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April 25, 2010

I've been going through a bunch of pictures and since I never seen to have much time for posting on the weekends I thought I'd share a few of those pics with y'all along with a short (hopefully) entry. Today Don and I did some shopping that we needed to do, I'm starting to believe Don....Wal Mart IS evil! Lol...I swear we can't go in there without spending $200! Gaa! Don's youngest daughter came down to visit with us and I cooked dinner for the three of us. Hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, mashed taters and a salad. Not much but it was yummy!

Tomorrow we have to go to the funeral of one of Don's co-workers, he's also a member of the golf association that Don belongs to. Such a sad thing! Bob had apparently had a couple of strokes and they'd never done an MRI of his head (really??)! By the time they did do an MRI of his head they found that he had brain cancer and told his wife he had 6 weeks to live. He passed away Thursday afternoon. When he found out how long he had left he had his wife ask Don and the guys in the machine shop (were Bob also worked) if they would make the urn for his ashes. I wish I could get pictures of it...the guys did an AMAZING job on it.

The golf assoication is having a tournament that they've renamed after Bob, and all of the guys have to show up on the first tee with a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other lol. Apparently that's how Bob showed up every week. They're donating all the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in Bob's name! So cool!

After the funeral we're gonna go out to dinner (Mexican yay!! I've been CRAVING it!!) to celebrate our 1st anniversary since Don has to work both jobs Monday!

On to the pictures...I only did a few so this part shouldn't be too long. They're totally random pics that I love!

This is Rusty and Chief after a duck hunting trip with Chief's Dad, I believe they were (possibly 11 almost) 12 years old here. They met in the 4th grade. But this about the time that they really started hanging around together. Chief was the CUTEST little thing. He was as round as he was tall lol. But let me tell you, this kid could (can) play the guitar! The first time he came to spend the night at our house he brought his guitar and Rusty told him to play for me so he asked me what I wanted to hear. I told him "I'll make a deal with you, you play something and I'll see if I can guess what it is!" This kid started playing and when I realized what it was...he blew my mind!! He was playing "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath!! 12 years old! They're still great friends today, minus a short period where Chief's ex girlfriend started some drama between the two guys and they stopped talking for almost a year. It broke my heart when I found that out...I wanted to go whip her little ass for playing those dumb ass she said/he said games with both of them. Chief (Brennon is his real name lol) finally saw who was telling the truth and they've been hanging out and hunting together just like old times! Does my heart good to hear that! I love that kid like I do my own!! He calls me "Momma Dee!"

When Don and I got married we rented a beach house down in Corolla, NC (OBX) we got married the day after we got there and spent the rest of the week on our honeymoon. One of the days I went to take a bath in one of the jacuzzi tubs and he told me "Relax, take your time!" Well I got out of the tub and he was gone, his parents happened to be there at the time so I asked his Mom where he went, she just said he'd gone to the store. He showed up 30 minutes later with this (up there)!! My Javachip (crack in a cup) frappuccino!! YUM! He drove 40 miles just to surprise me with that! God he's good!

My gorgeous, beautiful (yeah...I'm a little biased!!) Niece Amanda. Would you believe this skinny heifer has 3 kids (well...ok, in this pic she had two but trust me...she's still that damn skinny!!)?? Yeah...I hate her too! But in a loving sort of way lol! She's a nurse and she LOVES her job. And Lord does she have the most adorable kids!!

This was probably one of my last trips to NOLA. This was before Katrina. My best friends husband (he's also one of my best friends, still is to this day!!) Lance, was in a horrific car accident where he flipped his toyota 4WD truck and was thrown out of the truck and landed about 150ft from it in a sugarcane field. He had major head trauma and once he was well enough they sent him to an amazing rehab facility in New Orleans. My ex and I would go up there every weekend to spend time with him. I actually got to spend an entire week there with Lance by myself. It was really nice. He actually started talking that week for the first time since the accident! You see, my best friend Misti, his wife, decided to leave him while he was going through all of this. She just didn't think she could "handle" it. Yeah...I don't get it either.

Anyway, this was one day after my ex and I had spent the day with Lance. We went and walked around on Burbon Street, we stopped at Pat O'Briens (as you can tell by the cup in my hand lol) and then walked down to the riverwalk! It was a gorgeous day to be in NOLA!! I might have made two or three weekend trips up there after that. Lance came home a couple of months later and then Katrina hit, I haven't been back since.

This one is from a trip Don and I took to a state park right across the VA state line. It was so beautiful there. One of my favorite things to do is to go "hiking" (really, it's just walking, it's not like I can go on a real hike with hills and shit lol). When we saw this trail that people use to go horseback riding I just had to go down there. Don has this (annoying) habit (lol) of taking pics of my butt. When we got home I couldn't wait to upload all the pics we'd taken, that's when I found this one of me. I fell in love with this one!! Then I realized (while I was sitting at the computer) that something was crawling on my arm...I looked was a fuckin' tick!! Ewww heebeegeebee's. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE ticks? Then I felt something crawling on my leg...yeah you guessed it...another fuckin' tick! Lol...I had my ass in the shower washing my everything lol. me the willies just thinking about them! Needless to say that was our first and last trip to that beautiful park! haha!

This is Rusty cookin' at the (hunting) camp. The boy can do some serious cooking! Whew...there are a few things that he can cook better than me! Red beans and rice is his best thought! I hurt myself on those lol. He's about 19 here.

And last but not least....

This is Rusty and Chief almost two years ago. They were at the (hunting) camp passin' a good time! Look at Chief...I would have never guess that he would have lost all of that "baby fat" and turned out to be such a good lookin' (total ladies man!!!) and tall kid lol! He was so short when they were little. Rusty's 6'5" so that should tell you about how tall Chief is! God I love these two kids!!

Anyway...that's a look inside my photo album for today! Hope you've enjoyed the pics, I also hope you're all having a great rainy (kidding) weekend like we are!

Much love...


Dee said...

Loving these pics, and the stories.
For some reason, google didnt alert me that you had posted! argh!

WhisperingWriter said...

Nice pictures.

I'm jealous that you get Mexican food. I want some.

MiMi said...

Great pictures!
I just read your piece on Say Anything...we were in Louisiana once and I LOVED it. We drove across the southern part of the state and some of those houses...they literally made me want to cry because I wanted to live there! And I was a young'n then! Now I'd probably bawl for reals.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, now I want Starbucks.

Great pics!!

{Kimber} said...

love the pics!! how are you doing that writing on them? spill it!

that Pat O's cup is making me drool...seriously!

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