I Won, and More Pics From Home

February 8, 2011

Yesterday I got an email from Julie, she wanted to let me know that I'd won the gorgeous bracelet that she was giving away. I'm so excited, I can't wait to wear it on Valentines Day. I love that I'll be able to change the picture in it whenever I'd like. Julie has some beautiful jewelry on  her website, y'all should really go check her site out. She's going to have more give aways in the future so y'all...sign up!

I still have more pics from home to post. These are just from various nights out and "snap shots" that I took during my trip.

 {I'd love to know why my face looks so FAT??}

 {green eyed family}

 {I'm her favorite Aunt..just sayin'}

 {Mother and Daughter}

 {Everyone thinks she's my daughter though}


 {I love spending time with her}

 {I think we're a lil tipsy}

 {I think we're a lot tipsy}

 {Farrah and I, the first time she's ever let me hold her}

 {heart grease stain on Daddy's napkin}

 {lol gotta love the name of the first song}

 {boudin balls...I think I could live on these alone}

 {Louisiana weather}

 {uugh...spoon making}

My sister and I made these "party favors" for Destiny's wedding. For three nights, all we did was make these damn spoons. I don't want to ever see another one as long as I live lol. We made over 200 of them, and I think they were all gone by the end of the wedding. 

 {half way finished}

 {anybody want a spoon?}

{a spoonful of ♥}

{they did look good on the table though} 

 {Daddy showing off the Saints jacket hubby and I got him for xmas}

 {throw me sumthin' mister!}
 {Denise's foot massager that I fell in love with}

 {live oaks}

 {mini meat pies from Pelican's}

 {my sisters restaurant}

 {I think I need a pair of these}

 {one of my favorite pics of my Daddy}
{'69 Harley trike}

 {stalker much? my sisters ex is NUTS. this was only one page of the calls and text}

 {speaking of nuts...}

 {beautiful Louisiana sunset}

Tomorrow I'll post the professional pics from the wedding. I can't wait for y'all to see them! 


MiMi said...

Great pictures, girl! Love the Hot Nuts. LOL
And I don't think I've ever seen your daddy! He looks YOUNG!! :)

Louisiana Belle said...

Beautiful family. :)

Those boudin balls make me homesick. Love them!

Daffy said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time visiting home...of course we all knew you would!

And congrats on the braclet win! I love braclets!!!

Julie said...

Hey, girl! Thanks so much for the post, Dee! Your bracelet should arrive tomorrow (along with the snow?! ugh!) if you'd drop me just a quick line that it arrived safe and sound, I would appreciate it! Hope you like it!
Julie Smith

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