Is it really "laundry day?"

April 20, 2010

With all the cleaning I've been doing it's got me wonderin' what all of YOUR "quirks" are when it comes to cleaning. I have so many "quirks" and hangups that it's a wonder I get anything done. No...I'm serious! Haha! I've often wondered if people are the same way about laundry as I am. Then I started writing this up and realized that I'm not just weird about laundry, I think I'm a bit anal about it lol.

I'm a lazy person. Tis' true! I hate doing laundry. Ok..I don't hate doing laundry, I hate putting laundry away. Folding laundry runs a close second to that! I've got so much laundry to put away right now it's not even funny.

I'll never forget the first time Mr Man saw me doing laundry he asked me "What the hell are you doing?" haha.You see, when I take clothes out of the washing machine, I take it out I have to take out each piece of clothing, (or towels, or dog other words, it doesn't matter what's in there...I still do this) I shake each piece out a couple of times real hard and then I throw it in the dryer, then I grab the next get the picture!

Anywhere'smydamnmaid...when hubby asked me "what in the hell are you doing" I told him that that's how my Mom made us do laundry...the clothes don't wrinkle as much if you do this. And he was like..."Woah...I never thought of that!" Now....honestly, when he said that all I could think was "duhhh! I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!" (haha...sorry honey!) But it got me to thinking...does everyone else do that or am I just weird because my Momma raised me that way?? (SHUT UP!)

So now you know my little "shake 'em out" routine, so I'll fill you in on more things that I've realized I'm pretty anal about when it comes to launry/cleaning. I've notcied something lately that hubby does (with the laundry) that is driving me batty! We buy those really big jugs of Gain (gotta have the laundry smells yummy!), you know the ones with the little spout where you just push the button??

 OMG...seriously! These were the ONLY pics I could find of the big jugs on Google, can I just say I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw these pics. There is no way in hell this bottle would EVER be in my house looking like that! I actually found these pics in another blog. The blog owner had done an entry about how messy they are....and I quote "No matter which way you try to pour the darn thing, it still makes a BIG mess."
Are you serious?'re supposed to use the spout. The blog owner said that the "spout" is really an air vent! I laughed my ass off. No matter if you're pouring it out of the bottle or not...wipe that shit off when you're done! That's just nasty! I got a bit off track! Back to hubby driving me batty and my big ass bottles of laundry detergent.

I ALWAYS buy this size's easier than having to run to wally world every couple of weeks for a new bottle. Not to mention it's easy to just to open up the cabinet, grab the cap and fill it up! I don't have to pick up anything besides the little lid. Ahh...the lid, this is where my issue is!

Wellll...see Mr Man will grab the lid, fill er' up, throw the detergent in the washer and put the cap back up in the cabinet next to the bottle. I mean, come on dude...the effin' water is running, RIGHT THERE where you're putting your hand to put the shit in the washer!

Really? Does someone really have to point that out? That grosses me out when I go to do laundry and there's still some detergent in the cap, starting to dry up....uugh, nasty!

Lol...ok now that I'm typing all of this up I'm realizing maybe I AM weird. I said maybe bish...hush it! haha. My other "weird" laundry "habits?" Here's a short list...

When I shake those clothes out, if there are jeans in there I've got to put my hand in each of the front pockets (to straighten them out) before I can put them in the dryer. I also do this when they come out of the dryer, while I'm folding them! There is nothing I hate more than putting on a pair of jeans and the pockets are all jacked up! (The same goes for pj pants, jogging pants...anything with pockets!!

I do not go through pockets. If you've left something in your pocket, unless it's sticking out to the point that I can see's going in the washer! Yeah...sometimes I hear the change in the pockets but see, I clean my pockets out before I put my clothes in there. If you don't want your change getting washed....clean out your pockets.

I do not turn clothes right side out. If you put them in the hamper inside out...chances are they're coming out that way. Be happy that I don't hang them up inside out....I've done it before!

And (one of) the worst one? (This one totally makes my skin crawl!) Those f*ckin' balled up socks! My Son is the WORST when it comes to this! I will throw those damn socks away before I'm stickin' my hands in there to straighten them out! Awww hell NAWW!

I can't tell you how many times I've thrown those damn socks in the washer just like I was being spiteful and trying to teach someone a lesson, and it took until he moved out on his own for him to learn! Now...he's just as freaky as I am about his laundry! lol....stop the madness!

Usually when I'd throw his socks in the washer like that, they'd come out just like that. So they'd go in the dryer And when they came out of the dryer? F* the kid had balls of socks to put away, and yeah...sometimes they didn't come all that clean.

I didn't have to stick my feet in the damn things (*shudder*)...I KNEW how to put my socks in the laundry! hehehe...sorry you had to wear nasty ass socks because your ass was too lazy to take them out of a ball Son!

And lastly(is that a word?)...the lint filter. We have two dogs, with short hair. They.shed.a.effin' Especially if I have to wash their blankets because that bish Bonsai wont stop pissing in her kennel in the middle of the night! I could make a new dog out of the hair that comes off those blankets.

When I take them out of the washer (yes damn it! I shake them out too!) I have to wipe the inside of the washer off just to get the (a G damn ball of) hair out of it. Then when they come out of the dryer...the lint filter is so full of hair you can't even see through the damn thing!

God...why did I get started on the dog hair? It would seriously gross you out if I showed you how much hair I sweep up in this house. I usually sweep every other day and and it's a dust pan full of (nasty ass) dog hair.

 (not my dog, but I swear I could make a new dog with all the hair I pull out of the dryer vent!)

Mr Sexy and I have stopped buying black clothesl. We look a hot damn mess if we wear dark colors. Unless we get dress and leave before we can sit down.

I used to have a Yorkie. He weighed 5lbs 1oz. I swear....that dog did NOT shed. His hair was down to the floor...he could climb in my lap and roll all over me and I wouldn't have a hair on me. The pugs?? If they look at me I get hair all over my clothes. Grrr

We just bought a new vacuume cleaner a couple of months ago, it's one of those bagless one's that has the little container that you just take out and dump. Everytime I vacuume I take that little container and the air filter on the vacumme cleaner (everytime I vacuume it (the f*ckin' dog hair) fills the filter up and clogs it!) and I wash it. With pinsol. Every. Time.

Woah...I'm a weird, anal retentive crazy dog lady aint I? When the fudge did that happen? Lol... I could go on and on with my list of weird cleaning "habits" but I'm sure you're tired of hearing about my mess anyway!

So now...I need to know! I've got to know. Please, for my sanity...what weird "rituals" do you have when you clean house?

I saw this video the other night...I was up all night! Anyway...I'm in love with this one! Sounds so soulful!


Em Static said...

Wow. That's a lot of thought put into laundry. I can't make fun, though. I'm more anal about the closet. If the hangers aren't evenly spaced I go all Mommy Dearest about it. Also, I have an organizing system that most people mock. Funny enough, I don't care about the drawers. They can be a mess.

Kat said...

Yeah...I am just as anal retentive about some household things... :) Loved your laundry story!

Lee said...

The new look is awesome!! Love it!

Dee said...

What you said - my husband. To a T! He is so anal about things. I don't know how he lives with me. LOL

We just had the "laundry cap" discussion last week.

{Kimber} said... know I love you
but DUDE you are WEIRD!!
although I AM going to start the whole shake out thing...that seems smart!!! :)

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