Project: Love, Me Prompt 2

April 1, 2011

I got bored with my old layout. I was bored with the design, I was bored with the colors. This new design is right up my alley right now! It's definitely bright lol! What do y'all think? (If I could only figure out why it's adding a background and border behind/around my pics! Grrr....

Since I have nothing exciting to write about I'm going to continue on with my Project: Love, Me. If you'd like more info or would like to join in on the fun you can do so here.

Prompt #2: Dreams - Flashback

Let’s flashback to the past!

What were your dreams when you were younger? What did you used to dream about — whether it came true or not? What was important to you when you were growing up? Where did you think your life would take you?

Focus on one specific dream, or share several. Pick a specific time period — childhood, teenager, young adult, etc. — or share a dream from each.

When I was very young I dreamed that my parents would get back together. I think that somewhere deep inside of me I was still holding out hope for this to happen until the day my Mom passed away.

I used to dream of living on the beach with my husband and our 2 kids (boy and girl) and our German Sheppard. Lol...

I dreamed of being an Attorney. I dreamed of making a difference in peoples lives. Then I realized that I'd have to defend people who were guilty of horrible crimes. Or I'd have to prosecute people who sometimes were innocent. (It does happen) I just couldn't stand the thought of the pressure of that lol. So then I decided that I'd be a Real Estate Attorney.

My Mom used to tell me all the time that I'd make a great one....she said I could argue my way out of anything. Lol... And I liked to talk, hell they called me "Motor Mouth" because I talked so much.

Sometime while "growing up" I lost those dreams and gave up on them. I'm guessing it was probably around the time that I was being molested and nothing was done to him.

Years later when I found out that I was pregnant I only had one dream. To be the best Mother I could be. To be a better Mother than my Mom was. Not that she was a horrible Mother, she wasn't. You just always want better for your kids than what you had!

At least I can say that I accomplished one of my dreams! I think I've done a great job and that I've raised the best kid I possibly could have. It shocks me (sometimes) how well he turned out!

 {He's only my everything!}

Remember the hubby that I lived on the beach with? I guess I should introduce y'all to him. Bloggers, meet my (pretend preteen) "hubby" Leif...

{Yup! Farrah Fawcett hair and all!} 

And just in case things didn't work out with him, you know like if he turned into a drug addict or something, I had a back up plan. Bloggers, meet my second (pretend preteen) "husband" Scott.

 {Lol I just realized when I was looking for this pic, my kid kinda looks like him! Must be what attracted me to his Dad *cough* in the first place haha!}

I tried to find a pic of Scott from his time on Happy Days but every single pic that I found from then had that bitch Joanie in them with him. *rolls eyes* HATED HER! 

Lol...hope y'all have a great day! 


Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the new look. Leif, really. ummmm, speechless. :)

MiMi said...

Ack! Joanie loves Chachi my ass!
Seriously, no wonder I love you, people called me motor mouth too. ALL THE TIME. Jerks.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I LOVE the new layout!!

I feel the same way about my shocks me too. I say to the hell did I get so lucky! SO many people said a 16 and 18 year old getting married and having a baby won't last and our daughter will be pregnant at 16 like her momma. Well, i proved all those asses wrong!!

Dee Stephens said...

Love the new layout but it looks like blogger has jacked up your text too.
It all seems on top of each other? Cute pic of you and your son :)

Danica said...

Love the blog layout!

You have done such an amazing job with your son. You two are adorable.

Julie said...

Loves it! Just redid mine, well my header at least!

The Blue Zoo said...

Love your new blog look! I adore the polka dots. =)

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