F*ck That!

April 23, 2010

I'm sitting in Mr Luvah Luvah's truck waiting for him to finish with his dr's appointment then we're gonna go visit my SIL and her hubby since we're in VA. Hubs had to leave work early last night because he was in so much pain with damn tooth ache. He actually started taking the Vicodin that they game him at his last appointment, I've never seen him take anything stronger than ibuprofen! Not even when he broke his finger at work with a rivet squeezer, broke his finger in two places! When he squeeze it with the rivet squeezer it smashed it so hard that it broke in two places and busted the skin open on top of his finger, and the bottom!20 stitches! Whew...and never once took pain meds! Same thing when he wrecked the Harley and flew over the handle bars, flew about 50ft and landed in a field. Broken ribs and no pain meds!

Anyway...thas's how I can tell its bad. I guess they're gonna do something with his bridge, but I'm not sure!

What's the title about? Hubs and I had a talk last night and I've decide to look for a new dr and I've stopped taking the new anxiety (antidepressants) I'm on! Anyone know of any "natural" ways of dealing with anxiety let me know!

I'm keeping this one short, typing an entry on my BB is a pain in the ass! Haha


Anonymous said...

Tooth pain is THE worst!!

I turn into a huge cry baby when I get a toothache.

Dee said...

I am so mad at google!!! The last thing it shows you posted was "I'm getting there". ARRGHH!

I hope hub is feeling better, and you too!

{Kimber} said...

hope y'all are feeling better...good luck with the doc/med situation
I am going to try melatonin for sleep stuff we talked about, if that doesn't work I'm hitting up the Ambien baby!

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