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May 11, 2011


It's my (new) favorite day of the week (for blogging that is lol). It's question time, cause we're all nosy like that! If you'd like to play along just click on the button above and have fun!

1. What game show have you always thought you could be on and totally WIN!

It's a toss up between


2. Do you have a tattoo(s)? What are they and what made you chose them? If not, would you get one, yes/no/why?

Yes, I have 7. I have one (maybe two lol) more that I'd like to get and then I think I'm done! This is the first one that I got...

{The tramp stamp...cheesy much?}

Yeah...I have a tramp stamp, don't judge me.

I hated it instantly. There wasn't supposed to be any black in it at all. You can't even see the colors in the butterfly. Last year (about 6 years after I got it) I covered it up with this...

This one's really special to me. My Mom's name was Rose. There are 4 open roses, one for my Mom, Me and my three Sisters. There are 4 buds, one for my Son and the other three are for my Sisters kids.

This was my next one... (after the butterfly fiasco)

{flaming cherries}

I loved it when I first got it, and I don't hate it now. Just seems kinda silly now. But hell, it's not like anyone sees it anyway lol. I used to collect cherry stuff. That's way back when I was still a skinny heifer. 

My next one was...

I got this one the year my Son graduated. I know, it's a terrible picture but I just had to go take this in the bathroom mirror because I can't find the pics hubby took of it when I got it. It's my Son's name (with a fleur de lis) and at the bottom it says "Mon Fils, Ma Vie" which means "My child, my life" in French. It's on my upper back just below my shoulders.

My next one was...

My Mom  and I both always had a thing for dragonflies and I just loved this one when my tattoo artist drew it up! I'd like to "expand" it further down onto my foot some more some day.

Next, I got these...

{faith and hope}

My Mom always said that if she had known she was having 4 girls she would have named us Faith, Hope, Charity and Miracle. So instead of putting my two older sisters names on my wrist I put Faith and Hope. With the fleur de lis (of course, we are from Louisiana after all!) in their favorite colors (which also happen to be their birthstones lol they didn't even notice that until I pointed it out). 

And the last one I've gotten (so far)...


My baby Sister's initials. Hubby had an appointment to get a tattoo last November 6th, which just happened to be the 22nd "anniversary" of my little Sister's death.  I decided to get this one while I was waiting for him to finish with his. It's on the back of my neck. 

I'd like to get one for my Dad. I'm thinking of getting a couple of Violet flowers on my left foot for him. There's a song he used to sing to us when we were little called "Sweet Violets!" 

3. What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

My wedding ring...

{wow, it's so dirty and missing two diamonds at the moment. I've lost five diamonds out of it so far. I've only been married for two years. Grrr} 

My Mom's Sapphire and diamond ring that she left me...

 {I wont wear it though, I'm too scared I'll lose it}

The first piece of jewelry that my Son bought me...

{blue topaz necklace}

He got me this for my birthday when he got his first "summer job," he was 9. Awww... 

4. What is your driving pet peeve(s)?

 Anyone who's in front of me and is doing less that 5 mph over the speed limit lol.

5. What was your favorite sitcom growing up that you wish was still on?

{So no one told you life was gonna be this way}

Loved that show. I know, now you're gonna have that song stuck in your head all day lol! You're welcome! Haha! 


Kat said...

Love the tattoos! I always love hearing the story behind people's tattoos.

dddiva said...

I had kids when Friends came out, but we all enjoyed it. Gorgeous ring.

VandyJ said...

I think I'd do pretty good at Who Wants to Be a Millionaire--but then I am scary good at remembering random trivia.
I like that most of your tattoos mean something.
Slow drivers suck!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! You have tons of tatts! And they all have special meaning! Love that!

Even your jewelry has special meaning. I can't believe you've already had 5 diamonds missing. That's crazy!

Aww..Friends. I miss them. *tear*

Thanks for linking up with us!

Johanson Family said...

Loved your answers and all your tattoo's!! I'm still looking for ideas on how to do my kids names in a creative way and for the location... so many choices!! Slow drivers irritate me!! My husband is one of them which is why I drive everywhere! hugs!

MiMi said...

I SUPER Love the one you have for your son!!!
Friends. I didn't even think of that! I loved that show!
LOL at the flaming cherries. See? Your Tweety!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Great tatts - I love the stories behind them. I'd post pics of mine if I had pics of them. LOL Ah...Friends. I need to watch them over again (and I'm totally Chandler, BTW). Happy Wednesday.

Shawn said...

We talked about your tattoos before, I'm glad I finally got to see them. They are beautiful, I love the roses, so much meaning!

Beautiful jewelry too and again so much meaning behind each piece!

I will be singing that song the rest of the night but that's ok, I loved that show!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I have a tramp stamp too, so I'm not judging. haha

I love your wedding ring. Your mother's ring is gorgeous as well, I'd be afraid to wear it too.

By the way...how do I put the quilts (I just posted) into the quilts group on top? Does that make sense? I've had 3 glasses of wine so I'm a little loopy! =)

Myya said...

First off I just have to say that I looove the polka dots!

I think I could do millionaire... I think. Although I'd probably choke.

I really like your tattoos, I like them even more that you included pics! I love that you described the idea or meaning behind each. That is awesome! Oh & your stomach in the flaming cherry one... I am sooo jealous!

GORGEOUS wedding ring & the one from your mama is beautiful but ohhh goodness how sweet of your son to get that for you when he was such a lil guy. Awwweee!

In agreement on the slow drivers, total agreement!

Ahhh Friends, that was one of mine too. I miss that show!!!

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