What the hell happened to my Mojo? Have you seen it??

April 14, 2010

Ahhh sleep makes me such a happier person lol. Though I've had to get up before 6 am the last two days I've finally gotten some sleep and am feeling much more like myself.

I had an appointment with my GP doctor this morning, just a check up since the last change in my meds. I told her about me quitting the Paxil and about the "suicidal thoughts" it was making me have...can you believe that she actually wrote in my chart that it was an allergic reaction to the medicine???

Honestly, I don't understand the doctors here in North Carolina...they're totally different from the dr's in Louisiana! Because of my general anxiety my doctor (here) is making me go see a counselor! That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. I've told her (my dr) that I don't want a med that I'm gonna have to take everyday for anxiety, I just want something that I can have on hand when I do start having anxiety attacks. All she keeps going on about is the addictiveness (is that a word?? lol) of all the anxiety meds. I'm getting frustrated...but I'll play along and go to the damn counselor. Whatevs! It's not like there's a great selection of dr's in this podunk town!

I've been feeling live I've lost my blog writing mojo! I'm not sure why...just haven't felt like what I'd have to say would matter to y'all...or make much sense lol. I'm making myself write though. My blog has been a great way for me to express myself! I'm gonna keep on keepin' on!

In my entry on Tuesday I had to list 10 things about me that you might not know because of an award, one of the things that I posted was that I have 7 piercings and that I want at least one more. I've had several inquiries about where the piercings are...lmao you're a curious bunch! My ears are pierced twice on each side, I have my tragus on my left ear pierced, in case you're not sure what I'm talking about here's a pic I found on Google...

I also had the tragus on my left side pierced but it wouldn't heal right so I had to take it out...that's the one I want to get done again, my nose is pierced and so my navel. Haha...believe it or not I used to have my eyebrow and my tongue pierced too, those looked tacky as hell on me so I took them out. It's funny that a couple of people commented that I don't look like the "type" who would have body piercings! I love that!

Well guys, hope you all have a good day! Much love!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I have my tongue and my nose at one point but had to take them out for my job. I want a tragus piercing though!! Can't have it at work. LAME!

{Kimber} said...

yep...I AM nosey :) hehe

I'd see a different doc just to get a second opinion!

Danica said...

OMG I hated Paxil. That stuff made me crazy. So glad you're not taking it anymore. Hang in there!!!!

Yankee Girl said...

Keep on blogging! I love reading what you have to say!

I feel like I have lost my blogging mojo a little bit as well. But I won't stop. I know it will be back soon. Hopefully yours will return in a timely manner as well!

chiccoreal said...

thank-you cajun I learned a new word "tragus"...that is that part of the ear? Amazing! Praying for your full recovery. You are a wonderful person and so beautiful with a lovely beau. I am thinking about a tat. What kind?

adrienzgirl said...

I just posted about my mojo being gone too. My mojo and my muse. Apparently they ran away together.

Perhaps they kidnapped yours and took it where ever they went?

Julie said...

I took my nose piercing out after 6 months. It was a phase. Now tattoos, you know that's where my addiction lies....

Candice said...

I'm all for counseling. I know I'm lame. ;)

Who knows, it may help you figure out what's really causing you to be anxious and you won't need meds at all.

People come up to work sniffing around for Xanax all the time, so it is pretty addictive. Some docs don't like to just hand it out.

Anyway, I had my navel pierced back in 1994 and I had my nose piereced at one point, but took it out about a month later. It made me self concious for some reason.

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