Melt your popcicle....

July 3, 2010

Totally going to be a random kind of post today. My thoughts are bouncing around like you wouldn't believe lol.

I've been up all night. Yes. Again.

Just when I thought I might be able to get some sleep last night I decided to check my email before tucking up. My laptop was off. I never turn it off. Never. So I tried to start it.

Nothing. My heart starts racing at this point. OMG. This is NOT happening.

I tried the other plug in the outlet. Nothing! What the hell?

My laptops fried. After this point, there's no sleeping for me. I could just see Don's face now! "Um babe, yeah...the laptop you got me for xmas? Yeah! I fried it!" That big vein in his forehead that pops out when he gets mad would have been jumpin' all over the damn place lol! (Y'all should see that thing, I've only seen it a couple of times but it scares the hell out of me lol!!) Love you baby!

I felt lost. I felt nothing but panic. I think I almost threw up.

Since I was wide awake at this point I decided I'd straighten my hair. I got a haircut and highlights yesterday (more about this in a bit) and didn't let her blow dry it and I was looking like a poodle who stuck their finger in a light socket.

I unplugged my laptop and plugged in my straightening iron. Nothing.

Yeah, apparently the whole damn socket went out. My baby is alive a kicking. Oh happy day!!!!!!!

About my hair, I've had one HELL of a time finding someone here in NC to do my hair to suit me. The first girl that I found that I remotely liked quit after doing my hair twice. She started working out of her house (so illegal) but fuggg I'd have to drive almost an hour to BFE and then her hyper ass kid would be running around the whole damn time. Just too much bs for me!

The next person I tried was the girl who cut all my hair off when I got a wild hair up my ass and thought that would be a good idea. My hair was almost to the middle of my back and I cut it like this....

Trust me, if I could have kicked my own ass, I would have. Anybadhaircuts, it took the girl a total of 10-15 minutes to cut and style my hair. She didn't even wash it. She just chopped the shit off and ran a hot iron through it. Shit was crooked as hell.

The next girl was ok. Snooty as hell though. I had to wait a month for an appointment too. I'm one of those people when I decided I'm ready for a trim and highlights I want to do it that day (or at least that week)! And OMG slow! This girl took four hours to do my hair. Granted, I have a lot of hair. It's very thick. But four hours? Good gawd!! I'm too damn hyper to sit that long in one spot!!!

The next time I tried to make an appointment with her she was too booked up but said she had a new girl working there that was really good. So I made an appointment with her.

Ahhh...LOVED HER! She does it almost as good as my girl back in LA (who is awesomeness btw!!!). She's a total sweetheart and she's faster than her boss!

Now here's where the problem is. The first girl, we'll call her Rita cause that's her name still considers me "her" client. Ashley Miss Awesome Hair Girl was just helping her out. I wanted Ashley to keep doing my hair. But when one of my friends (who went through the same thing with Rita) tried to make a second appointment with Ashely she said that Rita called her back and made the appointment with her (Rita). I was worried she'd try to pull that shit with me!!

I would have had to hurt her feelings lol. But, thank God she asked me if I wanted her or Ashley to do it. Duhh!

AnyholysmokesI'mlongwinded, my hair looks so good. (pics coming soon!) I'm a hard one to please when it comes to my hair. I'm very picky. So picky that I usually go to get my hair done everytime I go home (to LA) because at least I know that once a year I'll get it done like I like it.

I know right! I knew that y'all were all just dyin' to hear this lil' story! Lol sorry, my ADHD is in full force this morning!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this in my blog before but I love rap music. Snoop Dogg is my favorite. (For shizzle my nizzle!) Love me some Snoop D O double G!!! Dr Dre's "The Chronic 2000" is awesome! Snoop is on that CD a lot!! (My fav CD!!)

I would love to hang out with Snoop for a day. Lawd, the contact high I would get would probably kill me lol!

Anyshizzle, have y'all seen Snoop's new video with Katy Perry? California girls? I don't know why this video irks me so much but it does. Cupcake bras? Cheesy much? Just sayin'....

Where can I buy one? NOT!

 And really? Whip cream shooting out of your boobs?


And as much as I love Snoop this just kills me.

SNOOP!!! Cupcakes? Head to toe? I totally get the whole "munchies" reference, but still... Dude.

What happened to lyrics like "Bitches lookin' at me strange but you know I don't care, step up in the mutha f*cka just a swangin' my hair!" ??? From that to cupcakes? You might want to lay off the reefer...just sayin' yo! I still love you though Dawg! Fa shizzle!

While we're on the subject of music, can I just say how much I love that the #17 video on VH1 this week is the cast of Glee singing Faithfully (by Journey)?? I'm hooked on that show, hubby too!  

We've also been watching So you think you can dance. I've never watched that show before this season. Y'all have to watch this video.....


This guy Alex is trained in ballet. He's part of the Miami ballet. He is an amazeballs dancer. So graceful. (you can fast forward to 1:10 if you just want to see the dance!!) This week he was paired up with another guy (it's usually boy/girl pairs) to do a hip hop song. He has no hip hop training!

When I saw this dance I was going nuts! He did so freakin' good! I secretly hope he wins. Though my boo on the show is Kent! He's so damn shy, and SO DAMN country lol!! What a cutie! Look at those dimples!

Ok, I've rambled enough! I apologize if you've made it this far! Lol.... Like I said, it's a total ADHD day! My bad!

Hope you all have a great weekend and a happy and safe 4th!! Happy birthday America!!


Leiah said...

I've lived here two years today and STILL have not found a person to do my hair. My former hairdresser had done mine for 15 years so yeah, it's going to be hard to find someone to replace him. And my hair is about 1/4" below the middle of my back. Doesn't everyone use their bra strap as the middle point indicator? LOL! I've had it cut 3 times since I've been here - the last time at a walk-in chop shop and she took almost 6 inches off. Thank goodness that's growing out! Good news about the laptop - I was thinking "I wonder if she tried another outlet?" I'll be starting my countdown to cane at the end of this month - soooo excited!

That One Mom said...

Holy cow, Dee! You are wired today!!! Hahahaha!

Jamie said...

I'm so glad that you found somebody you like to do your hair! I'm picky about who waxes my eyebrows! *lol* I'd rather have full out of control eye brows than going to somebody I don't know. So like you, every time I go back to Utah I have my eyebrows waxed. Too bad they only look good for about a month. I need to learn to pluck!

I LOVE SYTYCD. When I saw Alex do that dance I almost died!!! OMG it was AWESOME! I have it saved on my DVR, I don't want to delete it, ever!!! Alex is my new favorite. I love how at the end Twitch did a little ballet. *lol* Too funny!

Erin said...

can't wait to see pics of your hair---you are all over the place today, eh?

and i kinda liked katy perry until i saw her shooting whipped cream from her boobs. classy.

Candice said...

Hairstylists are more important than doctors as far as I'm concerned. Go with the good one and yell the other lady that you are sorry that she sucks.

Happy 4th to you and yours!

chiccoreal said...

Dear HC: Love your new do! 4 hrs? Cranky! I love your randomness it is VERY creative! And the cupcakes and Snoop dog dont go, but cupcakes must mean big bucks, so can you blame him? Also, dancing rocks! I love your selections here. One can dream. Love Glee as well but I am going to miss The Office. Did you see the Madonna isnt Jane Lynch a riot! She said the c word on youtube!

Marguerite said...

Wow, I really admire your energy! I hear ya on the "scissor happy" chicks. The last one I trusted cut 6 inches off! Glad that you found someone you can trust. Have a Happy 4th, cher! Cheers!

MiMi said...

Hairstylists are horrible to find...a good one anyway. See, I've been going to this one chick for years...know why? I'm AFRAID to quit her. LOL
Also, favorite part of this post? If I could've kicked my own ass I would! lol

Meeko Fabulous said...

I have one girl that I go to. Once I find someone to do my hair that I like, I stick with them for years! I've been with my current hair girl for like 4 years now. I love Katy Perry's California Girls song, but I'd never seen the video. I love SYTYCD too, but I'm like two weeks behind!!!

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