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May 18, 2011


{1} If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be?
Invisibility...are you kidding me? Lol I'd love it!

{2} What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? (and don't say "that's not a lot of money", it sounds pretentious)
Tickets for Mr Luvah and I to go to Louisiana for an extended trip to see my family. Then I'd buy a house. 

{3} What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up?
Lmao...the internet!! Or the Buckin's (Starbucks)

{4} If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose?
Wealth...hell I can pay someone to be smart for me! Lol...

{5} I you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days what 5 THINGS would you pack?
My Son, I'd fold his 6'5" behind up in a suitcase if I had to! My ipod with an unlimited battery, a deck of cards (I can entertain myself for hours with solitaire), lots of cigarettes, and lots of Xanax lol!


Amber said...

A deck of cards! Good idea!

You're right about the wealth thing...with endless funds, you can pay smart people to advise you on how to invest it to make even MORE!

Mamarazzi said...

wealth...totally buy the smart people.

Nadine Hightower said...

I can't understand why everyone thinks if they are wise that would bring wealth... think of all the professors that just teach college kids! Hello!! I don't think Einstein was a bazillionaire!!! Go with the money!!

Dee Stephens said...

Cigs!? Dee! Gotsa stop!

VandyJ said...

I packed my hubby, don't see why you can't pack your son. Like the idea of a deck of cards--the solitaire options are endless.

singedwingangel said...

lmbo if I am on the island my kids are not with me cause I would have to kill someone if I heard I am bored 472 times a day

Megan Harmeyer said...

After thinking it over (while typing my responses), I ended up with invisibility, too. Do you know how many people I'd spy on?! LOL

An extended vacay to see family would be awesome!!

I'd leave SB before I left the internets.

You take the money and I'll be the brains - as long as you promise to share the extra $$ I make you!

Who needs Xanax on a desert island?! You can freak out all you want and nobody would know the difference. LOL (I kid)

MiMi said...

Your son is 6'5"?! Holy crap, that's tall. I love a tall guy. :)
Shit, I'd prolly need xanax too cuz you can BET YOUR ASS I'd invent some island disease I was SURE I had and would need some calming down!

Impulsive Addict said...

You may be invisible but we would hear you laughing! lol

Sometimes I forget that the internet is a luxury and not a necessity. Isn't that sad?

Wealth! Yes! My thoughts exactly. Pay 'em up!

You are too funny! Xanax huh? I've heard it's good stuff. Am I missing out?

Thanks for linking up! YOU ROCK!

Shawn said...

You know what happened when the Superman say Wonder Woman laying naked on the beach right? When he can in from above he discovered the Invisible Man! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

You'd buy a house and hire someone to cook that crazy meat in the sausage casing stuff you like.

Crap, something else to add to the list...Xanax!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Your answer to #4 is perfection. :P

Marguerite said...

Love your answers, you crack me up! lol My son is 6'5", too and I'm with ya on #4!

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