Friday Confessions

August 26, 2011


I confess...Xanax had become my best friend a necessary part of my life the last couple of days.

I confess...the dismal swap isn't very far from where we live (see map) and has been on fire for the last couple of weeks (maybe longer). So it's been smoky skies here lately.

{distance from the town I live in to the Dismal Swamp) 

I confess...I'm still freaked out of my very first earthquake!

I I've got to worry about this bitch!

{the red arrow's mark where we live}

I confess...I'm scared to death! I want to run as far away as we possibly can. Hubby doesn't.

I confess...we may/may not have argued over leaving.

I confess...Xanax.

I confess...After staying in Louisiana through Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, I want to RUN at the mention of a hurricane.

I confess....Xanax.

I confess...I may be offline for a few days/weeks if the storm hits us bad. I have a giveaway (if you haven't entered it yet, what are ya waiting for???) ending Monday. I may not be able to announce the winner until I get electricity and cable back.

I confess...days/weeks without internet? 

I confess...Xanax.

I confess...I'm currently obsessed with my little hummingbird visitors. This little guy (girl??) keeps "guarding" our feeder and wont let any other birds near it half the time lol.

I confess...A couple of days ago my friend Jess and I decided to try one of those "water marble" manicures.

{not these bright colors though}

I didn't work out at all like the above pic and was a crazy ass mess. 

I confess...never again!

I confess...this dog cracks me up! This is Bonsai laying outside of our bedroom door waiting for her "Daddy" to wake up. She laid there (most of the time with her nose planted at the bottom of the door so she could "smell" him!) for over two hours waiting!

{spoiled to "Daddy" much?}

I confess...I'm reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) and it's really good. I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I am!

I confess...I hope to be back in blog land soon!

Take care and y'all...say a prayer for us! I'm going to bed, it's 1am and I'm exhausted!!
Much love! 


Mamarazzi said...

come to California, feel a real

Xanax...i might need some!

thanks for linking up!!

Marguerite said...

PLEASE evacuate and go as far west as you can, while you still can! Think Hurricane Rita! Flooding and total destruction are distinct possibilities! This storm will come in as a Cat 2, where you live. Ya'll are in my prayers.

Dee Stephens said...

Are you evacuating?
You guys are close to the coast!

VandyJ said...

Hope you survive the hurricane and with nothing more than rain. Maybe it'll put out the fires.

insomnia said...

Good luck battling Irene!

MiMi said...

UGH! Earthquakes and hurricanes? I need a Xanax just thinking about it.
Come to Oregon! We're boring! And I HOPE we stay that way!

AMY said...

Stay SAFE! Don't chance it if its going to be bad and reports say to leave!
HUGS and Prayers!
Adorable sweet daddy's girl!

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