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April 16, 2010

I've been up all night and I've been TRYING to work on my blog all night. Like I said in my last entry I'm trying to adjust a few things with the new layout and trying to add a few things that I want in here.

So I had my appointment with my pain management dr yesterday. It actually went better than I thought it was going to. When I got there they immediately brought me into the back and gave me a piss test (like a common criminal damn it! lol...kidding! I totally understand why they have to do that!), but I was freaking out because I couldn't remember what med's I'd taken in the last three days haha! Since I was out of Ambien CR I'd been taking some of the old meds (a couple of months old) that she'd given me to help me to sleep.

Anyway, I got the results of the MRI that I did a few months ago. When I was being tested (before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) for MS and Lupus (when I lived in Louisiana) my dr told me that I had Arnold-Chiari malformation as well as dehydration of the disc, narrowing of the spinal column, and degenerative disc disease. Good news is that I don't have the Arnold-Chiari's! Bad (ish) news is that I have three bulging disc in my neck with bone spurs in between. Sounds fun no??

I was freaking out thinking she was gonna say that I'd have to have surgery but she said not unless I lose use of my left arm (that I've been having so much trouble with). But for now she said that it's fine that I'm not going to physical therapy anymore as long as I continue to do my exercises at home. I have to go back in two months and if I'm still having the same amount of trouble with my left arm going numb and tingling then we'll talk about getting some injections in my neck. I've had one before...it didn't really help me but she said that it was possible that they didn't do it in the disc that was "flaring up" at the time, that they probably did the injection in the disc that was the worst at the time and not the disc that was causing me all the problems. So I guess for now I'm at a wait and see standpoint. I'm praying that I don't have to have the injections though...that shit hurts damn it!

Ok...I'm gonna go work on my layout some more. I'd like to spend some time today getting caught up on all of your blogs! I so damn far behind!!

Have a wonderful day y'all! Much love!


singedwingangel said...

Ohhh I love the new header and glad you finally gotin to the doc.. Great on the no on the syndrome sucks about the discs..Hoping ya don't have to have surgery either...

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I'm glad you appointment went well boo!! :)

June said...

I really like the new layout! You are so good at this!!

{Kimber} said...

dang girl...you poor thing! I'm sorry you have to deal with all that mess...sending hugs your way!

Danica said...

I'm loving the layout!!!

Injections would be no fun. No would surgery. Feel better soon!

Small Town Girl said...

A fucking shot in your neck? Seriously? I'd knock someone out! You must be in some serious pain to allow them to even talk such nonsense. Bless your heart!

Yankee Girl said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't need those injections! I would cut someone if they told me I needed in my neck!

I hope all goes well.

And the layout is great!

MiMi said...

It works!!
I'm here!
My brother has degenerative disc disease and it sucks monkey nuts.
He's just 30 and was diagnosed when he was 27.
I was diag. with ms when I was 27.
We just have a nice family full of nice diseases.
My mom had spinal stenosis and was operated on in 07...sheesh. I hope everything is well with you and you don't have too much crap. :(

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