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July 9, 2010

If you'd like to play along click on the button up there. It's gonna be a random one for me!

*While taking a shower I did the whole shampoo, rinse, repeat drill and then I grabbed the conditioner and filled my hand up with some. (yeah...I use A LOT!) Put it in my hair and was shampoo! Lol it took me forever to rinse all that shit out! My hair is squeaky clean though! Don't you hate when you do that?

*I bought some Aveeno Positively Nourishing Smoothing body wash.

I love it, it smells so good.'s got these little bits and peices of something (*natural exfoliants like rice beads and walnut shells*) in it. There are just some places where those little bits and pieces should NEVER go. Just sayin'....

*Speaking of the shower, why is it that I have 8,000 products lining the shower wall and Don has one??

*There is something wrong with my taste buds. I made spaghetti for supper and couldn't even eat it. It tasted so damn tangy to me. I mean tangy like biting into a lemon tangy. Don said it tasted fine.

Then I tried to eat a popsicle (they're my new addiction) I couldn't even taste the flavor in it, it was just like eating plain ice. This sucks.

Those popsicles are the bomb! Strawberry-kiwi...out of this effin' world!

*I mentioned on Tuesday that my Godchild Destiny asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. She told me that I could pick out the dress that I wanted to wear as long as it's "apple!" (red)

I swear y'all, I was secretly hoping she would say that I could pick out my dress. Not that I don't trust her style or anything, but I'm guessing I'll be the oldest chick in the wedding party so I don't want to be wearing some wacked out dress that the other "little" girls are wearing! These are the two that I picked out from the website.

I really like the first one, I don't know's different though. When I showed the pics to my Godchild she liked the second one better. Lol but she did say that I could wear whichever one I wanted to. The second one happens to be the same exact dress that my sister wore in my Nieces (her Godchild) wedding, just a different color! I didn't realize that until I looked back through her wedding pics. I wont be sure which one I like until I can try them on!

*This past week there was an accident on Virgina Beach. A homeless man was run over by a garbage truck while sleeping on the beach.

This is a picture that a tourist took of the man shortly before the accident.

It's horrible. Though I feel terrible for what his family must be going through I don't understand this next all. His family is talking about suing the city, state, etc... I mean, I get that they're upset, and that they don't understand how something like this can happen. But, there's no money in the world that is going to bring him back. If you could have seen the huge group of family members that were on the news. They kept saying how great of a person he was, how he liked to dance for the tourist and entertain them. How he would never have hurt anyone. I don't understand why he didn't live with one of them. He was homeless, if his family was so worried about him, why was he homeless? I don't get it, at all. The city has made changes in their policies in hopes that this never happens again. It's so sad! :0{

*We NEVER have flies in our house. Today I've had two flies get all kamikaze in my glass of tea. WTH? Seriously, stop it already.

*I mentioned earlier that my new addiction is popsicles. They're also my pugs new additions. And I spoil them so much that I'm cutting popsicles off the damn stick and putting them in their food bowls for them. I'm terrible, I know!

                                                  (Not our pug. Image from Google images)

*I think I mentioned in a post not too long ago about the new muscle relaxers that my dr put me on. I told y'all how I took one (with an Ambien CR like the dr suggested) after being up for two days and that they didn't do anything for me. Nothing at all. Well Wednesday night I did the same thing. I was having a lot of muscle spasms in my left arm so at dinner I took one of them. Then a few hours later I took an Ambien. Good lawd y'all!

I woke up on the couch yesterday morning when Don got up for work. The first thing I said to him was "Did I even make it to bed?" He told me I hadn't. I ended up taking THREE naps yesterday. I was groggy as hell yesterday. I hate that. I hate that one day my meds do nothing for me and then the next time I take them they knock me the f*ck out like that. Then only thing that I managed to do that I'd planned on doing was that I cooked dinner. That was it. The rest of the day I laid around all damn day.

Not sure what the hubs and I are up to this weekend. I'd love to get out of the house and do something though. I don't think I've left my house all week lol. I need to do something though. Maybe I can talk him into going to the botanical gardens or something.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Gen said...

dee, i'm all for a day where we lay around....we should do that once a month!!! haha. in fact, maybe once a week would do us good....we'll call it fibro day, and do nothing but blog all day. or sleep. or both. :D

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I like the first dress too!! Very pretty!

I'm going to have to try that body wash!

I've had flies like crazy too. One was in my coffee yesterday...I almost drank it. GROSS!!

In3Dee said...

Hai! Love the looks of the place. And I too have had meds knock me out. Don't you hate that??!

MindyMom said...

Mmmm, those popsickles look yummy!

I wonder if your meds are whats affecting your taste buds? Weird.

MiMi said...

I don't understand the garbage truck running over the guy. Was the garbage truck ON the beach? Wait. THat wouldn't be right, would it?
I'm tired.
Anyway. Once I used this exfoliant on my face and it got on the washcloth and I ended up needing some extra extra rinsing if you know what I mean.
And, the hair washing...well, sometimes I forget if I did it or not so I have to do it again.
Once I completely forgot. Until I got all dried off and stuff. At that point I was not getting back in.

June said...

I really like the first dress but the second dress is more formal so perhaps more fitting for a wedding?

Feeding the dogs Popsicles? I sure as hell hope you are buying the cheap ones and saving those yummy ones for yourself!

I have had a few days this week where motivation is completely missing and I just can't seem to kick myself in the ass enough!

I did eat at McDonald's today and felt totally guilty so I forced myself to go walking for 30 minutes. That was just what I needed!

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