I'm Tellin' Ya!

October 14, 2011

  People, I've got some confessin' (yeah I know it's spelled wrong. We'll get to that in a minute lol.) to do this week. Whew...what a week. Let's get started, shall we?

I confess...it is 1am on Friday morning and I'm still awake. And I don't see any sleep coming tonight.

I confess...I got my yearly mammogram yesterday. My poor boobs are hurting. I mean when someone says "ouch!" in the middle of getting a mammogram does that mean push the thing down 3 MORE EFFIN' TIMES so you can really torture me? Lol I know it's for my own good. My boobs on the other hand, I'm not so sure.

I confess...to the "lady" that was in front of me on my way to get my mammogram who turned on her left blinker to make a right turn. Since you're not so sure of where you're going, I'm sure I can tell you where to go.

I confess...yesterday would have been my little Sister's 36th birthday (she died when she was 13). It's so weird trying to imagine her at 36.

I just finished reading The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke (my favorite author). It ended in a damn cliffhanger. I.HATE.THAT. Now I have to wait for the next book to come out and by the time it does I will have forgotten every thing from this book lol.

I confess... when I turned on my laptop this morning I saw this pink line running through the screen.

I found out that it's a bad pixel line and that I'll have to replace the screen ($50-$100) to get rid of it. It's irritating as hell but I'll deal with it for now. But damn it.

I confess...So my dr has me on Vicodin for pain (I only take it as needed). That stuff makes me have some crazy ass dreams y'all. I rarely remember my dreams but holy cow these are NUTS.

I confess...this scared the hell out of me.

 As if one headed snakes aren't enough??

I confess...I ordered some Bare Essentials last week since I'm almost out of my Merle Norman base (that I've been using for years) and I just haven't liked the coverage that I've been getting out of it lately. It's taking forever to come in dang it. I needs my make up.

I confess...I'm no grammar/spelling expert but I just had to share this stuff with y'all. I mentioned last week that a friend of mine committed suicide. When I went to sign the guest book (online) I saw these and it drove me freaking nuts. I mean, drove me nuts so bad I wanted to find each of them and slap them in the back of the head lol.

Can I just say how much this last one pissed me off? I mean first of all, yes...I did have to add those stars to that word. Who in the right mind uses that word when signing the guest book for someone's funeral?

And knowing that he committed suicide, do you think that "the fast life aint always the best" was the appropriate thing to say?? Who in the hell raised this particular child?? Uugh. Not to mention the "shout out". Yeah, that was classy.

And then on FB tonight what do I see?

 Tare?? I think it's tear boo boo. And to think the girl that wrote this one was my boss at one time.
From my Son's ex. Thank God she's an ex lol.

Ok, if I wasn't so tired I'd go back over this entire post with a magnifying glass to make sure I didn't make any grammar/spelling error but I'm too dang tired lol. Y'all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty bad/snobby about grammar. if something has too many spelling errors, like the above, I'd probably just close out. LOL. And my husband's mom died when he was 16 and every time her b-day comes around, I know he thinks about what she'd be like now. It's weird and depressing. Happy Friday!

VandyJ said...

People are way too dependent on spell check--they don't even think about what they are writing. Spell check does nothing for grammar--just because it's spelled right does not mean it's used right.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Mammograms suck ass!!! But, we have to get 'em.

Ducky said...

Wow....just....wow.... I'm irritated and I didn't even know the person. Amazing.

Hope you like the BE makeup. Been using it for years and I wouldn't use anything else. I love it!

Sporadically Yours said...

Awww seriously, I AM sorry for your LOSS! And seriously I hope I don't dream about two-headed snakes tonight!

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