A Sticky Situation!

November 30, 2010

Want to join the fun? Go check out this hot momma and start STICKIN'!!!

Only Parent Chronicles


That One Mom said...

Girl! You need to open a post-it note shop! People are always asking where to get personalized post-its! (Or teach me how to make 'em and I'll sell the damn things! Hahaha!)

Renegades said...

Ok so you don't want to stick it about the depression. But just take care of it. Don't let it get so bad it gets you down. Take care of yourself.

Where oh where did you get those hilarious sticky notes????

Marguerite said...

LOL, So glad to know that you're ok! Was starting to worry. Kudos for getting your tree up!

MiMi said...

Your PINTs are always adorable!
Love the ornaments. LOL

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