Beath In, Breath Out!

October 28, 2011


Yay, today is my exhale day. When I "confess" it's like a huge exhale! Let's get down to business, shall we?

I confess...Halloween is in a couple of days. At the beginning of the month when Hubby and I did our grocery shopping we bought two of these huge bags of Tootsie roll candy.

I confess...those two bags of candy are almost gone. Yay for tootsie rolls. Boo for tick or treaters. Boo for my waistline.

I confess...there were very few things I craved when I was preggers. Tootsie Rolls were the one constant thing I did crave. I should have known better than buying those two bags of candy.

I confess...This was posted by one of my sister's good friends (she's also on my friends list) on FB on the day that Obama announced that our troops would be coming home.

It honestly wanted to make me slap her selfish ass. I mean, I'm sure all the families of the troops were pissed about Y&R being interrupted too. The fact that my Sister "liked" this made me want to have a "come to God" meeting with her too lol.

I confess...My Godchild Destiny posted this picture on FB yesterday.

I was floored. I haven't seen her with long hair in years. I figured since I hadn't seen her since January that she'd let it grow out. This is how she normally wears it.

{Destiny and her Sister Amanda}
So I left her a comment that said "Des, I love your hair! Please promise me that you wont cut it!!" To which she replied "Nanny (that's what she calls me), that's weave!" Lmao!

I confess...My Niece Amanda (Destiny's sister) and her husband Luis went to the Vampire Ball last weekend and she posted these pics.

 {Amanda and Luis by the pond at my Sister's house before the ball}

 {How gorgeous are they?}

 {I'm in love with her hair color and totally want to copy it when I go home in December!}

 {The happy couple}

I confess...when I saw these pictures I almost cried. Amanda is such a beautiful girl. And you wouldn't know it by looking at her, but this girl has been through a lot in her short life. She had three kids by the time she was 23 (I think), she was in two abusive relationships and she had no self esteem what so ever.

Then she met Luis. 

That man is so good to her. He treats her like a queen. Since meeting Luis she's gone to school and she's steps away from becoming an RN. She works her butt off. But she's happy.  And if you would have asked me years ago if she'd be as happy as she is today, I would have said no. I thank God for Luis coming into her life.

I can't tell you how many people say "She's too pretty to be with him!" when they see pictures of the two of them together! That makes me so angry. I could never begin to tell you how good he is to her. And how much she loves him!

I confess...I love that both of my Nieces are so happy. My Sister sure does make some beautiful babies doesn't she??

I confess....I didn't go to school at all this past week. I've been in a flare the entire week. I'm worried that they're going to end up kicking me out of the class if I keep missing like this. I haven't gone an entire week since I started. I'm either in a flare or I end up with a huge case of insomnia. And let me tell you, algebra doesn't come easy when you've had no sleep at all!

I confess...speaking no sleep. I've got to find out what the laws in our area are about barking dogs. It's seriously getting ridiculous!

The neighbors on my left have three pit bulls and a yellow lab that bark all damn day long.

I'm not even exaggerating. I wish I was.

The neighbor on my right have three beagles, they bark but it's not excessive.

The neighbors across the street (who just happen to be the parents and adult siblings of the neighbors on the left) have a German Sheppard that barks almost non stop all day.  

The only relief that we get from the dogs on the left is if I put something on FB about how the barking is driving me nuts. Then my neighbor sees it and she'll bring her dogs in. Geeze!

I confess...I'll never understand why people have dogs if they're just going to chain them up and leave them outside to bark all damn day. It's cruel!

I confess...I received my bracelet from the Ruby Jane foundation yesterday.

{I don't think I'll ever take it off}

Along with the bracelet I got this picture, It is now hanging on my refrigerator for me to see every time I go in the kitchen!

{Such a beautiful angel}

All I had to do was tell them that I was already registered (register if you haven't already) organ donor. You can find out more about Ruby Jane here and here.

I confess...I can't wait to go home for Christmas. 

{only 44 more days to go!}

I's the first time my whole family will be together for Xmas in 8 years. It's the first Xmas I'll spend with my Son in 8 years. I'm ecstatic about it!

Y'all have a great weekend now, ya hear?


MiMi said...

Your neices are beautiful.
I loved this post...lots of random goodness.
I can't wait to hear about your Christmas...I bet it's AWESOME.

MiMi said...

Also! I got that same bag of candy from Walmart. I have it hidden so I can't eat it. LOL

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! that's a mega post!I hate when people just leave their dogs out like that too. Rude and mean to the poochies!

Sarita said...

You seriously crack me up! Come to Jesus meeting. Hopping over from Mamarazzi!

Sporadically Yours said...

Enjoyed! I confess I bought Halloween candy today and opened it after your mention and ate "a few" while I read.

Mamarazzi said...

TOTAL so much to!!

i agree with wanting to slap a face or two, people are selfish like what happened on The Young and Restless will even matter tomorrow, we are talking real life. tho i agree on hating that Obama guy, he keeps complaining about the mess he inherited, get to cleaning it up and get on with your job, jack ass.

I am so late visiting everyone this week. So sorry, been a little under the weather and I am recovering at my folk's where the internet is so slow! But I really appreciate that you linked up your confessions, so thanks for that!!

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