I Fixed That Sh*t Yo!

June 7, 2010

Yup! I FINALLY figured out how I eff' up my blog feed what was wrong with my blog feed and fixed it! Yay for me, thank Godness I'm a nerd I'm computer/blogger savy!

I feel bad y'all! Hubby and I were supposed to go to the boat races this weekend. I had a horrible flare up all.weekend.long. The muscle spasms were AWFUL.

 (totally not me, I'm much hotter! What? Oh...shut up!)

Anyohhellthathurts, hubby ended up spending the entire weekend stuck in the house with me. He said he didn't mind, and I KNOW he didn't. I also know he was looking forward to the boat races! Makes me feel bad damn it!

I've found a new Cajun friend here on blogger who lives 30 minutes (if that) from my hometown. She has some AMAZING Cajun recipes in her blog!! Today she has a recipe for grilled catfish and shrimp that looks yummy as hell (even though I can't stand seafood lol)! Go check out her blog, read the recipes....I'm sure you'll find one you'll like!

Don't forget y'all, if you haven't signed the BP petition yet, please...go click that button over there (to the right, the big blue one) and sign it! Do it for the poor animals that are covered in oil, fighting to survive! It doesn't take long at all! All you have to do is put in your name, your email addy and your zip code!! That's it!

Also,  Dawn dish soap has a program called "Saving Wildlife" and every time you buy a bottle of Dawn they donate one dollar to helping save wildlife (from oil spills and other catastrophes). So, if you've got to pick up some detergent...buy some Dawn!

Have a great day y'all!


MiMi said...

I hope you're feeling better!
Do you take anything, or is there anything you CAN take for flare ups? Or does it even help...?
I'm off to check out her recipes. :)

Ian said...

YES!!!!! Showing in the reader yo!!!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'm glad you fixed it! :)

Katie's Dailies said...

I've got Dawn sitting at on my kitchen counter right now, and I'm off to sign the petition since BP caused us to cancel our trip to the Gulf Shore this summer... ARGH!

singedwingangel said...

Sorry you felt so crappy hun.. bw tellhubby his blog isn't doing comments lol I have tried on his last few blogs and no way to leave a comment lol

starnes family said...

Been meaning to tell you that your blog is showing up again. Yay!

MindyMom said...

I guess that expalins why I saw nothing from you in forever and then suddenly there were 20 or so posts from you in my reader!

Glad you got it figured out!

Danielle said...

I was wondering what happened. Yeah that you are back.

Erin said...

are you feeling all better now?

Thanks for the tip on the Dawn detergent. Gonna check that out! I am posting on oil spill stuff tomorrow.


*LLUVIA* said...


Danica said...

Thank God you're back!

June said...

She's baaaacccckkkkk!!

So glad I won't be missing your posts anymore!

Sorry you had a rough weekend.
Hopefully the week will be much better for you.

Marguerite said...

Merci beaucoup for the great shout out, cher! I really appreciate it! I know how maddening it can be when Blogger acts up. The same thing happened to me a few months ago and it took me two weeks to fix it. Glad you got it fixed!

Jamie said...

I hope you are feeling better. And I'm so glad you fixed your feed! Yay!

pyesquire said...

you are so lucky i suffer and have very frequent flairs about 3 weeks a month i also have RA but my husband is not supportive he get angry he say its because he can't help me ( just a excuse to be an ass )it nice to here that your husband is supportive

Small Town Girl said...

I finally able to follow you again! Oh happy day!!!

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