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April 12, 2011

Man, I've been blogging less and less lately. No particular reason, just haven't had a whole lot to talk about. But I've got some random thoughts to post today!

* Last week I got up and cleaned my house spotless, from top to bottom. I clean all the time, but this was more like a major spring clean. I love that when I'm finished I can just sit down and see everything nice and shiny, and that the house smells nice and clean instead of smelling like a couple of pugs. Yuck.

* The weather has been so gorgeous here. The day that I cleaned the house like a mad woman hubby came home and opened all the windows. (Can you see where I'm going with this?) He couldn't believe that I hadn't opened them up yet. Within 10 minutes every.single.object.in.my.house was covered with a funky green colored "dust". Hello pollen. Eff' you!

* I decided that I needed some new undies. Because I'm too cheap to spend some VS kind of money on them  I just bought some Hanes undies (from Wal Mart of course). Please tell me who in the eff decided that a size 8 (which are actually to damn big on me any way. damn it) is an xtra large? In what world? Eff you too Hanes!

* I'm buying my tickets to go see my Sister, my Aunt, and my cousins in TN for the 4th of July. It's my Mother's Day present from my son. What a kid huh? It's gonna be a crazy two weeks! Bad Girls Club style! That's how we "roll!" Haha! Actually we'll be spending a lot of time at my Aunt's cabin at the Lake! I'm really looking forward to it!

* Hubs has been doing a lot of work on my car. She's been parked in the garage (in pieces) for a couple of weeks. Try going from driving a small Lincoln to driving a Ford F-150. It's like driving a damn tank y'all! Lookout if you see me on the road...just sayin'!

* I've been talking to my Son a lot lately. Y'all know I love that! I've noticed some changes in him. He started posting things like this on FB...


And then I saw this comment that was left on his profile...


He's a very "private" person though, and he fusses at me whenever I ask any questions, so I kept quiet. Then last week I got a text message from him that included this pic...

 {he thinks his Mom is the coolest person! awww}

I told him to tell her that as long as my kid is happy, she has no reason to be nervous! Now, if she hurts him... she might want to hide. Haha!

Since I'm "not allowed" to add any of Rusty's "friends" I was surprised when I got a friend request from her the next day! She's so adorable.

{Amanda is on the right}

Her and I started talking (via messages) and I thanked her for adding me and told her how I wasn't "allowed" to add her. This was her reply...

{yeah, she "scored" a couple of points for that comment lol}

 So I did what any nosy Mom would do. I went to look at her pics lol. And I saw this...

{the boy has skills y'all}

How sweet are they? Honestly, I surprised that he even talked to me about her. Like I said, he's really private! I asked him if she's his gf and he said "I'm trying to make her my gf!" Awww! 

He talked to me about her last night and he said that she doesn't mind how much he works (sometimes over 100 hours a week), he said it's hard to find someone who can deal with his hours. So that's a good thing! She actually met Rusty's grandparents day before yesterday! Rusty said she's scared to death to meet me.

I'm not mean. Really y'all. Lol ok...I can be, when necessary! 

While I was taking all the screen shots for the above I decided to take some of Rusty's status updates. The kid is hilarious y'all! He makes me laugh, so I thought I'd share my fav's with y'all! You'll have to excuse the language on some of them. He IS my son y'all lol! In no particular order...

 I love that kid, he always knows how to make his Momma laugh! Hope y'all have a good rest of your week!


MiMi said...

OMG, his updates are hilarious! I stop the microwave a second before it's done too...I'm a bomb defuser expert-ish thing!
He's got a girlfriend! So cute. Sorta. He's pretty cute so it sorta makes me feel weird....that's wrong, I know. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Yep..pretty sure that is his gf. I'm with you on the pollen. Sorta pisses me off when, after cleaning, Brad decides to open the windows.
Quit being cheap and turn on the AC!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I feel a little bit vouyer-ish here. Totally spelled that wrong ...

But his updates are really funny! You've got a kid with a sense of humor! Wonder where he got that from? ;)

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