The Corruptible - A Book Review

June 8, 2011

I didn't realize it but The Corruptible is the second book in the Night Watchman series about a private investigator, Ray Quinn. I probably wouldn't have picked this book if I had. Only because I like to start reading a series from the beginning.

Even without reading the first book in the series the storyline was pretty easy to follow.

Ray Quinn is a disabled former police officer turned private investigator who is still healing from being shot (in the first book) and trying to deal with the death of the woman he loved. Dealing with the emotional and physical pain has led him to become dependant on his "pal" Jim Beam.

Ray takes on a case for the CEO of a powerful company who wants him to track down former employee Logan Ramsey, whom he thinks has stolen sensitive client information. Logan is an ex-cop that Ray worked with before he (Logan) ruined his career.

Thinking it's going to be a simple case with a huge payday, Ray takes the case. But the case takes a bad turn when Logan turns up dead and there's no sign of the missing files. It doesn't help that the CEO that hired him is less than forthcoming with the information Ray needs to solve the case.

With an interesting cast of characters that include Ray's sidekick Crevis, who is desperate to finally pass the police academy exam. And his friend Pam, who's brother's murder Ray solved (in the first book), Ray is determined to solve Logan's murder.

Ray never seems to loose his coo, weather he's dealing with his CEO client or the motorcycle gang that Logan infiltrated before he was kicked off the force.

All in all, I liked the book. It was a bit "long winded" for me but still a good read.


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