To Tell Ya the Truth...

May 11, 2012


I've been so inconsistent with blogging lately, so I thought I'd sit down and do a Friday Confessional. You can head over to Mamarazzi's blog to get the details on how to participate.

I confess...I haven't been sleeping good lately. When I don't sleep my muscles let me know it. Fibromyalgia sucks sometimes lol.

I confess...I didn't sleep at all last night. At 8 o'clock this morning I got a wild hair "energy boost" and decided to clean out my closets and my two chest of drawers. About half way through I was exhausted. Lol but when it looks like a bomb went off in your house with clothes everywhere it's not like you can just stop. Damn it.

I confess...Wednesday afternoon Hubby and I spent almost five hours in the ER. He'd been having dizzy spells and chest pains for two days so I made him a dr's appointment. (He was also complaining of feeling "pressure" in his head.) They did an EKG and ran a couple of test and said that even though the EKG looked fine they wanted me to take him immediately to the ER (because of his symptoms and his family history)

I was scared to death. The man is so damn stubborn about going to a dr and taking meds. And usually when he's not feeling well he just blows it off and keeps on going. 

The whole time we were in the dr's office and ER he kept looking at me like "I can't believe you're making me do this!" If you could have seen his face when the dr's office told us to go straight to the was almost funny! I could tell that he wanted to argue with them about going but he knew I wasn't about to let that happen. I'm not bossy with him, at all. But when it comes to his health I'm not going to let him take stupid chances!

Thank God, after five hours of EKG's and blood test etc the only thing that they could find was that he was dehydrated. They also said that he needs to go get a stress test, I've got to make him an appointment for that.

Of course I got the "I TOLD YOU SO!" look. 

I was in a panic. And of course because he's so damn stubborn he wouldn't let me call anyone.!

I confess...Mother's day is this weekend and I'm really missing my Mom. I'd give almost anything to have her here with me on Mother's day. Just one more Mother's day. It doesn't help that I can't be with my Son either. Blahhh...

I confess...We got my MIL a Kindle for Mother's day. She's gonna love it!!!

I confess...Hubby got me some clothes (gave me the VS card and said "pick out some stuff that you like and order it" as my gift. I don't think I did too bad. I got two shirts, two pair of pants, two bathing suits and a dress for $230! Woohoo!

I confess...I found out yesterday that my Sister and her husband decided to close their restaurant/bar and sell it. I'm so bummed. We've always had so much fun there when I go home. But I understand why they made the decision.

When they bought it because a close friend of theirs wanted to run it. He ended up having to have both of his hips replaced so my Sister and her hubby ended up having to handle the day to day running of it.

They're used to traveling, a lot. So to be stuck in one place for so long and the stress of running the business just got to be too much. Man I'm gonna miss that place.

I confess...I had to borrow some soy sauce from my neighbor a couple of days ago. She brought it to me and ended up staying over here for almost two hours. While her 2 (or three) year old son was home. By himself.

I kept asking her "Wont he get into stuff while you're gone?" (You know, trying to give her a hint to GO HOME TO HER CHILD) and she just kept replying "Nahh...he'll get his crayons and some paper and just watch cartoons!" WTH???

I confess...our Pugs are about to drive me out of my damn mind! They're so damn bad!

Well, that's all I've got for y'all this week. I hope you all have a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day!


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