To Be Honest...

February 9, 2011

Cause really...I'm never honest in here. Lol I kid. I've been in one of those "blog funk" stages again I think. I'm feeling a bit of a "disconnect" with blogging. I'm not sure why, maybe it's just because I don't feel like I've really had anything of great interest to write about lately?? I dunno...

I'm going to try to change that though. Just be patient with me. Here's some of my favorite pics from the wedding.

{my Diddy dancing with his great grand daughter}

{so handsome...70 going on 40!}

{the wedding party}

{I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Destiny and her Daddy}

 {Amanda's ex dancing with his daughters. Awww}

 {My heart and I}


 {Mr and Mrs Landry}

 {I just love how she's looking at her Daddy}

 {and how she's looking at her hubby}

{little Miss Flower Girl}
It was so cute, during the entire ceremony she would pick up all the flower petals and put them back in the basket and then dump them all out again. The whole time saying "fow'wers, fow'wers" lol.

 {so happy}

 {of course I closed my eyes lol}

 {I love the expression on her face}

 {Jonah and I}

 {I love that my Godchild is so happy}

 {kisses for the mrs}

 {look deep into my eyes}

 {how gorgeous was her dress?}
Would you believe she paid $100 for that dress? Yup! She got it at David's Bridal when (apparently) they were having one hell of a sale. It was originally $1000 and she paid $100. Gotta love that!
 {can you tell how unhappy Rusty was to find out he was going to be walking them down the isle...15 minutes before the wedding started?? lol}

 {My nephew Eric and I}
I call him "my Bubba!"

 {I finally opened my eyes}

 {the serious faces}

 {fow'wers! fow'wers}

 {let them eat cake}

 {Amanda and Natalie}

 {Amanda, I think that's a fake smile}

 {are we done yet?}

 {I'll drink to that}

 {I'll be nice, if you are}

 {yeah, that wasn't happening lol}

 {they put me to work before the wedding}
I just KNEW I was gonna get that crap on my dress lol. I didn't though! Yay me!

 {sexy bishes}

 {first dance}

 {Amanda dancing with Maddox. Aww}

 {during the money dance. They scored lol!}

 {Destiny was so happy with her Daddy}

 {now THAT'S a good sister in law!}

 {lol I think Brock was surprised that she got him so good}

 {they're so cute together}

 {Farrah doing her job}

 {Destiny dancing with her two bff's during the money dance}

 {Amanda and I trying not to cry during the ceremony. We did not succeed}

 {the brides side of the family}
My family and her Dad and his wife. We might put the funk in dysfunctional but damn aint we purdy? lol... j/k

 {bff's since grade school}

 {Destiny's Dad was trying to hold it together...he didn't succeed either}

 {can we drink it yet?}

 {look how happy she looks}

 {Daddy and his two girls}

 {Destiny and her new family}
The older little girl is Destiny's new step daughter}

 {we're ready to par'tay!!!}

Thank you to the few readers I have left who've been patient with me while I've posted all my pics from home and from the wedding. You guys rock.

Be on the look out for a couple of give aways coming up in the very near future! 


Dee Stephens said...

Great pictures! you look hot!

MiMi said...

LOVE her dress! Still can not believe your dad is 70!

Yankee Girl said...

I looks like it was a fun, beautiful wedding!

Yankee Girl said...

And I know what you mean about being in a blog funk. I'm trying to get back into blogging again.

Marguerite said...

Wow, the pics are fabulous! All of them! Really enjoyed seeing them and am so glad that everything went so well. My favorite is the one where she smashed the cake in his face! LOL! My daughter did the same thing at her wedding. The girl's got spunk! LOL

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