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March 25, 2011

Last week I somehow stumble upon a a really great "blog project" that I immediately knew I wanted to participate in. Especially since I've been having a bit of "blog fog" recently. I just love the idea.

So exactly what am I talking about? Project: Love, Me : A Year of Discovering YOU! Here's how they describe it, Project: Love, Me is an exciting & touching project 52 with weekly prompts designed to help you share your personal journey … 52 messages & stories from you to future generations … a collection for your loved ones … signed, “Love, Me.”

Project: Love, Me is much more than an “All About Me” album. It is about you, of course — but not a laundry list of facts or answers to simple questions, or even a chronological history. It’s an adventure of self-discovery as we focus on specific themes and delve deep with prompts to help you get to the heart of who you are and share that with others.

Y'all know me, I had to make a cutesy tag to go along with each of my post. Lol...wouldn't be me if I didn't! How purdy is it??

And away we go! From the Project: Love, Me blog... (in bold)

{Project: Love, Me} “Pre”-prompt

Welcome to our very first prompt for Project: Love, Me … not Prompt #1, which we’ll post next week when the project officially kicks off — but a “prelude” prompt if you will. Something to get you started thinking about this project and why YOU are participating in it.

So why are you completing the project? Is it for you, or for someone else, or both? What do you hope to gain from the project at the end of the 52 weeks? Do you think it will make a difference in your life? How?

You don’t have to answer every single question I just posted above. They’re just prompts to get you thinking.

I think at first the idea appealed to me because I'm in a (sort of) blogging "funk" or rut. But I think that it would be neat for my Son, Sisters, my family to read this someday. I also think that it just may be a bit therapeutic for me to search within myself to answer the prompts.

I hope that by the end of the 52 weeks I'll have a whole new understanding of who I am, what I want and where I want to be. I do think that it will make a difference in my life because as I said, I'm hoping that I'll finish this with a whole new understanding of who I am.

Well, that wasn't so bad. I have a bit of catching up to do so I'll probably post more than once a month until I'm caught up. If you'd like to "play along" you can go to their blog. If you do participate, be sure to link (in a comment on that weeks prompt) in the comments. I hope to see y'all there! 

Love, Me


Marguerite said...

Blog Fog, love that expression! lol Sounds like a great project and I'm looking forward to your posts. Have a great weekend, cher!

Daffy said...

What a super cool blog prompt! An awesome idea I may transfer into my personal journaling outside of blogging. I do a little of that old fashion pen and paper stuff from time to time ;o) And of course, LOVE the tag!

MiMi said...

I'm looking forward to reading your "Love, Me's!"

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