New look and awards!

June 17, 2010 you love it? The new look I mean! This layout has been a major pain in my ass has taken me over a month to get it just the way I wanted it. It's still not exactly how I wanted it, but it's close enough! I love the color scheme!! There are the two pics that inspired the layout!

Aren't they gorgeous? I just love the color combinations so much that I decided to design a layout with the same colors! I'd love to hear what y'all think about it!

 I know...I change my layout as much as I do my drawers (actually, I don't wear 'em!), I can't help it! I like to change the look up from time to time!

If you read my blog post from yesterday then you know that I've been worried about my Dad because of his health issues and I'm bummed because I can't be there to help.

Today one of my readers was so sweet, she cheered me right up. She gave me an award!!  Small Town Girl (Honey, I'm so sorry but for the life of me I can't remember you name!! I'm terrible!!) at How much longer till Friday Gave it to me.

 And it's not just any award either! It's the Master of karate and friendship award lol! So in true awards "fashion" I'm supposed to name 5 things that I've mastered. It might take me a couple of hours to do this lol. J/k.

1. I can almost get all of my tanning lotion rubbed in before they turn the tanning bed on. So I don't get stuck much with lotion in my hand trying to hurry up and rub it in so I can jump in the tanning bed. Go me!

2. I've almost mastered my new car stereo. Though I do sometimes mess up the speakers (the balance and stuff like that) from time to time. Hubby's a doll and he fixes it for me everytime!

3. House plants. There are very few house plants that I can't keep alive. Notice I said HOUSE plants though. The plants outside...they're all Don's. I'm terrible at those!!

4. Washer necklaces. I'm getting pretty damn good at them, if I may say so!! Here's a few (there are LOTS more) that I've done so far!

 This is just a close up shot of some of them.

 Here's the whole batch that I made that day. I still have a BUNCH that I need to finish up.

5. Doing almost nothing with my hair and making it look like I did. Lol...I need to get a cut and get my high lights done so bad that it's not even funny! I'm going at the end of the month to get it done though! I hate that it takes so long to get an appointment with her though!

Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to five other people. I've decided to give them to the top 5 people who have been commenting on my blog lately!

1. Yankee Girl
2. Mimi at Living in France
3. Angel at Angel Believes
4. Marguerite at Cajun Delights
5. Betty Jane at Keeper of the Skies Wife

I thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to me that you come by and comment on every single entry!! You all ROCK!!


MiMi said...

Thank you!!! I love awards AND your new layout! Do you work your magic and design blogs for people? You should!
Also, those washer necklaces are CUTE!!!! I love the one that is black and white with a red bead..all the way to the left, I think. Yeah, all the way to the left. And then the one that is second from right in the top pic, it's gray...oh, and the polka dot one and the pink one, oh hell, I love em all.

singedwingangel said...

OK well I suck at houseplants and rock at outside ones lol. I am loving those necklaces they are too cute.. and crap now I have to think of 5 things I am good at?? UGH does smartalecness count?? Is it even a word lol...

That One Mom said...

Girl, you do change this layout a ton, but I love it! You are getting so good at it!!!

Hey, did you find any integrative health stuff for fibro?

Miss ya!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

OMG!! Thank you for the award!! I'll get right on it and (hopefully) think of 5 things. : )

P.S. Love the washer necklaces!!

June said...

Hey there!
I love the washer necklaces!!
The layout is really nice and you are getting damn good at this!
I don't know why but houseplants always die on me but I have great luck outdoors. Maybe the plants sense how much I hate being trapped inside when the weather sucks...:)

Sorry I missed your previous posts, I haven't been on blogland all week.

Gen said...

love the necklaces!

lindsey said...

congrats on the award :) and i LOVE the new layout. the color scheme is amazing and matches perfectly!

MindyMom said...

I'm diggin the new look. And the necklaces are really cool!

Michelle said...

Those necaklaces are sooooo pretty! Are you selling them? If not, how about a tutorial? I would love to make my friend one for her birthday(or buy one off of you, if you are selling them). I am so loving the look of my blog. Thank you again for doing that.

{Kimber} said...

I like the layout!! hehe

and I LOVE THOSE necklaces!! aren't you just miss crafty pants?!

blueviolet said...

It's super cute and I love the design. You aren't kidding about getting good with your necklaces. I love them!

Small Town Girl said...

It's Nicole. And don't worry about it....most people don't know my name. And I LOVE the necklaces!

Marguerite said...

Congrats on the great award and for passing it on to me! Merci beaucoup, sha! LOVE your new look, very chic! You are so creative and talented! And the necklaces are fab! Cheers!

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