June 10, 2011


I confess...I've been spending less time online and more time in the sun. I've got to get a good tan before I go on my trip to Tennessee in 18 days (YAY!!) to see my big sister. We're going to be spending the 4th of July at my Aunt's lake house and if I've got to be in a bikini I've got to get a tan lol. I have some tanning sessions left but there's just something about laying out in the sun with my Ipod on and a good book!

I confess...I've discovered Pinterest and I'm TOTALLY addicted! I mean how can you not love a site where you find stuff like this....

 Haha! I love those!

I confess...since we didn't make it to the redneck car races last weekend we're going tonight with some good friends of ours. I'll be sure to take lots of pics to share with y'all. Oh come on, you know you want to share in the redneckedness (yeah, I made it up!) with me!

I confess...my dogs are driving me nuts still. We took them to the groomers. They got the star treatment, pampering all day long. The minute we got them home...they were scratching again. Grrr.... But, they did look cute!

I confess...the sun is calling my name so I gotta goooooooo!


Amber said...

Post groomer pics are the best, pups always looks so cute with the little accessories that they always put on them! haha

Summer is meant to be spent outside not in front of the computer, no shame!

MiMi said...

I confess I didn't spend any time at all on the computer for 24 hours. And I liked it. A lot.

The Bipolar Diva said...

That pic is adorable. And I'm jealous of the tan!

Marguerite said...

LOL I hear ya on Pinterest being totally addicting! Your babies look so cute with their little bandanas! Have a great weekend, cher!

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