Friday Confessions

September 30, 2011


I think I really need the "confessional" today lol. I've been too stressed out lately!

I confess...the last two nights I've had mild anxiety attacks when I've gone to bed. Who does that? I mean, it's not like I had a reason to be anxious or anything. I was going to bed lol.

I confess...I went to the doctor for my yearly check up day before yesterday.

I confess...I got my first flu shot in over 10 years. I'd always get the flu after getting the damn things so I stopped getting them. But "they" (the experts) say you can't get the flu from it so I decided to go ahead and get one.

I confess...I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, coughing, sneezing. The works. Damn it. Thankfully, I'm feeling a bit better this morning.

I confess...I also woke up with my shoulder (on the arm that I got the injection in) swollen twice its normal size. Before the nurse gave me the shot she asked me if I had any allergies. I told her that my only allergies are the Typhoid vaccination and Mr Bubble bubble bath (long story).

I confess...I should have been concerned when the nurse asked me how to spell Typhoid.  Anyway, after noticing how swollen my shoulder was I got out the paperwork that they gave me after I got the shot and it says that if you have an allergy to any kind of vaccination then you shouldn't get the flu shot.

I confess...I'm kind of pissed that the damn nurse didn't tell me that.

I confess...the Neptune Festival is this weekend in Virginia Beach and I'm really hoping to talk Mr Luvah Luvah into going at least one of the days! I've never been but Mr Luvah Luvah has always described it as a "thank God the tourist season is over" festival lol. They're having sand sculpting championships, a fireworks extravaganza, art shows, surfing competitions...all kinds of good stuff. Sounds like a lot of fun!

{King Neptune statue. I took this pic last March}

I confess...the community college that Mr Luvah Luvah works for (and where I'm going to get my GED) is going to be having Cas Haley performing and I'm hoping that hubs will take me. I loved Cas Haley the minute I saw him on AGT and I was so disappointed when he lost at the very end. This guy is talented y'all. Here's his first appearance on AGT.

I confess...this GED math class that I've been taking is kicking my ass. I've come home and cried twice already lol. The teacher told us Tuesday that she expects all of us to be able to take the math GED test by the end of the month. That wont be happening for me!

That's it for me y'll. I hope you all have a great weekend. If you haven't entered my Scentsy giveaway yet please do, today's the last day to enter and I'll be picking the winner tomorrow!


VandyJ said...

Good luck on the math. You can do it.
Hope you get to go enjoy some of the festival. I got a tetanus shot a couple of weeks ago and my shoulder ached for a week. Luckily I was not allergic to it. Did you let the doctors office know about your reaction?

Jen said...

flu shots make me sick every. single. time. i have ever had one. The Doc always tell me it's impossible....but I don't care what they say....just say NO to flu shots! have a great week!

Sarita said...

I never get the flu shot! I have not ever had the flu in 37 years so why start now? My kids don't get it either! I know child abuse right?

Dee Stephens said...

hang in there with the GED! That's great!

MiMi said...

I'm like Barbie: Math is hard.
You had an anxiety attack before bed...maybe cuz you were disappointed Opie wasn't in it? ;)

Mamarazzi said...

isn't that the crazy thing about anxiety attacks? there really is never a real reason for them...i TOTALLY get that.

Sporadically Yours said...

Cute confession post! A little conquering math hint (because I have always been bad at it)... When I was in school I bought myself a big chalkboard - like 20x25 size. Working my math problem out on the board seemed to help me "get it".

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