It's Good To Be Home

January 20, 2013

The title of this post has a couple of meanings. First, it's good to be blogging again. Since we've moved home I haven't really had the motivation to blog. I'm not sure why but I've decided to make an attempt to try to blog more.

Second, it's good to be HOME. Back with my family. Seeing my Son, my Grand Daughter, my Sister, my Dad...everyone, anytime I'd like.

Hubs and I are doing great. I had surgery (gallbladder removed) almost two weeks ago. I'm feeling better but it's a slow going process. A lot slower than I expected. I thought once they took it out I'd be back to my normal self, that's not the case. I'm just not feelings as bad as I was. I have a check up with the surgeon this week though so I'm hoping he will tell me that in time I'll be back to my old self lol.

My Grand daughter is doing great. She's amazing actually. Such a happy baby, she's always smiling. She's growing too dang fast though. I want to savor every moment and it's just going to fast for me. Y'all know I've got to post some pics of her!

 Happy, happy girl!

This is her "God Father" pose. 

 So stinkin' cute I can't stand it!

 She's always smiling.

She loves to send G'ma pics showing me how adorable she is! I love that her Momma takes the time to send me pics at least once a day (usually)! So sweet of her!

Like I said, it's GOOD to be HOME! I've missed y'all!


Marguerite said...

Welcome back, cher! Your little Granddaughter is so sweet and precious and it's so nice of your DIL to send you daily pics. Hope you feel better soon. It might take a few more weeks, so hang in there.

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