Happy Thursday

November 3, 2011

Have y'all seen the video of the judge beating his daughter after he found out that she downloaded (illegally) some music and a game on her computer? If not and you want to see it (I'll warn you, it's horrible) you can Google it (judge beating daughter). I don't want to put the link here, cause it will offend some people.

I cried watching it. That poor child. The video is four years old, she was 16 at the time. She also has ataxic cerebral palsy. She said that she posted the video on Youtube because she wants her Dad to get help.

What kills me is the girls Mother. She's in the room watching the beating, she even hits the girl once. The Mother claims that she was being abused also and that's why she didn't stop it.

Most of y'all are mothers. I doubt one of you would say that you would let your child be beaten into submission in front of you. Abused or not. It makes me ill.

I'm going to get my hair done today. I can't wait. I need a haircut so bad lol. I'm also getting it colored. This is the color I'm going for.

When I go home for Christmas I'll probably get it highlighted too. I'm so used to highlights that it's hard to get used to just one color lol.

Y'all my neighbors dogs are driving me nuts. They bark constantly. Yesterday they started when she left for work (about 6:30 am) and they didn't stop until after 9 pm. I don't want to call the cops or animal control. I hate to be "that" neighbor. We haven't said anything to her either, she's just not the approachable type. I have mentioned it on FB several times though and she always apologizes but it's getting old quick.

We can hear them barking over the sound of our TV. That's how loud they are. Hubby can usually just ignore it but I cant. Because of my ADHD background noises are something that has always gotten to me. I can't ignore them. No matter how hard I try.

Hubby told me the other day what he's getting me for Christmas. Since I'll be leaving to go home two weeks before Christmas he's going to let me get it in the next couple of weeks. I'm not going to say what it is yet, I'll introduce y'all once I get it. But let me just say I'm so freakin' excited!! Woot woot! Lol...


Marguerite said...

I can't watch videos like that because it makes my blood pressure go up. The parents should be in jail! As for the neighbors dogs, you should definitely call animal control. Love the hair color and great that you're coming home for Christmas!

MiMi said...

Can you call the cops on the dogs? There is a rule around these parts that they can't bark for 10 minutes continuously, I think.
I want highlights so bad. But I need to fix my color first.
I can't afford to get it done...BOO.
I haven't watched the video. Maybe I should go watch it. Maybe I would want to kill the bastid though.

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