Hot dayum 100!

March 13, 2010

Yesterday I finally hit 100 followers! Not only that but two of my favorite girls were my 99th and 100th!! (lol apparently in the time it took me to type this up I've lost a follower so now I'm back down to 99! Figures lol!)

Daffy at Batcrap Crazy was my 99th. Daff you're hilarious and I've already told you that we're so much alike that it scares me lol. Thank you for the laughs!

Brandee at Think Tank Momma was my 100th. Thanks so much girl! It's been really fun getting to know you!

Mr Man is totally exhausted this week. These two jobs are taking it's toll on him, though he'd never admit it. He's so happy with the second job that he doesn't always tell me how much it's wearing on him. So I'm hoping that he can relax as much as possible this weekend.(other than having to look at my car again to see what's wrong with it) So I'm looking forward to a weekend of snuggling with him!

I would love nothing more than jumping on the Harley with him and just taking off for the day. Just forgetting everything. That's the amazing thing about riding the bike. I forget everything when I'm on the back of her (that's partly because I'm scared shitless lol) and all my troubles just float off of me.'s gonna rain all weekend and hubs really needs to put her in the shop and get some work done on her. She's not running so good right now!

Speaking of Mr Man. He tried to do this amazingly sweet thing for me for our anniversary (next month). He's known for a long time that I've wanted Photoshop so he went on Ebay and bought me the newest version. The program came in and when I tried to install it I found out that the serial number was bad.

The guy he bought it from was so apologetic and said he would send us a new copy. He ended up finding out that every one of the programs that he had were bad. He bought over 30 of them...lost all his money! He immediately refunded our money though, which was cool cause with Ebay...ya never know!! I'm stuck with no Photoshop. Hubs spent over $400 on the one he bought me. If you buy it from the Adobe site it's $700.00. We can't afford to spend that kind of money on it and even if we could, I don't think I would. There's too many other things I could think of spending $700 on lol.

Ya know..Friday was kinda weird for me. Kinda like the outsider looking in. Sometimes that's an OK feeling, other times it sucks. sucked.  Sometimes you get comfortable and feel like you belong and then other times you realize you don't know your own place.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Mr Man and I. We'd spent the day in Virigina Beach (I think we'd taken the Harley out that day). We were at the Ft Story Lighthouse, which is beautiful but good LAWD those steps. I seriously thought I was gonna die yo! Lol...fribromyalgia + lighthouse with a million (ok maybe a 1/2 a mill) steps= wobbly legs and an exhausted me!!  This was just a couple of months after I moved up here. Yeah...I'll never be that skinny again!



The Boob Nazi said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Woo woo!

The Redheaded Stepchild said...

Wow. 100? I think I have like...3. Maybe.

Congratulations, and you are certainly worth reading!

Love the pic of you and Mr.

Chelle said...

Yay for your followers! I lost one, too! I hope it wasn't you!! :)

What about Photoshop Elements? It's awesome and only around $80. I love what I can do with mine and it's waaaay cheaper!

I'm glad he refunded you--that's awesome on his part. You never know these days!

And I love love LOVE that picture!!! Such a gorgeous couple!


June said...

We have had rainy foggy weaether all week and our wkend is just as bad so everyone is in a funk!! Wrap your arms around MrMan and snuggle away the day! Create your own sunshine McSpicey. Love the new signature!!

singedwingangel said...

Hey I used to live in Va Beach.. You could not pay me to go back there to live EVER the pic..

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I also use Photoshop ELements, but if you have a child in school, you get a HUGE discount on all of their products.

They actually have an educational section and all you have to do is scan or send or fax a current report card and you get the deal!

Good luck! I hope you get your Photoshop soon :-)

Lisa said...

Guess what?! The person who left....well, his/her loss, my gain. I am now number 100! Place of honor. :)

From on ADHD blogger to another, here's a.....wha were we just talking about?


Mama Bird said...

See your back to 100!! Congrats!!

Gen said...

woohoo! i've got almost half thatmany...send some my way! ;) i'm looking for 100 on twitter too.ha! i have big ideas!

Danielle said...

Woot! You are at 101 now!

adrienzgirl said...

By the time I got here you were back up to 101! Woot!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm 102! You are killing me with the Boo stuff! :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

What a great pic!

And I'm glad the guy on eBay was cool about things- you're right, ya never know.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Congratulations my dear!

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