Winner, Winner, Scentsy Winner and Other Random Stuff

October 3, 2011

Ok, I realize my title sounds cheesy as hell but it's all I could come up with in a rush lol. This morning I (well actually did all the work) picked the winner of my Scentsy giveaway. And the winner is...

Countrygirl185! Congrats Jessica! You're going to LOVE your Scentsy warmer. I know I do mine.

Ok, on to other randomness of the day. I got up early (the butt crack of dawn tyvm) to get ready for school. I was in class for five minutes when a woman rushes into our class and says "everyone out NOW!" You don't have to tell me twice people. There were cops everywhere and school was closed for the rest of the day. I'm not sure whats going on but I overheard some of the cops saying that they're searching for someone and something about tracing an email. I'm guessing someone sent a threatening email to the school. Its sad when you (adults at the school) have to worry about this type of thing. What a waste of a cute outfit. Lol I'm only kidding. I'm hoping that everyone's OK and that they resolve whatever it is that's going on!

I just found out that a friend from home committed suicide this past weekend. Y'all know that since my ex (Rusty's Dad) committed suicide that it's a sensitive subject for me (the selfishness of it all) but my heart breaks for this guy. His Dad had committed suicide years ago (he was maybe 1 or 2) so I can't imagine what could have been going on in his life to drive him to this. Such a sad situation.

I'm no longer a blond. I decided that after trying to dye my own hair (NEVER a good idea people) blond and having my roots turn red while the rest of my hair turned blond that I just needed to go back (or close) to my "natural" color.

 {this is gonna take a bit of getting used to}

That's all of my randomness for the day. I've got a date with some math homework. Wish me luck, one of us (math and I) may just hurt the other today.  


VandyJ said...

Good luck with the math homework--you'll kick it's butt, I'm sure.
The brown looks good.

MiMi said...

Your hair looks great! I'm so sorry about your friend. So closure. :(
Congrats to the winner! LUCKY LUCKY!

Marguerite said...

Wow, how strange about the stuff going on at the school. And I'm so sorry about your friend. So sad.

LOVE your hair! It's gorgeous!

Gen said...

love the hair, wish i'd have one the scentsy! lol. glad to know the cute outfit was seen for at least five minutes!

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