30 Days of Truth, Day 15. Pictures and an Award!

August 11, 2010


Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.
This one would have to be my wonderful husband.

I swear y'all...I look at his picture of him and I melt. Those eyes! Don and I met online. We had a mutual friend and one day I left a smart ass comment on the friends profile, Don replied to my comment and from then on, we talked every single day! At first, it was just as friends.  Honestly, he had this horrible picture of himself, and I wasn't attracted to him at all. And...it's not like either one of us were looking for someone. We weren't.

Anyhotness....he posted this picture of himself and it was love at first sight. It's funny, we talked for about a six months before he posted this pic. When he posted the picture he actually had a girlfriend. So I kept my feelings for him to myself. I'll never forget the day he told me that he and his girlfriend broke up. I'd never been so excited lol.

That's when we really started exploring our feelings for each other. It started out slowly though. We'd flirt with one another. Shamelessly. But still, I kept how I really felt to myself. I didn't want to scare him off. A couple of months later he left to go to Myrtle Beach Bike Week. So, he wouldn't be online much.

I was miserable. We texted each other a little bit. But seriously, the man was at bike week lol, he wasn't about to spend all of his time texting me!! I moped around for the entire week.

When he got home from bike week he told me that he missed me like crazy, and that he realized he was developing feelings for me. I'll never forget how my heart was racing that day lol. What an amazing feeling.

Soon after that we started talking on webcam. We would spend hours on there. Just talking, and laughing. We spent so much time getting to know one another. I think that's what makes our relationship one of the most honest relationships I've ever been in.

Then....Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. It wasn't too bad in my hometown, but we had no electricity and no cell service. That meant that Don and I had no way of getting in touch with each other. Poor Don, he had no idea if I was safe, if I was ok...nothing. He actually started smoking again during the storm.

Right after Katrina, Hurricane Rita hit my hometown, bad. Our area was flooded, bad. It's one of the worst things I'd ever seen. This is the Port of Iberia.

This is actually Rusty's Dad's next door neighbor. Rusty's Dad and six of his other family members live on the same street. They had (at one point) 7ft of water in their houses. Rusty's great grandparents found their deep freezer from their outdoor kitchen, behind the house across the street when the water finally receded.


It was horrible, it was depressing, it was sad. We worked for days helping people clean up the mess. The smell, OMG the smell was horrendous. There was dead livestock all over the place. Uugh...

When Don and I were finally able to talk again we decided that we weren't going to waste anymore time. He bought his tickets to come to Louisiana not long after that. We'd already decided that I was going to move to NC, so at the same time he got the tickets to come to LA to meet me, he got my tickets to move to NC.  (Though this was late September, his vacation wasn't until April. So we still had to wait until then for us to meet.)  He was coming to LA on April 1st, I was moving to NC April 20th. Nineteen days later lol!

I'll never forget how nervous I was the day he got there. Just sitting in the airport waiting for his plane to land was excruciating! The minute he walked off of that plane and wrapped his arms around me, all was right in my world. It's like we'd known each other forever. We packed so many things into the four days that he was down there with me. I introduced him to Rusty, and my sisters.

I took him to all of my favorite places in my hometown. He fell in love with Cajun food, and Community coffee lol. I even took him to Mulate's, a really great Cajun restaurant. (See all that stuff on the ceiling? Those are business cards, and somewhere in there is one of Don's business cards with our names on it!!)

This is us that night.

This is at my sisters office, we stopped there on our way to bring Don to the airport on his way home. It doesn't show, but we were both so depressed. We didn't want to let each other go. He actually missed his flight home, twice lol. We kept going outside to have a smoke and sit in my car. Poor thing was exhausted by the time he got home. Those were the 19 longest days of my life.

This is the first picture that was taken of us after I moved to NC. Our first Easter together. A couple of years ago Don hid an engagement ring in my xmas stocking. We decided to get married. We'd talked about it a bunch when we spent all of those hours on line. We both decided if we got married we wanted to do it at the beach!

We rented this huge house down in Corolla, NC. Most of our family came and five friends (who actually invited themselves lol) were there to celebrate our special day with us. We spent a glorious week enjoying this house, and the beach. Let me tell you though, four flights of stairs?? Omg...this house seriously needed an elevator lol.

There were no nerves that day, just smiles, lot's of happiness.

There has never been a moment since that I regretted this day. Not one.

He's a wonderful man, he takes such good care of me. He honestly treats me like a princess. I know that I'm the most important woman (other than his kids) in his life. No doubt in my mind.

I mean...the man drove 40 miles while we were on our honeymoon just to get me my drink from The Buckins' (Starbucks)! That's love people! Lol...

So yeah, I've tried living without him. I did it for over two years. All we had was text, phone calls, and web cam "dates." But, we wouldn't trade it for the world. When we tell people that we met online they look at us like we're crazy. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been asked "Weren't you scared that he might be an axe murderer or something?" To which I always reply "Well, we spent two years getting to know each other on line. I don't think a serial killer would spend that much time getting to know me just to bump me off and chop me into tiny little pieces!" Lmao....that always gets great looks! haha

He has my heart and nothing will ever change that. And hell y'all, did I mention those eyes?? Whew....

And now onto other business, Gen gave me this award last week and I keep forgetting to post it! I'm so sorry girl, I really appreciate the award!!

The way this award works is you must:

a) Thank the person who gave you this award
I just took care of that!!

b) Tell 7 things about yourself
1. I once named a dog Dixie, just so I could go outside and yell "Dix, where are you?" "Come on Dix, come and get it!" haha...yeah, my neighbors loved me!

2. I was born in NC, grew up mostly in TN until I was 12, then we moved to LA. Once you move to Louisiana, it's in your blood. I consider myself just as much a "coonass" as someone who was born there. I dare anyone to tell me any different!!

3. I didn't realize that my arms are double jointed until Don tried to teach me how to golf. Yeah...that didn't go well.

4. I've recently found my love for reading all over again. Since I got my laptop for xmas I haven't touched a book lol. Believe it or not, the last four nights in a row I've gone to bed at a decent hour, I read for an hour or two and then go to sleep. With no sleeping pills. I mean really? I take Ambien every night to help me sleep and lately even that hasn't helped. And for the last four nights I've gone to sleep without any help at all. Wow! (Note....it's almost 3 am as I'm writing this lol!)

5. My Son is turning 21 in 10 days. It's killing me. My baby is growing up, I feel it more and more every day... he doesn't need me anymore. Even though I know that's not exactly true, it still hurts. It seems like the time has flown by. I can remember him the day he was born, all 3 lbs of him, laying there just looking at me. My life has never been the same, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

6. I'm itching for another tattoo, even though I haven't finished my cover up. We actually went by the tattoo shop today to schedule an appointment to finish it. They were closed. Damn it.

7. I'm totally addicted to "reality" TV. I just discovered The Bad Girls Club, Jerserylicious, The Real Housewives of Jersey....I'm totally hooked, on all of them!

c) nominate 15 newly discovered blogs to share this award!

15? Holy sweet baby Hey-Sus (Jesus)!! That's a lot of friggin' people lol! I'll give it a go though!
Yankee Girl (Sorry girl, I can't remember your name!)

Ok, so I'm one short lol! This entry has gotten long as hell, if you're still reading...you're the shit! Thanks!


singedwingangel said...

OK I love this post cause I discovered you AFTER the basics.. and yeah those damn eyes...he would make one helluva hypnotist let me tell ya lol..

Gen said...

love the story on how you and don met...so sweet!!!

dixie...too funny!

he still needs ya girl! we always do...I've got five little dolls of my own, and some days i just need my momma! hang tight!

WebSavvyMom said...

-->Great story! I love hearing about a happy ending. We live near OBX and I actually posted a picture from Corolla today too. You're right about 4 flights of stairs in the houses.

Dee said...

I agree - those eyes. 'Nuff said. :)

Thanks for the award, gurl!

June said...

Hey Girl!
It's been awhile... again.

Thanks for sharing the story of meeting Don and how everything fell into place. He does have gorgeous eyes.

What are you reading?
Brandee got me sucked into another Vamp series and I am totally obsessed!

When are you flying home??

ClosedOnSunday said...

What a great story! Who cares what anyone thinks anyway. It doesn't matter how you met, just that you met.

And thanks for the Blog Award shout out!! I don't know that I can nominate 15 people, but I'll try.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I loved, loved, loved this story. I'm so glad you two found each other! :)

{Kimber} said...

okay I love this story...I am emailing you now!

Yankee Girl said...

What a sweet post! You and Don are so cute together...and yes, those are some amazing eyes!

Thanks for the award! By the way, my name is Alyson, but no worries, Yankee Girl works just fine!

Marguerite said...

What a sweet love story of how you and Don met and married. Ya'll surely are soulmates. Loved all of the pics. Yeah, that Rita was a real drag! And, thanks so much for the award, cher! That's 3 now that you've so kindly given me, and I'll have to do one big award post soon! Just have to find the time...

Melanie said...

Aw, what a sweet post!!! Loved reading how you met. I met my husband online too, and through a mutual friend of a friend kind of thing too!

cristiniscouponcrazy said...

hi im participating in the 30 days of truth
i was wondering whos idea it was so i can make sure to link to the correct person and if i could use your button for 30 days of truth that u post on the top of each post
please let me know
email me at itsmecristin@yahoo.com

Hollywood Chic said...

Hello, new follower here. I love the Thirty Days of truth that you are doing, puts everything into perspective. I'm trying to find out (for an article) who first started the Thirty Day's of Truth as it's currently turned into a Thirty Days of Truth Challenge on Blogger.

hollywood.geek.chic@gmail.com is my email if you have time to contact me.

Best wishes,
Have a great weekend.

Aleta said...

I loved your story - how romantic! But sad.. I wanted to cry when I saw the pictures. But then, you know I'm native and still living in New Orleans. When I see things like that, it wells up the emotions in me. You look beautiful on your wedding day and there's the look of love of both of your eyes in the pictures - just beautiful!

Jamie said...

I love reading yours and Don's story. :) Even though I pretty much read up on it as it was happening, it's still fun to hear.

After the first time me and Dave met in person he left for Japan like a week later. That sucked bad!! But I agree that starting out in a long distance relationship gives you a lot of time to just talk and get to know each other.

Thank you so much for the award! You rock! :)

Liz said...

This is such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing it. He really does have amazing eyes.

Helene said...

This is such a sweet post! You can just FEEL the emotion pouring through in every word!

You both make a beautiful couple...and hell yeah, those eyes...oh, wow, those eyes are deep and soulful!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I just loooove happy endings,excellent post. Those eyes,wow,he has the eyes of a scorpio...........is he?

Aunt Crazy said...

What an amazing love story!!! Cherish every moment!

Thanks for the award!!!!!

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