Wedding Snapshots

February 1, 2011

I can't wait until the professional pics are ready. I know she's my Godchild (and Niece) but I don't think I've ever seen a bride glow like she did. She wasn't all stressed out like most brides I've seen, she was happy and relaxed.

{Nannie's Doodle Bug all grown up}
{She'd kill me if she knew I still call her that lol}

 {Destiny's daughter Farrah...she did such a good flower girl job}

 {Amanda's oldest daughter Kira, she loves the camera}

 {Amanda's daughters Kira and Malia or Kiki and Mimi as I like to call them}

 {Do NOT take pics of the bride while she's sneaking a sammich!}

 {Destiny and her big brother (my nephew) Eric}

{My beautiful Nieces and Nephew} 

 {Amanda and Kiki}

{The brides best friends from grade school Sarah and Amber}

It was so funny when Destiny and Amber first started "hanging out" together. Amber's Mom and I have been friends since we were 17 years old. She's more like a sister to me than a friend.  

 {Kiki the camera ham}

 {Amanda's husband Luis and son Maddox}

 {Rusty walking the Mother and step mother of the bride down the isle}

Rusty found out minutes before the ceremony began that he'd be doing this lol. He wasn't too happy about it. 

 {Destiny dancing with her Daddy}

 {Amanda and Maddox}

The wedding party dance.... 

{Jessica and her groomsman/men?? lol can't remember his name} 

 {Amanda and her groomsman}

 {Jonah and I}

What?? I remember his name. Trust me, I heard it being said enough by his girlfriend who never left his side. Even when we were dancing she was right there on the side of the dance floor lol. Actually she was a really sweet girl.  

 {Destiny and Brock aka the bride and groom}

 {Amanda and I}

Everyone thinks she's my daughter when we go out together. Note to self: two people wearing the same shade of red in the same type of fabric should never stand stomach to stomach lol. We look like Siamese twins joined at the stomach. Which is fine if the tummy was flat but it's not. We both look knocked up. WTH? 

 {The Grooms first dance with his new MIL}

I'm sure she was totally threatening him at his point lol. "If you ever hurt my daughter I'll...." She's my big Sister and she's tough as hell. He'd be wise to listen!!

 {Cheers bitches}

 {Destiny dancing with her Poppie}

Can I just say how amazing my Daddy looks? He's 70 y'all. The man doesn't have a gray hair on his head. Now his mustache/goatee is a different story. He looks great though!!

 It's a Cajun tradition for older unmarried brothers and sisters of the bride or groom to dance with a broom at the wedding reception--thus mocking their single status. This will explain the following pictures.

 {The grooms older sister Daphne dancing with Mr Broomstick}

 {get it girl}

 {Destiny laughing at her Dad's dancing skills}

 {lol look at his face...he's into it}

 {speaking of faces lol, look at Amanda's! You just know she's thinking "Eww you skank!}
{I have no idea who she's looking at but it better not be me damn it} 

 {Eric shakin' his groove thang}

 {to the right, to the right...Cupid Shuffle}

I'm in love with these next few pics, I'm sure you'll understand why. 

 {Rusty and I}

 {he may love his Momma, but he hates taking pics}

 {I'm only doing this because I love you Ma}

 {Oh come on Ma! That's enough!}

 {last one, I swear}

 {Destiny and Farrah dancing with their Dad/Grandpa

 {Destiny and Farrah with Destiny's Grandpa}

 {um Amanda, we should talk about these faces you make when you're dancing lol}

 {See look at your face girl}

 {I can totally tell that Destiny and Amanda are sisters lol. Those faces. With Amber and Sarah}

 {Me...backin' that thang up}

The rest of these were taken with my Blackberry so they're not very clear but I wanted to include them anyway. 

 {I just realized...I didn't even taste the cake lol}

 {Destiny and her Nanny}

 {Daddy and Kiki (his great grand daughter) dancing.

I'm so proud of Destiny. She did an amazing job on the wedding, I honestly can't believe she pulled off a wedding as nice as she did while working full time, having a one year old at home and a husband who works offshore. Without a wedding planner or caterer. 

Don't get me wrong, they had a lot of help. Brock's (the groom) Mom and my Sister and I all busted our behinds that night. Not to mention all the other people who helped decorate and then stayed late to help clean up the hall.  We laughed through all of it though, and I can only speak for myself, but it made me feel good to be able to help my baby girl out like that!

I hope you've enjoyed the pics! More to come from my trip home. 


Dee Stephens said...

Looks like fun! You changed during the reception? Also, I can honestly say I've never heard of that broom tradition. I know the money dance is a big Louisiana thing to do but I've never heard of that.

MiMi said...

So fun!!! I love it.
And, so you got knocked up by Jonah even though his g/f was RIGHT there???? You slutty thang.

June said...

The picture of you kissing Rusty, Priceless! I just love it.

What a beautiful bride. Glad you got to go home again to enjoy family.

Erin said...

You look GORGEOUS! Love all the pics---the red dresses are so pretty and so was the bride!

Marguerite said...

Great pics! Beautiful bride and lovely wedding! Looks like everyone was having a good time! You look so good in that red dress, cher!

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