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April 19, 2010

Questions are a tamer than last weeks. As always if you have an idea or want to submit a theme, let me know.

1 - Ever take a shit in the woods?
Nope! Actually I've never taken a shit in a public port-a-potties...nothing! But I have climbed my skinny little ass out of a boat to walk out into the marsh (snakes, gators and nutra rats every where...just to take a piss! haha...

2 - If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?
Get some work done on my car...she's dying a slow death! Poor baby!

3 - What's your favorite phrase?
I have a few, they're all in "Cajun French" and I honestly can't tell you the true meaning. I can tell you how I use them...if that makes any sense!

The first one...Non Mi Non (pronounced Naww - Me_ Naww), this one I used (kind of) in place of I can't believe it or that's just stupid!
Example: "Naw Mi Naw...did you see what that girl was wearin'?"

The second one...Mais Aww fan (pronounced May- aww- fan), this one is used almost the same way as Naw Mi Naw. It's kind of lik e OMG or, that's a shame!
Example: "Mais Aww Fan....that's sad her Momma died!" (YES! We really do talk like this! It has taken Mr Man quite some time to get used to my vocabulary haha!

The third one... Aww Mi Non (pronounced "Aww Me Naww") This one is used quite like the other two. I used it like "I can't believe that!" or "Oh no she didn't!
Example: "Aww Mi Non...she did NOT just say that!"

I tried to Google these to see if I could find their meaning and I found a really funny blog entry about "Cajun French" or what the blog author refers to as "Cajun English!" It's really funny!

If you really want to hear how we Cajun people talk you can watch this youtube video. "Cajun Onstar" is one of the funniest cajun videos I've seen! It's a few "Cajun" people on their way to their camp, apparently they get bored and decide to use their Onstar to f*ck around with whatever poor soul picked up their call! I'm gonna try to translate most of it for you! You'll thank me later lol!

Translation (to the best of my abilities lol)

Cajun: "I got dat' Onstar package, I never use it dat much! I'm in Rockerfeller, you know where Rockerfellers at? In Louisiana? "

Onstar: "You said you're in Rockerfeller Louisiana?"

Cajun: "Yeah! At the Refuge!"

Onstar: "OK!"

Cajun: "I'm lookin' for Crystal Clear Lake Drive, dey got, what dey got, dey got da trout line! Barry had put dat! Right pass Barry's trout line, by T-Book's camp, we was lookin' for dat lil' spot right der!

Onstar: "Ok, you said you're looking for Crystal Clear Lake Drive?"

Cajun: "Yeah! By Nonk (uncle) Tootsie and dem, the got a trout line, right pass dat, Barry and dem got a camp! We gonna go between dat"

Onstar: "So this is in Louisiana correct?"

Cajun: "Wey?" (where?)

Onstar: "The location you're looking for is in Louisiana?"

Cajun: "Wey?" (where?)

Onstar: "I'm asking you !"

Cajun: "Wey?" (where?)

Onstar: "Crystal Clear Lake it in Louisiana?"

Cajun: "oh wey, wey?" (Oh! Where? Where?)

Onstar: "Just one moment please!"

Cajun: "Is boot on der?" (Is Boot's on there?"

Onstar: "I'm still searching for it, it'll be just a moment!"

Cajun: "Dey got a store dat we buy, dat we pass by, it's called Boots! "

Onstar: "Boot's?"

Cajun: "Boot's!! B-O-O-T-H comma to the top S! "

Onstar: "OK!"

Cajun: "Boot's!

Onstar: "OK! I don't have any listing for that!"

Cajun: "For Boot's Grocery? "

Onstar: "No!"

Cajun: "Boot's Grocery!"

Onstar: "Now what city is the Booth's Grocery in?"

Cajun: "Gran Chenier! (Grand Chenier! Pronounced "Grand Cha-neer") Gran Chenier!"

Onstar: "Grand Chenier? OK! Let me check that area, just a moment!"

Cajun: "wey?" (where?) "Heah?" (Huh?)

Onstar: "I don't have any listings for Booth's in that area either!"

Cajun: "Y'all have any uh...puh...we so lost!" "Oh boy!"

Onstar: "Not in Grand Chenier, I don't have any listings for that grocery store in Grand Chenier!"

Cajun: " pet (it's kinda like my cajun sayings! I't like, oh boy!), we so scared over der, we 'bout to run outta gas!"

Onstar: "Do you want me to get you to the city of Grand Chanier?"

Cajun: "Man, we tryin' to go crabbin' ya see, Barry and 'dems went over there to get a cass (cast) net, dey caught a hard head (a fish...I can't remember what kind of fish it is!), he ripped it, went back to Boot's you see Taunt (Aunt) Neesha's over 'der with dat cass net, he called me on his mobile phone, he got a portable phone! He say "I'm at Boot's!" I say "Heh?" He say "I'm at Boot's!"

I pass Boot's, I didn't see his truck, I come back, I say "Naww (now) Imma try ma Onstar! You know what I'm sayin'? "

Onstar: "Right, right!"

Cajun: "I never try Onstar! Maybe you could look up his truck, he's pullin' a pop up camper! Can y'all look up different cars or I have to call his phone like 'dat?"

Onstar": "No!"

Cajun: "See my phone died!"

Onstar: "OK!"

Cajun: "I thought maybe y'all could look up different cars and stuff!"

Onstar: "You see, we can't look up different cars, do you have the phone number?"

Cajun: "Puuuh...I'd have to ask Beatrice! Hold on, let me ask Beatrice! (yelling) Bee-at-trise!! HEY! You got Barry's..."

Onstar: mumbles

Cajun: "Huh? Hold on!"

Onstar: "Do you have the phone number?"

Cajun: "Well...lemme axe my lil niece der !"

Onstar: "ok...alright!"

Cajun: "She hides dat, dem young kids now a days, dey got all that thecnology! Hold on...she got..."

Onstar: "Ok!"

Cajun: "She got da lil phone, I don't have that me...Me..if you call me and I don't de don (prounounced ga dee dawn)...(he says something in Cajun French here, I don't know what it means!), hold on, let me axe Beatrice!" (YELLING) Bee-at-trise!! Bee-at-trise!"

Beatrice: "Whaa?"

Cajun: "You got dat??" Imma have ta call y'all back!" (more cajun french that I don't understand!)

Onstar: "Did you want to call us back?"

Cajun: "Imma have ta call you back! Lemme tell ya what, Imma have Needra write your number down, and uh...dis your office desk we called?"

Onstar: "Yes! Just press the blue Onstar button! "

Cajun: "Who we axe for? Waas your name? "

Onstar: "Uh you just let them know what you need and they''ll get another advisor!"

Cajun: " you a good worker! Dat's why we. me and my uh my wife, we wanted to call you back, cause you a hard worker dar', we like hard workin' people! People down in Louisiana, we like dat! You a good worker you! "

Onstar:"Alright, OK I appreciate that sir! See they will not be able to transfer me to you, they would actually have to take your request when you call back!"

Cajun: "Mais (may) OK, uh we sorry to bodder (bother) you like dat'! I know you busy!"

Onstar: "Oh it's no problem sir! That's what we're here for!"

Cajun: "Oh, alright! If y'all ever come down y'all call me back on dis phone number! Dat's my daughters husbands phone! He gotta lil truck! We gonna get y'all some crabs cher' (sha!) and some shrimp and we gonna cook dat for y'all!"

Onstar: "OK!"

Cajun: "Ok, mais (may) y'all have a good day naw (now)!"

Onstar: "Alright, you too and thank you for using Onstar!"

Cajun: "Tank you!! Bye bye cher' (sha!)!

Onstar: " Ok!!

Now...we don't exactly talk like him...he was exaggerating a bit but you get the picture! We don't complete words, we make up words...but we understand each other!

4 - Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.
Speidi....Heidi Montang and Spencer Pratt...those two should have been bj's! I've never seen two bigger idiots in my life! God help us if they procreate!

5 - How do you take your coffee or tea?
I don't usually do hot coffee unless I'm having some coffee with Bailey's in it...YUMMY! Dat's some good stuff cher'! (That's some good stuff Sha!)
Tea...I only like it one way...sweet and cold! No lemon please!

(all images found on Google and youtube)


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