Project: Love, Me

April 19, 2011

Prompt #3: Dreams Unrealized.
This week, we want to focus on dreams that were lost along the way. For better or worse, not every dream becomes a reality but sometimes the loss of a dream contributes to the person that we are today.

There are a lot of unrealized dreams that I could list but the one that sticks out in my the most would be my dream of finding a cure for the disease that my little Sister died from. If you haven't read about it before, you can do so here.

No. I don't dream of me personally finding a cure for it, I'm not a doctor. But a cure being found in general.

I was so hard watching her go through all that she had to go through in her short life. It was just as hard watching my Mom go through it with her.

Her illness, and her death tore my family apart in a sense. The day we lost her we all lost a little piece of ourselves too. And we never got it back either. Especially my Mom. There was a loss in here eyes that nothing could ever take away.

And I completely understand. I can't imagine the pain she went through, starting on the day Sissy first got sick and it didn't end until the day my Mom passed away.

A lot of people wont understand this but I was comforted by three things when my Mom passed away.

#1 She wasn't in pain from the cancer anymore.
#2 She wasn't in pain from losing her youngest child.
#3 They're finally back together.

Doctors are making progress, not with a cure but with the disease they are. When my Sister was diagnosed there was a survival rate of 2.5 years after diagnosis, today there is an 86% survival rate beyond five years. (According to what I've found online) It's not much, but it's something.

I think finding a cure for IPH will be a dream of mine for the rest of my life.


MiMi said...

I totally understand why those 3 things were blessings to you. Really, they are all true.

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