Your so vain!

July 2, 2010

I've been trying to think about what I want for my birthday this year. Don and Rusty always ask me a few months in advance so they have time to find them lol.

I've been thinking about a vanity table. I went to and found this one that I really like, just not sure that I'd have the room for one that size in my bedroom. They have a lot of different ones to choose from though. You should really go check the site out if you're looking for one! ;0}

I'll have a longer post sometime later today! I've got to get myself in gear and get ready for my hair appointment! Yay! I'm ready to be blonde again!


June said...

Love the new look again! You are so damn good at this!

Jamie said...

Wow! That one is really nice! Too bad we don't live closer, I'm selling my vanity, it's not that nice though. You can be like Bobby and fly here to buy it! *lol* (Did you know I met Bobby a couple of weeks ago? He flew to Cali and bought my car for his daughter. It was awesome meeting him!)

MiMi said...

i wanna get my hair done...i love getting my hair done.

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