1) Thanks for the comments on my blog. I really appreciate it.

#2) Thanks for making the rest of look like lazy all on asses schmucks. Damn girl, it's called SPRING cleaning. We still have 3 more weeks are ass on the couch time.


Anonymous said...

You was one busy mama today! I got laundry done, that's about it.

TheSingleGirl said...

YOU were BUSY!!!

God, I love lists.

I need a picture of the zebra cabinet, please. My beauty supplies are splitting the linen closet with the linens (:p) and it is a DISASTER. I must clean it. I wish mine had some zebra stripes.

I adore sitting and relaxing in a spotless home.

I want a roll top desk. And a tan.

My place looks good right now. But what people don't know is that my room is totaled. Not just messy, gross.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Well heck, now what you gonna do? come visit my blog and see what fun you can get into :)

Laura said...

You kicked some ass today on that spring cleaning thing. I'm in the middle of cleaning out a few closets.

June said...

Holy Hell woman! Maybe I should take some meds for my ADD and see if I can knock off some of the shit on my "to-do" list... but that would cut into my blog time and I am just trying to catch up!!!

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