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September 1, 2011

Today my friend Jessica (♥ her!!) came over and helped me color my hair, I had some major roots showing and I'm going to get some pics taken on Friday, can't be having roots showing lol.

Anyholyhairdyefumes, Jessica and I were talking about bra sizes (cause I was bitching about the straps on mine falling down my arms) and it reminded me of this a card that my Mom always carried in her wallet. I couldn't even begin to tell you how old it is, all I know is that it was always there. It's worn and dirty.

For as long as I can remember my Mom carried this card in her wallet and she always told me when I was little that it would be passed down to me lol. Even though I have two sisters. I guess that's because my oldest sister wore a 44 DD at 13. My middle sister wasn't far behind her.

I wore a 32 A until I got pregnant. Once I got pregnant....HELLO BEWBIES! I was a 36C and I rocked those puppies like no bodies business. I can promise you I had the best posture (I was poking those babies out as far as I could damn it!) you've ever seen on a woman who's preggo haha!

I always told my Niece (poor thing, her Mom was the one's with the 44DD's at 13) that I would pass it down to her. This past January she got a boob job. So she doesn't get the card now.

Unless I have a Grandchild that's "lacking" in the boobage, looks like I'll be taking this card to the grave with me lol.

Today's my 42 birthday! Hubby's taking me to lunch and then we're going to visit my SIL. After that we're going to pick up a sleeper sofa for our guest room/hubby's man cave. My son's coming up for a visit next week and we gave our bed  (in the guest room) to hubby's daughter when she got her new place. And then grocery shopping. Sounds like a fun day huh?

Hope y'all have a good one!


The Bipolar Diva said...

Happy Birthday!!

R said...

Hey I can claim that card. I think of the 40lbs I lost last year 30 came from the tatas and with 15lbs to go I'm sure i'll be completely flat again soon!

MiMi said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Seriously, since i've been losing weight, I have noticed that one boob is smaller than the other. Which, I think every girl has a bigger boob...but I had forgotten!! Man. I wonder if I'm losing weight in my boobs and they'll end up even more lopsided than before! Ugh!

Working Mommy said...

Mine have always been on the bigger side...but once I got preggo (with #1, not so much with #2) - HOLY HECK!! Even now they haven't gone back down much...still a 34 D. Would you like some?!

New follower!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Love that! I need to get something like that for my oldest. She could be the President. LOL

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, mama! And too funny on the card. I couldn't use it, but I'm sure you'll find someone who can. ;)

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